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Despotic Tyranny Makes It’s Next Move

Bill Authorizing Indefinite Detention of U.S. Citizens without charge or trial passes Senate.

If safeguarding our liberties could be viewed as a game on a chess board, we have just been checkmated by the power in D.C.

And few to none are even aware of what just happened or can care less what ramifications this will lead to.

The radical and Marxist Left in league with the Ruling Class of oligarchs in our country – using the springboard of “national security” are handing eager tyrants the very irons and shackles that they can use on any Americans this regime deems an ‘enemy’.  Congress is about to grant Obama the power to use the military in order to detain any individuals, including American citizens, without trial or due process, indefinitely.

Senator Rand Paul (R – KY) discusses the insidiousness of this measure that passed:

The bill, the National Defense Authorization Act, S. 1867 was drafted in secret by Senators Carl Levin (D-Mich.) and John McCain (R-Ariz.) and approved in a closed-door committee meeting without any public oversight or comment.  Senator Mark Udall’s amendment to strip the language of indefinite detention as applied to American citizens was defeated.  They of course did this ‘secret’ behind-closed-door drafting of legislation before.  Recall ObamaCare and how that was written and passed in the dead of night and in secret.  So desperate are the Ruling Class Tyrants, that they were willing to ‘deem’ such ‘secret’ laws they write behind closed doors as passed without the ability for the congress to read these bills, or without even a vote if they so choose.

This regime, from the Dictator-in-Chief to the Politburo Congress, now marches as it sees fit, even provided cover and license by a Federal Judge who earlier in the month ruled that “Congress be free to forge national solutions to national problems, no matter how local — or seemingly passive” which essentially says Congress has the freedom to do whatever it wants, for the good of the people as they see fit, whether the people want it or not.

Add another Ruling Class jerk like Colin Powell, lamenting that Congress needs to be able to work ‘quietly’ – without the American people looking over their shoulders – and you can easily see that all moves being made against liberty are leading us to that final checkmate.

All of this illustrates that indeed, we now live in a post-Constitutional America where the push is into a European-styled Soviet Socialism is reaching the end game.  And like Chess – as one who studies strategy and patterns, the Ruling Class have positioned all their pieces for the final strike.  They control our food, from seed to plate.  Our water.  Ability to hunt or fish. With this Defense Authorization with the language intact – they now have the power to detain you indefinitely, without trial or recourse.  Just as the Soviet’s did with their dissidents.

Welcome to the post constitutional nation that now deserves to be called “Amerika”.


Senate Bill to OK Indefinite Detention of U.S. Citizens Without Charge, Trial 


Senators Demand the Military Lock Up American Citizens in a “Battlefield” They Define as Being Right Outside Your Window


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Hubris of a Madman – Obama Flips Off McCain on TV While Thanking Him

Your potential next President – showcasing the hubris, and hate of a madman:


Not the first time he’s flipped off his opponents:

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Obama Skips Directly Dealing With Crisis – Says “Call Me If You Need Me”

Remember that Clinton Campaign commercial about the 3 A.M. Phone call??

It came a little early for The One, Barrack The Hussein Obama – when John McCain suspended his campaign Wednesday to go back to work as a Senator to deal directly with the proposed trillion dollar bailout of the banks and the Congressional cronies and CEO’s that jump started this crisis with mandating low-income housing loans, and true-to-form – Obama bailed and defered, while pontificating the Leftist talking points about evil CEO’s and how Bush was responsible for this mess.

In short, while McCain is putting the country first by upholding his duty as a Senator in charge of legislation – Obama is going to keep on campaigning while McCain goes to try and work out a solution to the crisis that threatens to topple the American financial system.

Looks like the debate Obama says he is still going to have on Friday will just be a media-fed press conference for Obamanation.

McCain had asked to delay the scheduled debate with Obama on Friday, to which the messiah said he saw no need to delay the debate.

Isn’t Barrack The Hussein Obama a senator with a duty to deal with legislation also??

Oh, I forgot – all he knows to do is to campaign for kingship.

