Media Finally Reports On the Ban of the Flag Folding Ceremony

Flag Ceremony Banned

I reported this breaking story over two weeks ago Here.

In that time I have had myriad folks e-mail and tell me that I posted bogus information, that it was just Christian paranoia, and that I was lying to simply stir up trouble.

Today the mainstream media finally reports that Veterans Cemeteries Ban Flag-Folding Ceremony

Flag-folding recitation banned at veterans cemeteries nationwide

A single complaint lodged against the words for the 11th fold recently prompted the National Cemetery Administration to ban the entire recital at all 125 national cemeteries.

A spokesman in Washington said the complaint originated from someone who witnessed the ceremony at Riverside National but would provide no other details and declined to release the directive banning the flag-folding recital, saying it was “an internal working document not meant for public distribution.”

Veterans are furious.

“That the actions of one disgruntled, whining, narcissistic and intolerant individual is preventing veterans from getting the honors they deserve is truly an outrage,” said Rees Lloyd, 59, a Vietnam-era veteran and Memorial Honor Detail volunteer. “This is another attempt by secularist fanatics to cleanse any reference to God.”

I think the descriptive words here are these: it was “an internal working document not meant for public distribution.”

In other words, they wanted it to be kept silent, hoping Christian Vets like Rees Lloyd will just roll on over like Christians usually do, and follow “the law” – even when it quashes our right of free exercize and faith.

Thank God for men like him, who stand up and fight for what we are losing every single day in this country.

We need to ALL stand up and join that fight.

We need to do so now.

Get involved. Join orgs like ROH, the American Legion, and fight to preserve what our vets fought and bled to preserve.


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2 responses to “Media Finally Reports On the Ban of the Flag Folding Ceremony

  1. Jesus Zimmerman

    If you read the entire directive, it says, ” The Christian prayer and interpretation of the 13 folds, will be performed only at the request of the family.

    If you check the official rules of flag folding, you will find that the true meaning of the folds, have nothing to do with religion of any kind!

  2. invar

    If you read carefully, you would note that the directive forbids ANY volunteer or employee from performing the prayer portion of the ceremony.

    This eliminates the American Legion Honor Guard – who has performed this function for decades, because the bulk of them are volunteers or employees in some capacity with the national cemeteries.

    As to the official rules of flag folding – this specific ceremony has been performed by the American Legion Honor Guard for longer than I have been alive, which is more than a few decades.

    My grandfathers, my wife’s fathers had this ceremony performed at their services by the American Legion Honor Guard.

    Regardless of whether or not you approve of the ceremony – who are you to deny those who fought and served this nation, their family’s right to free exercize in honoring them at their funerals??

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