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Up With Budhha, Down With Christ


Just another example of the fact that religious exercize in the hands of the secular and religious Left is not equal.

Biblical Christianity is not allowed.

Buddhism and all it’s trappings are celebrated to the exclusion of God’s Commandments.

Bloomington bans Bible, but welcomes Buddha

Buddha is welcome but the Bible is banned at the Bloomington, Ind., city hall after officials booted a display of the Ten Commandments erected by Christians wanting equal treatment with the Far East religion promoted by the Dalai Lama.

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Rebirth and March of the Religious Left

Religious Left

Been warning about the Secular-political Socialists that are co-opting Christianity to become the major tool towards imposing their agenda on the nation. The fact so many well-intentioned Christians are falling prey to these new doctrines bodes ill for liberty in America, as individual liberty and responsibility to providing charity becomes the sole function of government, who will dictate charity from your wallet.

The Religious Left, Reborn

…Since the mid-nineties, an increasingly influential religious movement has arisen on the left, mostly escaping the national press’s notice. The movement expends its political energies not on the cultural concerns that primarily motivate conservative evangelicals, but instead on an array of labor and economic issues. Working mostly at the state and local level, and often in lockstep with unions, the ministers, priests, rabbis, and laity of this new Religious Left have lent their moral authority to a variety of left-wing causes, exerting a major, sometimes decisive influence in campaigns to enforce a “living wage,” to help unions organize, and to block the expansion of nonunionized businesses like Wal-Mart, among other struggles. Indeed, the movement’s effectiveness has made it one of organized labor’s most reliable allies.

…Noting the success of Memphis’s living-wage battle and of similar campaigns in which religious leaders have played key roles, unions and their allies have made recruiting Religious Left support part of the activist playbook—an inspired strategy, since polls show that even secular Americans consider clergy our most admired profession.

…Having established itself in many places as the moral authority on economic issues, the resurgent Religious Left has brought back the fiery redistributionist language of the social gospel…declar[ing] that Christ envisioned “an alternate economy of equality.” To achieve that egalitarian vision, the IWJ’s Bobo recently pronounced, America needs a “redistribution” to “shift wealth from a few to working families.[eg: Communism]”.

…Leftist clerics ignore mounting evidence that much poverty in prosperous, opportunity-rich America results not from a failed economic system but from dysfunctional—dare one call it “sinful”?—behavior…Poverty, in other words, is increasingly about the irresponsible decision—again, we might once have called it sinful—to have children out of wedlock.

But as pointed out in this post, few to none will call sin what it is in America today.

…religious groups can play a significant role in fighting poverty—but only by striving to strengthen the family and personal responsibility. “The attitude of the Religious Left seems to be, ‘Let government do it,’ and they would drive us toward a kind of Christian socialism,” he says.

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