What was hilarious was Obama’s quip in response to directly dealing with the crisis was for Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi to call him if they needed help.


UPDATE:  Obama changes his mind again to accept invite by White House to deal with crisis.

Wonder if Obama will bring his financial advisor Jim Johnson to the meeting with him?    He and Raines ought to have plenty of answers, since they are the one’s who kicked this crisis into high gear while giving kickbacks to guys like Obama, Dodd and Frank.


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Dear Mr. Obama: Freedom Is Not A Mistake, and Worth The Price

While this has been turned into a campaign ad for John McCain BY the person himself – the underlying message is to counter Barrack The Hussein Obama’s charge that the war on terror was a “mistake’, and therefore this message is powerful, and right on the money.

This man is someone The Annointed One will never appreciate, comprehend or understand.

But the rest of America does, and another reason why Obama is unfit for Commander In Chief.

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The Disgusting Left and the Media Demand Palin Get Paternity Test

The Leftists and their Media Operatives and sycophants in the press have demanded of the McCain Campaign, a paternity test because they are insisting that Palin’s Down Syndrome Baby is really her daughter’s.


Top Aide Says News Organizations Are ‘on a Mission to Destroy’ PalinSen. John McCain‘s top campaign strategist accused the news media Tuesday of being “on a mission to destroy” Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin by displaying “a level of viciousness and scurrilousness” in pursuing questions about her personal life.

In an extraordinary and emotional interview, Steve Schmidt said his campaign feels “under siege” by wave after wave of news inquiries that have questioned whether Palin is really the mother of a 4-month-old baby, whether her amniotic fluid had been tested and whether she would submit to a DNA test to establish the child’s parentage.

Arguing that the media queries are being fueled by “every rumor and smear” posted on left-wing Web sites, Schmidt said mainstream journalists are giving “closer scrutiny” to McCain’s little-known running mate than to Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama.


Why is it that these scumbags on the Left did not ask or make the same demand of John Edward’s or the baby his mistress had during their affair while he was running for President and his wife was battling cancer??


John Edwards Affair

John Edward's Affair


Is it not also interesting that the press deliberately SAT ON that story for over a year and refused to report it – but with Sarah Palin, hordes of media barbarians are scouring every corner of the Palin’s life and making ridiculous Daily Kos Kook-style attacks in order to sink her nomination.

It’s called leftist hypocrisy.

The media knows no bounds of decency, and have revealed in this election cycle even to the casual observer, is that they are now nothing but the propaganda arm of the Democrat Party.  The media has absolutely no credibility or objectivity as this campaign cycle has clearly demonstrated.


US Magazine showcases the absolute bias that exists in the media

US Magazine showcases the absolute bias that exists in the media



Chris Matthews last evening went on to report bogus accusations that Palin was tied to a pitchfork secessionist in Alaska even AFTER proof to the contrary was presented.

It is clear that we are at war with not only the hard-core Marxist and Godless Left, but the media and the Establishment in Washington.

An evil three-headed dragon that needs slaying.


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McCain Adopts The Socialist Plan For National Economic and Cultural Suicide

Who would have thought Al Gore a Svengali? Insane as it sounds, the High Priest of the Global Warming Cult has actually swindled enough gullible Americans to believe his unprovable climate change tripe as the greatest threat to the planet, frightening school kids who are forced to watch his film under watchful eyes at public re-education camps and creating a neo-panic of suburbanites scrambling to join the local Prius club.  The moronic hysteria prompting politicians and global bodies to craft drastic plans that require America to surrender her sovereignty, economic might and revert to a primitive lifestyle more in line with the third world than with an industrial superpower.  A diabolical plan conceived to strip the nation of our common sense, wealth and redistribute it to the world in the name of an unprovable hoax designed to achieve power for those who wield it as a weapon, and enrich the Elites to wealth unimaginable.

I cannot recall if it was Stalin or Lenin that suggested that if you told a lie big enough and bold enough, and repeated it ad nauseum, it would be known as the truth without question.  Such practices can rewrite history, and even create science out of nothing more than a desired impression to scare the masses with.

