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Europe R.I.P. – Can America Be Far Behind?


Jihadist Islam is at war with the West, especially America, Britian and Israel.

At the same time, so is Secular Socialism. These two totalitarian ideologies have become defacto allies in their shared goal of destroying the Capitalist Democracies of the world and replacing them with their own brands of tyranny.

Eventually the Secular Socialists will become fodder for the Islamic sword, but they are willing to risk that for now, because their present enemy is more hated and loathed than those who strap bombs to their children and fly planes into buildings.

Europe is but a rotted corpse that the Islamic vultures are already feeeding upon – and already – the Islamics have managed to frighten the Multiculturalist governments of Europe into stamping out liberty in favor of a hypocritical double standard that protects Jihadists, and punished those speaking out against militant Islam.

This is very similar to how anti-Illegal Mexican protesters have been treated in America.

While Europe may be toast – America is not far behind.

PC-crap will have killed us all.

Democratic Europe R.I.P.

It was not just the events taking place in Brussels on September 11th 2007 that indicated the end of democracy in Europe. Rather, the manhandling and arrest of passive, besuited, middle-aged men was simply the final statement — after a long history of incremental authoritarianism — by our ruling socialist elites that a new totalitarian order now controls an entire continent.

To fundamental Islam it was a great fillip to their dream of a global caliphate, to the supporters of SIOE it was not the success we had hoped for, and to the Socialists it was a comprehensive victory.

The mainstream media largely ignored the event. The few outlets that did report on it remarked only that a handful of far-right activists had been arrested at an anti-Islam demonstration…

…democracy was trampled on in Brussels yesterday. In the heart of the European Union’s capital city, democracy was trashed, abused, and violated. The MSM’s response, almost unbelievably, was to ignore it or spin it to the detriment of those who took part.

The socialists, leftists, liberals, call them what you may, will be rubbing their hands in glee today. They have silenced those who disagree with their ideology through a mixture of intimidation, smear, and media blackout, and have done so in a totalitarian manner reminiscent of the Nazis or the Communists.

The demonstration was banned under the mischievous pretext that it might provoke a violent Muslim reaction and/or its supporters were in contravention of European laws pertaining to racism and xenophobia. This ban was subsequently upheld at the appeal court.

The demonstration was banned because our rulers do not like our political viewpoint. No more and no less. This should not happen in a democracy and cannot possibly be upheld in a court of law unless that court is totalitarian in nature.

But happen it did. Ergo, Europe is no longer democratic. One cannot have partial freedom of expression. It is all or nothing, pace Voltaire. It is the primary function of a democracy and without it no society can be called democratic.

…Equipped with helicopters, cameras, satellite feeds, reporters and a vast network of contacts they missed the emergence of a totalitarian Europe. And make no mistake about it, the events leading up to, and during, yesterday, were just that. On September 11th 2007 Europe became a totalitarian dictatorship.

Sensationalist you think? Can one really argue that Europe, run by unelected Marxists and ex-Communists, has failed to make fully clear their determination to disallow, by any means possible, democratic opposition to their vision of some unprecedented multicultural utopia in their unholy alliance with Islam, a political creed which hates Western civilisation almost as much as our rulers themselves?

If Islam, (or radical Islam if you are reality deficient) were compared to any previous ideology, then it could only be compared to the Nazis. Both wished/wish to establish a global empire, eradicate the Jews, eradicate the homosexuals, thought women fit only for bearing children, cooking and church, brooked no opposition to their ideology, indeed seemed to positively enjoy murdering its apostates, and worshipped The Glorious Leader, be he the Fuhrer or the Prophet.

And into that pot we can add Communism, built on the ideal of supposed egalitarianism. It resulted in genocide, economic failure and environmental, social and spiritual devastation.

Now, to the well-balanced mind, such ideologies should be avoided like the plague, but the liberal/left appear to have embraced them both. The European Union is run by Communist manqués and they are utilising Europe’s new Nazi Party, Islam, to further their dream of absolute power.

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The Religious Left Prays For Defeat and Socialism


As I have been catalouging, the neoLeft has sought to “reclaim” Christianity from the Conservative Right whom they say have “hijacked” the Christian faith – pitting Biblical Christians as the same and worse than Jihadists who it is said have “hijacked” Islam.

