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Firestorm Creates Firestorm of Blame


Prayers and hopes go out ot our fellow countrymen in Southern California who are suffering loss and anguish at this time of fire and tribulation.

It’s sad and revealing that the Politicos who are drunk on power cannot help themselves but politicize a catastrophe that may be a combination of natural and intentional disaster.

California Fire Battalion Chief – Whoever Did This Knew What They Were Doing

FBI: al-Qaeda detainee spoke of fire plot

Of course the Politcal Pimps cannot help themselves but stir up anger to blame Bush and tie the Iraq war into the disaster:

Media Blames Bush

California Wildfires: Harry Reid Blames Global Warming, Boxer Blames Iraq War


In addition the media goes to great lengths to preach their Global Warming Religion as the wrath of Revelation that comes when Republicans are unrepentant in worshipping the earth:

Anderson Cooper and Tom Foreman warn that global warming may be to blame for Southern California fires.

Without Proof, NBC Presumes Global Warming to Blame for Wild Fires

Harry Reid Blames California Wildfires On Global Warming…Before He Denies He Said It.

George Carlin, Jamie Lee Curtis Blame Humans for Fires

It’s sickening to see the devolution of a former civil society that at one time had a common culture and unity at the forefront of good will, but today is nothing but opportunities to slam, blame and push an agenda to secure power for oneself, party or agenda.

These people have no shame.

And they never will, unless Americans are willing to shame them.

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Ron Paul Does Not Belong in GOP Race


Aside from the fact that many Ron Paul supporters worship him as a messianic figure, sole hope for the USA and Deliverer from evil; or the fact a bunch of them are the same anti-war moveOn.org Leftist kook conspiracists that populate Airhead America and the Democrat Underground; an increasing number of Conservatives and Constitutionalists recognize that Ron Paul is simply unfit for the role of Commander-In-Chief.

His Libertarian baggage, Blame-America-First and appeasement of our enemies disqualifies him for the the position in my opinion. As time wears on, he is proving he really does not belong in the GOP either. His increasing shrill anti-war rants put him more in unity with the NeoLeft and nuts like Code Pink than with Conservatives.

Ron Paul attracts a rabid following of Isolationists, Peaceniks, Pro-druggies, anti-semites, NWO Conspiracists, anti-Capitalists, skinheads and anti-government anarchists, along with some mad-as-hell conservatives fed-up with the GOP’s push for Amnesty for Illegals and their runaway spending. His is a bandwagon of the “Throw-The-Bums-Out” movement with an anti-war Leftist twist.

But is this the guy we want at the top spot? A guy who blames Amrieca for the world’s woes; who thinks that 17th century geopolitical strategy works in the modern world; who seeks to appease Jihadists; who seeks an Isolationist America?

Here’s a blog that I can fully agree with, and I’m sure the accusations that I’m a dirty Jewish “neocon’, traitor, scum and all the other niceties I get from the Ron Paul worshippers will follow.

Ron Paul does not belong in the race for the GOP nomination

Ron Paul played a valuable role in Congress. I do think so. He was never effective at limiting government, but that’s not the role I saw him fill; rather, he was a minor gadfly to the statists, keeping in the vocabulary of Congress the small-l libertarian notions of a government limited to specific functions, non-confiscatory taxation, etc.

…It’s the surrender bit, completely incompatible with what I had thought of Ron Paul; it is, however, a good way to drag confused Code Pinkers and pseudo-libertarians into the cash-donating aisle with the Red Light special. Is it a con? Who the heck knows, but Ron Paul come up with a small following from the anti-war crowd, folks blathering about concepts of liberty and governance which they obviously do not choose to understand understand.
“Get back to the founders, man! They didn’t dig war, man, and interference, like, in other countries, and stuff.” Oh, right. Thomas Jefferson in 1801 launched a preemptive war – without the approval of Congress – against the Barbary States because their actions ran counter to our national security interests. The Pirates only wanted the United States to pay them off. Would President Ron Paul, if he had been the third President of the United States, have paid the Barbary Pirates their toll, thus allowing the precedent to be set for the young United States that we are a paper tiger? Would a President Ron Paul, as the 43rd President, have allowed Saddam Hussein to thumb his nose at the United States and the world, continuing to become more dangerous apace, as the United States maintained and protected its image as a paper tiger earned by President Clinton (Bill)?
There is a difference between going back to the vision of the United States held by our Founding Fathers, and they saw us as an eventual world player, and shrinking the United States to its seminal, 18th century form.


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