So easily are the simple-minded and emoting classes swayed into hysteria by such grand hoaxes designed to enslave them.  So sinister and absolute the insistence from the political classes to the media that even the GOP has fallen under the spell of impending ecological doom that requires we trash the Free Market and penalize ourselves for our damnable modern lifestyles.

Today, Maverick Presumptive Nominee John McCainiac has once again showboated his love for the Liberal/Socialist agenda by adopting for his own, the Climate Change Hoax.  Taking an approach that even the World Workers Party and Al Gore himself would blush in it’s bold and contrived plans to empower the government to regulate every aspect of business and life in America, McCain has declared himself a Global Warming Cardinal to Al Gore’s Priesthood.  

Just like the Eco-Pontiff, McCain doesn’t bother to discuss the details of what his nefarious plan will cost, and how much freedom and liberty it will destroy in the process.

Michelle Malkin adroitly takes McCain to task for the absurdity of his position as the ‘Environmental Candidate’.

“For all of the last century, the profit motive basically led in one direction – toward machines, methods and industries that used oil and gas,” said McCain. “Enormous good came from that industrial growth, and we are all the beneficiaries of the national prosperity it built. But there were costs we weren’t counting, and often hardly noticed. And these terrible costs have added up now, in the atmosphere, in the oceans and all across the natural world.”

He also took a swipe at President Bush, who balked at the beginning of its term at signing the Kyoto global warming protocols. McCain said he would return to the negotiating table.

“I will not shirk the mantle of leadership that the United States bears. I will not permit eight long years to pass without serious action on serious challenges. I will not accept the same dead-end of failed diplomacy that claimed Kyoto. The United States will lead and will lead with a different approach – an approach that speaks to the interests and obligations of every nation,” he said.

A rational, free-market-based approach to environmentalism requires a commitment to scientific truth, accuracy, and honest cost-benefit analyses.

For the last several years, McCain has been committed to none of those.


David Limbaugh also opines on this fornication of McCain with the Global Warming Crazies and he leads me to the main point and warning I wanted to make about the truth of this insidious plot:

It is not Earth’s ecosystem that hangs in the balance, but America’s future. Those whose vision isn’t blurred by green-colored glasses and the temptation to win accolades from the leftist-dominated culture can see that the global push to “save the planet” is more about destroying capitalism, private property and Western culture than sound, science-based environmental stewardship. Never mind the staggering contradiction that free market economies produce cleaner environs.

Indeed, I hate to break it to some of my fellow evangelical Christians who are falling into the trap along with McCain, but the global warming proselytes don’t share your worldview. Do you realize you are jumping in bed with those who are promoting a pantheistic deification of the environment and a diminution of the dignity of human beings created in God’s image?

Contrary to the mandated script from the warming zealots, there is plenty of credible dissent in the scientific community about global warming, particularly man’s role in it. Much of this dissent comes from scientists in fields related to weather studies. Imagine that.

The fact that the enviro-church fathers have “outlawed” dissenting opinion and slander those offering it tells us something fishy is afoot.

Fishy indeed.

Apart from the Communist Manifesto that details many tools that can be used to bring about the destruction of the West, I recall a book called “The Creature From Jekyll Island” by G Edward Griffin that details what he saw as the greatest threat to American Liberty in the Federal Reserve system.

What caught my attention was not so much on the insanity of our banking and financial institutions (we are seeing the fallout from that greed and shell-game right now) but his prescient prediction that the Elites in power would foster the imaginary threat of impending ecological doom to encourage Americans to surrender their wealth and liberty without a shot needing to be fired.

Indeed, even a review from The New American Magazine from September 1994 points out with almost eerie prophetic aplomb, the use of ecological doom to achieve subjugation and tyranny by the Political Elite:

Griffin’s review (with extensive quotes) of this truly diabolical Insider study is masterful; he takes it apart and shows us its consummate evil. The study’s premise is that historically the only means by which a government has ever been able to “secure the subordination of citizens to the state” is war. Only war has been able to provide the external threat without which no government can accumulate power. War is used to make the masses put up with all kinds of privation, taxation, and controls without complaint. No amount of sacrifice in the name of victory is rejected. Resistance is viewed as treason.

