Firestorm Creates Firestorm of Blame


Prayers and hopes go out ot our fellow countrymen in Southern California who are suffering loss and anguish at this time of fire and tribulation.

It’s sad and revealing that the Politicos who are drunk on power cannot help themselves but politicize a catastrophe that may be a combination of natural and intentional disaster.

California Fire Battalion Chief – Whoever Did This Knew What They Were Doing

FBI: al-Qaeda detainee spoke of fire plot

Of course the Politcal Pimps cannot help themselves but stir up anger to blame Bush and tie the Iraq war into the disaster:

Media Blames Bush

California Wildfires: Harry Reid Blames Global Warming, Boxer Blames Iraq War


In addition the media goes to great lengths to preach their Global Warming Religion as the wrath of Revelation that comes when Republicans are unrepentant in worshipping the earth:

Anderson Cooper and Tom Foreman warn that global warming may be to blame for Southern California fires.

Without Proof, NBC Presumes Global Warming to Blame for Wild Fires

Harry Reid Blames California Wildfires On Global Warming…Before He Denies He Said It.

George Carlin, Jamie Lee Curtis Blame Humans for Fires

It’s sickening to see the devolution of a former civil society that at one time had a common culture and unity at the forefront of good will, but today is nothing but opportunities to slam, blame and push an agenda to secure power for oneself, party or agenda.

These people have no shame.

And they never will, unless Americans are willing to shame them.

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