The newfound “Christianity” of the neoLeft is a miasma of Stalinist Socialism, Marxism, Environmentalism and Liberal Democrat politics. It preaches pacifism in the face of aggression and threat, sides with America’s enemies in blaming America for all the woes on the world and is pushing for a “pure” brand of Democrat Socialism disguised as Christianity.

This bunch, are the protagonists of equating Biblical Conservative Christians with Al Qaeda terrorists and calling them an “American Taliban”.

This essay by Mark Tooley has what he calls the ‘Religious Left’ nailed on the abject hypocrisy they display – and that their so-called Christianity is simply a cloak to disguise themselves to fool the country, while they engage in anti-American politics.

Prayers For Defeat

Sojourners chief Jim Wallis, the Religious Left’s foremost prophet, is asking 20,000 of his supporters to “pray” for the U.S. Congress to bring a “swift end to the war in Iraq.”

Here is the errant theology of the Religious Left at its worst. Implicitly, and sometimes explicitly, the Religious Left removes the Almighty from His throne and instead assigns ultimate power to political decision makers, usually in the U.S. Government.

In this truncated theology, “ending” the war in Iraq requires a simple decision by the U.S. to remove its troops from Iraq.

Global Warming? The solution is simple. The U.S. must install a strict regime of limits on economic growth, after which the planet will be healed.

Worldwide poverty and hunger? If only the U.S. would set aside its greed, and redirect resources away from the military and towards international aid, then all the world’s poor will be clothed, fed, and healthy.

And most if not all wars everywhere would grind to a sudden halt if the U.S. ended all arms sales and resolved not to profit from mass death.

Today’s Religious Left is a sad parody of America’s old religious establishment, which during the 19th century and the early 20th century assigned the United States an almost messianic role in bringing freedom and prosperity to an enslaved and impoverished world. In contrast, if “prophets” like Wallis are believed, the modern world continues to suffer only BECAUSE of American intransigence.

…All U.S. troops could leave Iraq next week, but the war there would certainly not “end.” Arguably, the war would degenerate further and expand. Neither did Iraq’s suffering begin with the U.S. led overthrow of Saddam Hussein, who had extinguished perhaps up to 1 million of his countrymen.

…Naturally, Sojourners wants to counteract this “escalation.” Prayer can “soften the hardest of hearts,” Sojourners observed, undoubtedly referring to the frozen hearts of pro-war congressmen, and not to al Qaeda terrorists or sectarian militias in Iraq.

…According to Wallis, until his “prayers” to Congress are answered in the right way, “every week more Americans will die, along with an untold number of Iraqis.” Who is killing Americans in Iraq? And who is responsible for most of the killing of Iraqis? Wallis never mentions the other combatants in Iraq. ….When the U.S. military leaves, all the killing will stop!

But Wallis grimly surmised that “there is no end to the killing in sight with President Bush’s intransigence and Gen. Petraeus’ promises.” Bush and Petraeus are therefore the chief architects of killing in Iraq. Wallis further warned that after Petraeus’ testimony on Capitol Hill, “it’s clear that the next war is already being prepared — a war with Iran. A state of permanent warfare is now the U.S. strategy for defeating terrorism, which will only make it worse.”

Even more grimly, Wallis intoned, “There is no honor in a war that was fought on false pretenses, that sends young Americans on hopeless missions only to die, that slaughters the innocents in even greater numbers and doesn’t even bother to count the dead, and learns nothing from its mistake of relying on military solutions instead of political ones.”

But Wallis does not seem hopeful even about his own prayers. “We probably won’t end this strategy of destruction and defeat until fathers (like me) and mothers decide that their sons and daughters won’t participate in it anymore,” Wallis wrote. “So last night, I talked to my 9- and 4-year-old sons and told them I never want them to fight in America’s misbegotten wars.”

In contrast to Wallis’ political email campaign to Congress disguised as “prayers,” a genuinely prophetic approach would more trustingly ask that God’s will be done in Iraq. However relished by the Religious Left, a humiliating defeat for the U.S. in Iraq is not likely to serve any godly purpose for the Iraqi or American people.

Wouldn’t simply praying for peace and a decent government in Iraq be appropriate? Such prayers might be more suitably directed to God, and not to the U.S. Congress.


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