But, says Griffin, Report From Iron Mountain explains that the war system may have to be replaced because “it may now be possible to create a world government in which all nations will be disarmed and disciplined by a world army, a condition which we will call peace.” In this case, what could be a substitute for war?

Here, explains Griffin, is the origin of the stratagem to promote ecological doom as the new enemy that threatens the entire world. The threat need not be real, provided the masses can be convinced it is real. Credibility is the key, not reality. Griffin writes that Report From Iron Mountain explains the avalanche of phony scientific claims that are uncritically publicized by the Insider-controlled media, as well as the funding of environmental “crazies” by corporations and businesses that would appear to have the most to lose. He sees the plan as being brilliantly successful.

This is 1994 remember.  Even then, some saw the emerging threat that the Elites and political class use as a tool to pry our liberties and wealth from us.

The barrage of propaganda has had a phenomenal result. Politicians are now being elected on nothing but “concern for the environment and a promise to clamp down on nasty industries,” with no one caring about the damage done to the economy or our freedoms. Just as no sacrifice is too great in time of war, what happens to the economy or our freedom is of no consequence “when the very planet on which we live is sick and dying.”

Griffin introduces us to multi-millionaire Maurice Strong, the powerful UN environmental czar, who gives us the whole line: “The U.S. is committing environmental aggression against the rest of the world. Current lifestyles of the affluent middle class — high meat intake, frozen and convenience foods, electric household appliances, cars, air conditioning, suburban housing — all this has to go. The world’s ecosystems can be preserved only by lowering our standard of living by rationing, taxation, and political domination by world government”.

Of course facts do not matter when it comes to the fact that Climate Change/Global Warming is a bogus hoax, and neither McCain or Obama will shrink from their dual desire to shackle and shove this country into Green ruin.  

The fact is that this hysteria is an insidious plot that may well prove to be the most dangerous and imminent threat to our liberty and way of life than anything else arrayed against us right now.  It’s pitiful that the GOP and it’s candidate, have become dimwitted pawns promoting the same insidious plot of our coming serfdom.

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What Choice Do We Have?

Well, considering the fact we have a choice between two radical Marxists and one Liberal Democrat with a temper problem to choose for President – I’d say this picture sums it all up:


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Presidential Candidates Reveal That America Has Been Castrated


I cannot bear to watch the insane circus of this political season any longer. After the lunacy of a primary turned completely on it’s head whereby Democrats and Independents with media efforts chose the GOP Establishment Candidate in John McCain; and a power mad-woman running who thought her crown was already secured and only required the ceremony of her annointing suddenly found herself being trounced by a do-nothing-empty-platitude-spouting former Muslim, now Christian Left Socialist.

Only one thing has become abundantly clear: the Elite powerbrokers of Washington have successfully, with media help yanked the country to the far Left, and America is stuck with a choice between Tweedledee, Tweedledum and Tweedledumber.

In the words of Erik Rush, America has been officially castrated, and it certainly appears he is correct.

A Castrated Nation

By Erik Rush

If there was ever an election cycle in which the issues (at this juncture, really weighty ones) took a back seat to pomp and circumstance – or, if you prefer, hype and flatulence – this one is definitely it.

With the exception of half a handful of worthwhile individuals who were destined to be ignored by the public (for reasons of lack of profile), their party’s elite (for reasons rooted in fear and weakness), and the media (for obvious reasons), the choices have been ghastly right from the start.

An earthshaking event (like Bobby Kennedy’s assassination during the 1968 Presidential campaign) notwithstanding, one of three individuals (Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton or John McCain) will be inaugurated as President of the United States next January. To the majority of American voters (I’ve not yet gotten a chance to speak with all of them as yet), this may appear to be a minimally consequential prospect, but to conservatives it is of grave concern; to some, it ranges from sick-making to terrifying.

