Treason Knows No Bounds With The Left


Imagine that this is September 1944.

Imagine that for the past three years after the bombing of Pearl Harbor, the opposition party of FDR has been tirelessly attacking the war effort in both Europe and the Pacific.

The horrible losses at Utah and Omaha Beaches in Normandy in June has raised the clarion call to “pull out of France”. The chants that FDR knew beforehand or was behind the bombing at Pearl Harbor has eroded support among the American populace for the war. Pundits have cast doubt in the resolve of Americans to fight the spread of Nazism by an Axis of evil, in citing the fact that Germany had not attacked us, and that Japan was provoked to war. The candidates running against FDR, have thoroughly trashed General Eisenhower at a Senate Hearing after demanding that both Macarthur, and Patton be court martialed for ‘crimes against humanity’ in the treatment of German and Japanese POWS.

Imagine that right before the Normandy Invasion, Sam Rayburn showed up in Rome to have a nice chat and shopping spree with Benito Mussolini. Then, presidential candidate Thomas Dewey follows suit in September to denounce the American war effort on Fascist TV, declaring American troops in Italy, France and Germany as an “Illegal Occupation” and stating for the ears of the Italian and German Populace on their televisions that Americans do not support the war and want out of it. Following on the heels of the spectacle of calling Patton and Macarthur “liars”, the Chairman of the House Committee on Foreign Affairs states he is going to go to Berlin, to negotiate peace with the Reich’s military commanders.

Of course it’s hard to imagine. The politicians in the 1940’s were not traitors, and the idea of betraying their countrymen on enemy soil and denouncing American troops and commanders wase unthinkable.

But that was 1944.

Today in 2007, it is fashionable and politically astute to commit acts of treason to pander to an anti-American party inside America and embolden the enemies of the United States by justifying their reasons for warring on us. In 2007 America, it is a sin to call evil and sin what they are, and likewise – to call anyone engaging in trashing the country on enemy soil with treason. Instead it is called freedom of speech and expression, but only if you TRASH the country. If you support the country and the war efforts against those who are at war with us, you are a ‘warmonger’, a ‘neocon’ and an enemy of “freedom”.

Last weekend Democrat Presidential Candidate Dennis ‘The Menace” Kucinich, travelled to Sadaam Hussein’s ally Syria, to meet with it’s terrorist leader Assad, and denounce the war effort in Iraq on Syrian television and insulting American troops in the presence of the enemy. Kucinich’s comments have been played over and over on Al Jazeera throughout the middle East, encouraging all Jihadists that their campaign to kill the American “Infidels” is justified.

None dare call it treason, but watch it yourself. It is nothing LESS than treason.

Of course that is not all, much of the Democrat House and Senate is owned and run by the far Left cabal, and so it was not surprising that Tom Lantos, the ranking chairman of the House Commitee on Foreign Relations announced his plan to go to Tehran and negotiate Peace with the Ayatollahs while millions are stoked into chanting “Death to America!” in the streets and Iran completes it’s nuclear program.

I’m not alone in these assessments.

But not enough Americans are bold enough to call what the Democrats are doing treason. They cower when these treasonous scum manufacture pseudo rage and accuse them of questioning their Patriotism.

It’s past time that Americans when charged with questioning the Patriotism of Democrats and Leftists like Kucinich and Pelosi, state unequivocally and loudly – that YES! we do question their patriotism, AND their judgement. They make Benedict Arnold look like a hero in comparison.


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2 responses to “Treason Knows No Bounds With The Left

  1. Of course, in order for all your imagining to be valid, you need to go whole hog … image that Germany and Japan were instead a collection of third world nations paralyzed by infighting, with an ignorant population totally dependent on superstition to guide their daily lives, with no heavy industry (except oil, which they were unable to exploit without our help), totally incompetent militarily (except for the ability to wage an insurgency against an occupying nation, which would be worthless to take or hold territory where the population was not behind you), without a navy, without an air force to speak of, with a small army that does not swim nearly well enough to reach your shores, and is not numerous enough to hold a single major CITY … much less a state … much less a nation of 300 million people.

  2. invar

    I think his video testimony above against America in a nation of Jihad terrorists where they gather in the millions and chant to the lead of Hassan Nasarella “Death to America!” speaks volumes.

    It is self-evident and valid for anyone with a brain and a modicum of respect for the United States to grasp that.

    As to your vain assertion to declare the comparisons of how America acted during WWII and how political animals act today as apples and oranges, showcases you missed the point of the comparison entirely.

    It took an entire Japanese fleet and over 300 aircraft to kill 2,388 Americans on 7 December 1941.

    It took 19 Jihadists with box cutters and a will to die to bring death to Americans to kill more than the number at Pearl Harbor in less than two hours.

    Yet you scoff at the ability of Islam to achieve it’s desired goal of a Caliphate, or it’s interim goal to demoralize America and cause us to retreat, when the statements of Kucinich and pacifists like Ron Paul make my comparison all-the-more prescient.

    As Osama has already said recently – his third world “ignorant” population of Jihadists has held hostage and extorted billions of dollars from an entire nation and much of the West for six years.

    They do not need a mechanized army to take over cities. Just a willing Jihadist with a death wish and a bomb strapped to his back to bleed America of our wealth until we are weak and ready for annihilation.

    Your understanding of 4th G assymetric warfare is pitiful, and the reason why Jihadists think our destruction is inevitable and imminent.

    Notwithstanding the aid and comfort Dennis “The Menace” Kucinich, Ron Paul, Nancy Pelosi and the rest of the Defeat America Democrats have given to them.

    If this bunch of traitors were in government during the 40’s, today we would be speaking German and Japan would run Asia and the Pacific.

    Who needs enemies when we have traitors in the highest levels of government working to destroy us from within?

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