Hating Christianity, Loving Homosexuality – Today’s Youth


When I was in early gradeschool, one of my favorite assignments was “Connect-The-Dots”. Being artistically-minded even at a young age, I loved learning numbers, math and the alphabet by connecting those dots, and if I finished it correctly, the numbers revealed a picture you could not perceive by the dots on the page alone.

Being mindful of that pastime, as events move forward in today’s society I’m connecting-the-dots regarding the growing hostility to Biblical Christianity, and the picture that is emerging is one that lends itself to the eventual criminalization of the biblical faith, to STOP Christianity in it’s biblical form from being practiced or believed in.

The wide spectrum of the multicultural Left, including Hedonistic Secular Humanists and the Neo Religious Left have greased the skids to an eventual persecution. They have successfully turned religion and faith in America on it’s ear, crafting a whole new morality that celebrates sin and condemns anyone pointing it out. Christians have no one to blame for the erosion of the faith but themselves. They have embraced and condoned much of the poison that has infected the culture of this nation, and crafted a whole new Jesus – one that embraces not only the sinner, but their behavior as well. Repentence is a nasty word in today’s cultural lexicon.

So it should come as no surprise to hear that a reasearch firm in California has discovered that most of today’s youth condemn Christianity because they see it as “judgmental” and not “accepting” of homosexuality and other social trends and behaviors.

A new book based on studies by the Barna Group, found that church attitudes about people in general and gays in particular are driving a negative image of the Christian faith among people ages 16-29.

Since Timefirst reported on this new book, other local media outlets have put their own spin on the zeitgeist of slamming Chrsitianity as intolerant:

Majorities of young people in America describe modern-day Christianity as judgmental, hypocritical and anti-gay. What’s more, many Christians don’t even want to call themselves “Christian” because of the baggage that accompanies the label…

“The Christian community’s ability to take the high road and help to deal with some of the challenges that this (anti-gay) perception represents may be the … defining response of the Christian church in the next decade,” said David Kinnaman, Barna Group president and author of the book, “UnChristian: What a New Generation Really Thinks About Christianity.”

The vast majority of non-Christians — 91 percent — said Christianity had an anti-gay image, followed by 87 percent who said it was judgmental and 85 percent who said it was hypocritical.

Of course I find it amusing, and telling – that these findings are based on a majority of NON-CHRISTIANS who are commenting on THEIR interpretation of what they think Christianity should be about. What gets trumpeted however, is the results – and they end up being the only opinion given and cited by the media in their relentless push with the NeoLeft to abolish Christianity. Of course – Christians themselves go along with this news and find ways to be ‘more accepting’ and ‘open-minded’ to appease the Secular and Religious Left.

Megachurch pastor and best-selling author Rick Warren of Saddleback Church in Lake Forest, Calif., used the book to say he hopes the church will become “known more by what it is for than what it is against.

It’s particularly disturbing when Christians use the propaganda of the Anti-Christian Left to inspire their members to adopt an accepting ideology of a hedonistic culture. Has Rick Warren forgotten that after He saved the Adulteress from the death penalty, He told her to “Go and sin no more”? In today’s culture, Jesus would be condemned for saying such a thing as most people have declared behaviors such as homosexuality, adultery and other vices to be a matter of personal ‘choice’, not sin. It would have been better for Warren to use God’s book rather than an anti-Christian book as an impetus for what the church should become known for. Real love is showing people a better way of life, overcoming lifestyles and behaviors that ultimately harm the individual and society. In short, helping people overcome sin. But that is a no-no today because the New Jesus America has constructed embraces all things, and stands against nothing – except of course – biblical Christians. Christianity is consumed with appeasing the anti-God/Secularist/NeoLeftists in the world than appeasing what God Himself plainly says in His Word.

In an emoting culture where feelings and attitudes dictate what is moral – we need to understand that this is the wavelength Satan operates on, but somehow – America has chosen to ignore that fact to contribute to a II Timothy 3 Generation mindset. It’s disturbing so may Christians are willing to go right along with it.

In the commentary about this article, those dots I was talking about earlier are popping up in a disturbing pattern:

Christianity will be gone in 50 years.

No, hopefully sooner than that.

I am sick of those tacky people driving around with crucifixes hanging down from their rear-view mirrors with little flag pole sticking out of their cars. You can only see such pathetic hicks in America!

Religion is destroying the world.

You people sound more and more like terrorists…..We may end up having to deal with you people like we do any other terrorists.

As a Christian you might shrug those comments off as harmless rantings – but at one time we shrugged off the prospect of taking prayer out of school. That led to our First Amendment Right of Free Exercise to be regulated or banned in any public square.

When the NeoLeft tells us that biblical Christians are no different than Jihad Terrorists, and you hear it repeated as often as I do – the picture the dots create is a picture of coming persecution and holocaust.

Too bad so many Christians tell themselves the lines to the dots need to be redrawn to make a different picture.


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6 responses to “Hating Christianity, Loving Homosexuality – Today’s Youth

  1. As an Evagelical Christian who studies the Bible and believes it to be the inspired word of God, I cannot and will not condone sin in my life or anyone elses. The Bible clearly tells us the “wages of Sin.”

    Jesus taught us to love the sinner (Mary Magdeline) but hate the sinner “Go and sin no more.” This is true Christianity and I believe should be the way all true Christians lead their life.

    I certainly cannot throw stones at any sinner, but I can share the Gospel with them, and hope God touches their heart and calls them out of their sin.

  2. invar

    Very good and true Larry.

    Now, given we do not wish to throw stones, because all of us have sinned and are no better than anyone else – what do we do to halt those who are pushing, promoting and legislating sin on our culture?

    Do we show love for them by saying nothing?

    Do we pray for them silently?

    Do we simply avoid them and hope they find the light?

    That course of action is already a decades-old tradition in NeoChristianity – and we are losing our culture, and our liberties right along with our right to worship.

    Christians have forgotten an important word that Jesus expects us to be doing, and laborers to help others accomplish as well.

    The word is:


  3. We truly see the Word as Christian brothers.

    We cannot remain silent! We need to reach out to all sinners with spoken Gospel. The great commission is clear.

    So for those who promote sin, we certainly should pray, but also speak out against the SIN, and offer the sinner the gift of grace, though Jesus.

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  5. Anonymous

    Christianity in not against homosexuality, some people are disagree with gays cause some religions are disagree with it.
    is possible to be Christian and don’t be affiliated with any religious.

  6. Mornig Star

    shure Chirstianity is nothing like the jihadists. if it was it would have promotings with names like “ready the waepon” or “sword at the ready”???.
    You people are a joke in this world. Meny would say you wer backwards folk, who hate change. Your god is a tyranickal murder who wishes only to oppress all other life. Its bible is nothing but dripple from millenia old mad men. You teach kindness but only to thos that will obey YOURway of life. You preach only tortuere and pain to thos who don’t. Your religion is based upon death ( your lord DIED, u will sever untill you DIE, you will only be turly happy once you DIE) why do u have shuch a hatefull-morbid view of this world. you so wish to leave it for the next , so maybe you should all just go!

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