In a sense, there are some parallels between this election cycle and the one of 1992. There is a sitting Republican president with whom both Republicans and Democrats are disenchanted; despite added confusion due to the media fueling the process with hype, as a result, many Americans appear to desire some unformulated, undefined, and nebulous “change” which no one seems to be able to qualify. Like many issues that are usually top-of-mind during election cycles, as with 1992, they are taking a back seat to this “grass is greener” passion.

Foreign Policy and the War on Terror
It is difficult to argue that Democrat administrations have done anything but weaken America’s position in the global theater since the Lyndon Johnson administration. The farther left the party has moved, the more inclined it has been to indulge in weak diplomacy as it caves in to capricious “allies,” domestic anti-Americanism and the infantile globalist visions of the far left. If Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton is elected, there is no doubt that this will continue. Indeed, a case could be made that Obama might well be sympathetic to some of our more fanatical enemies at home and abroad, given his voting record in the Senate and (widely unreported) personal philosophy.

This area, in my view, is one of the scant few territories held by Republican John McCain. It is generally believed by conservatives that while his administration may be as weak as a Democrat’s in general, it is unlikely that he will minimize the threat of Islamic fascists or be slow to act with military might when necessary given his experience in the military and in government.

Our Border with Mexico
We’re doomed. The Democrat party has proven that it advocates unfettered immigration from third world countries, legal or illegal, operating on the premise that these groups will eventually become Democrat voters, particularly if they can be kept in a state of perceived disenfranchisement long enough for them to buy into anti-Republican propaganda.

“SACRAMENTO, California – Mexican President Felipe Calderon acknowledged tensions between the U.S. and Mexico over illegal immigration but said Wednesday both countries have an interest in ensuring their citizens can cross the border legally and safely.

‘I know that immigration is a controversial issue today in this great nation. But I strongly believe that Mexican and Mexican-American workers are a large reason for the dynamic economy of California,’ Calderon said in prepared remarks.

“‘Our nations will never find prosperity by closing their doors.’” – Calderon says U.S., Mexico must keep doors open, Associated Press, February 13, 2008

Mexican workers a large reason for the dynamic economy of California? How Orwellian can one get? Has it been discovered that the devastation of California’s economy was actually due to state workers pilfering office supplies?

Wearing an expensive suit and an oily smirk, Calderon, surrounded by fawning members of the California legislature – this state which has been virtually decimated economically by the ravages of illegal immigration from Mexico and the ultra-liberal tolerance thereof – had the (now commonly disregarded) audacity to notify the lawmakers, and by extension America, how we ought handle our southern border issues.

Why he wasn’t run out of town naked on a splintered rail is testimony to an absence of the proverbial key reproductive organs on America’s part.

John McCain, as well as being possibly the most liberal Republican in the Senate, has done nothing as border state senator to ameliorate the burden caused by illegal immigration in Arizona. The entire border has become like a demilitarized zone (an oxymoron used widely during the Vietnam War), and the far left press disregards same. Like Bush, McCain can likely be counted on to tolerate illegal immigration and our incremental move toward a North American Union. American business profits, Mexican elites profit, drug traffickers profit, and politicians profit. Where’s the incentive for change?

Social Issues and The Culture War
This is an area that was even of concern to Democrat lawmakers during the Reagan and Bush The Elder presidencies, but which was put on the back burner until long after the 1992 election. At the time, the effect of the media and an unrestrained entertainment industry threatened to seduce American youth into lifestyles of gratuitous rebelliousness, self-destruction, and debauchery – sort of where many reside now. In fact, if you recall, Al Gore’s wife Tipper and other prominent Democrats were at the forefront of the push for Senate hearings and warning labels for recorded media (records and CD) during the ‘Nineties.

Then we got Bill Clinton, whom many agree fast-tracked the “modern America as the second Rome falling” phenomenon. Despite unpopular gay rights initiatives as regards the military, Bill was as libertine as they get, Captain Kirk on Viagra. This set the stage for augmented acceptance of culturally-destructive practices and emboldened gay rights activists.

