One Boy Scout’s Fight For Free Exercise and God’s Commandments


Out of the mouths of babes and Boy Scouts, truth comes.

It’s a sad testament of our devolving culture that a 15 year old boy has to show us guts and the way to restore our foundational heritage, but scripture tells us a Child Shall Lead Them and perhaps this young patriot should shame us all to following his example.

Boy Scout’s request to show Ten Commandments denied _ again

Thou shalt not give up.
That seems to be the motto a 15-year-old Boy Scout has followed in petitioning county government officials in western Kentucky three times — most recently on Tuesday — for permission to include the Ten Commandments in his Eagle Scout project to be displayed at the Henderson County Courthouse.
And despite repeated rebuffing, Ian Gerard has shown no signs of giving up.

While he has been denied, his efforts have not gone unnoticed.

Kentucky Governor Ernie Fletcher has sent out a press release in support of Gerard’s efforts and will meet him today at 6 PM at the River Park Center in Owensboro, KY.

ROH is sending a caravan of members to stand with Ian and the governor for our foundations on God’s Commandments and our Right of Free Exercize.

If you are able – please join them.

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