McCain is a populist; that’s one of his chief problems with conservatives. He claims to be for overturning Roe v. Wade, but probably feels relatively secure that it won’t be overturned despite any efforts he may exercise. He can always say he was for overturning it, as did Bush. As far as moral issues go, the man who brought us McCain-Feingold and McCain-Kennedy may bring us (though he’s President), a version of McCain-(Barney) Frank, some bipartisan legislation that inches us closer to a federal amendment protecting gay “marriage.”

As I have indicated before – and it appears that this will be even moreso the case no matter who is elected President in November – carefully orchestrated and massive grassroots action is the only vehicle by which Americans will be able to neutralize the designs of those in places high and low who wish to preserve the beltway status quo, allowing our slide toward global disenfranchisement, socialism and cultural putrefaction to continue.

Whether the Republican Party pulls itself together within the next few years or continues to lie in the corner mumbling incoherently and expectorating on itself like someone’s junkie brother-in-law must become immaterial. Whoever is elected president, this era of grassroots activism must be inaugurated. This imperative ought to become apparent to most American voters before 2008 is out.

My estimation is that the GOP has chosen the path of the WHIGS.

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Running With The RINO’s


One of the best sentiments I’ve read about how I feel as a Conservative with the debacle that are the Republican Candidates for President.

Since 1994, with all of the promises from those that claim the mantle of Reagan-style Conservatism, what do we have to show for it? Granted Two Justices to prevent the SCOTUS from going completely Marxist and some Tax cuts that kept the economy afloat post September 11.

The Republican Party treats true Conservatives (Defense, Economics and Social) like wives they cheat on 364 days a year, coming around begging forgiveness with flowers and chocolates when it’s time to vote. As soon as they are again forgiven and returned to their seat, they slap the wife down and leave in the morning to again whore and sleep around with liberals and Socialists, acquiring acute cases of liberalism that they bring home to the party to spread like herpes and syphallis among the faithful.

But I’m not alone in these sentiments. For all the anger by Conservatives over RINO’s, it just takes a moment to discover that in-fact, disenfranchised Conservatives are probably better served with that acronym.

By Warner Todd Huston

It’s no more for me. I will not blindly vote Republican just because I often canvass with them. I will not be a fool for the party while getting nothing in return. I am not a Republican first. I am a conservative.

That’s right, you read the title to this piece correctly. I am admitting that I am a RINO. I admit it openly, freely, with relish even.

For those unfamiliar, RINO is not only shorthand for rhinoceros, that great beast of the African plains, but it is also an acronym. It stands for, “Republican In Name Only” – RINO.

Now, I am not going to pull a fast one here and spell RINO out with other words. No, I’m happily sticking right with the words “Republican In Name Only.” So, there it is. I am a RINO.

Some of you reading this may already be feeling your stomach curdle at the very mention of the word RINO. After all, it’s really gotten some bad press. Rush Limbaugh and his brethren have really done a disservice to this fine descriptive word. Heck, even I have hurled it as an epithet when confronted with a politician who hasn’t lived up to my standards.

But, after reflecting on recent events, I realized that I myself am a RINO. At first I bristled at my own thoughts. But, after a time it appeared obvious that I am, indeed, a RINO.

I’m just going to have to accept it. Own it, as our pop psychology spewing friends on the left so earnestly say.

I am a RINO and here’s why…

I will vote Republican only when the situation is favorable to me.
I will not go with my party when I don’t like what is going on.
I will sometimes refuse to agree with my party on certain issues and will do so vocally.
If I find someone of another party that suits me, I will vote for them even if it is in lieu of voting for my party representative.
So, there you have it. The perfect definition of a RINO. That’s me. But, I am not going to lower my head in shame, no sirree. I am proud of this and am glad that I have finally come to terms with it. A little introspection never hurt anyone, ya know?

Let me explain further why I now feel ready to accept my RINOness. (Or is that RINOcity?)

Yes, I am proud that I won’t vote for a candidate who happens to claim the mantle of Republican if he does not support keeping the Guantanamo Bay terrorist holding facility open.

I am proud to oppose a Republican who thinks our troops are torturers as bad as Saddam Hussein.

I firmly stand against any Republican who is for open borders, opposes a border fence, and refuses to believe that this country faces self-destruction through cultural dilution.

Further, any Republican who works with Democrats to place moderate judges on the bench, or doesn’t want judges that are “too conservative” will not get my vote.

If the GOP candidate is for quashing free political speech, that candidate will find me ready to quash his vote totals.

If a candidate is only picked because the party “says so,” or because he is pals with the “right” people and not because of what he actually stands for, that candidate will find that no vote from me will go his way.

You see I won’t support a Republican just because he somehow was able to affix the appellation Republican to his name. I will not automatically vote for a Republican merely because he claims to be one.

I vote for candidates that happen to be right on the issues, not the ones that happen to just be a Republican. Mere Republicanism is not my way.

I support life. I support the Second Amendment. I support English as the national language. I support religious freedom. I am for school choice. I am high on defense and tough on crime. I am for smaller government, fewer regulations, less government spending and low taxes. I am for untrammeled national sovereignty and would love to see the UN cast into the ocean.

I oppose union thugs, socialist programs, unconstitutional powers, abortion for any reason, the so-called doctrine of a “living Constitution,” open borders, unearned paths to citizenship, anchor babies, high taxes, uncontrolled regulations on businesses and bans on religious expression in schools… any schools.

And, I am really against working with Democrats just to “prove” I am “reasonable” so that the liberal media establishment will love me.

Also, I will not vote for a Republican, merely to stop a Democrat from winning. The reason for that is, that such a practice leads to candidates the feel no compunction to buck the principles that the electorate wanted him to observe when he ran for office. After all, why would a candidate hold himself to such stringent standards if he won’t lose his votes anyway? Why not just do what is easier, or might benefit his wallet – or campaign coffers – more? Since there wouldn’t be any consequences
for belying his claimed principles, what stops him from doing so?

If there are any candidates running for president on the GOP ticket that once said they did not want to seem like Ronald Reagan or once supported abortion, even if only tacitly, then he won’t get my vote. If there is a candidate who freed more criminals than any other governor in the country and was very weak on illegal invaders of our country, well that man is not for me. If there happens to be a candidate, say running for president maybe, who said that Samuel Alito was “too conservative” for
him, or once supported amnesty, well he is also out for me.

I really don’t care if he claims to be a Republican or not.

I also don’t care if there are so many people just like me that the Democrat wins the White House (nor do I care which Democrat). My non-vote is NOT a vote in favor of someone else. I am a man of principle, not a man of convenience.

Certainly, our nation is built on compromise and sometimes the proverbial half a loaf is better than none. It is an undeniable truth and one that we shouldn’t try to destroy with unbending spine. But, here is the thing: compromise implies that both sides get a little something out of the deal. And, let’s face it, there isn’t much gettin’ for a conservative out of the GOP these days.

Oh, they claim to be conservative during the campaign. They say all sorts of comforting things, stand on lots of first principles and pretend that without them in office all sorts of things will go awry.

And then as soon as they take office they begin to forsake nearly every position upon which they ran. Then they start palling around with the Democrats and hobnobbing with denizens of Hollywood and skulkers in the press. And, then it’s all over. They’ve become Washington. Suddenly, being liked by the illiterati of the left becomes more important than principle.

And we, those who were foolish enough to vote for them the first time, are left wondering what happened? Yet but a few years later, we vote for that same apostate politician all over again.

After these last few primaries, I finally came to realize that I just cannot vote Republican just because. It turns out that I have realized that my loyalty lies with my conservative principles, not a political party. If there happens to be a candidate here and there that agrees with me and they happen to be a Republican… well, then that candidate will get my vote.

So, it’s no more for me. I will not blindly vote Republican just because I often canvass with them. I will not be a fool for the party while getting nothing in return. I am not a Republican first. I am a conservative.

And I am a RINO, remember?

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