Banned Flag Folding Ceremony Directive From the V.A.


I have received several comments and notes on other forums that have called into question the directive on banning the recital of the flag folding ceremony by the American Legion Honor Guard.

I have asked for details and specific clarification from Rees Lloyd on the information he shared with us at the ROH banquet earlier this month. He sends the following note, along with a PDF of the actual directive from Steve L. Muro from the Department fo Veterans Affairs. A link to the full resolution PDF file is here.

Of course, I am of the conviction that the VA be damned – and we assert our right of free exercize.

It is better to obey God than men, and when it comes to acknowledging God’s role in our nation’s greatness and the blessings we have received in honoring both Our Creator and those who served this nation, we should do so with eagerness – consequences notwithstanding.

Liberty, is to be risked, and freedom cannot endure without people willing to risk penalty for daring to defy the tyranny of men.

God Bless people like Rees Lloyd and those who served our nation’s military.

In light of [Sword At The Ready’s] request for information to convince those of little faith that the VA in fact has banned the reading of the Flag Folding Ceremony by MHD Teams, including mine, at all federal veterans cemeteries, I am attaching hereto the 9/27/07 directive of the VA imposing that ban, and further requiring that all cemeteries remove from the premises copies of the Flag Folding Ceremony.

My American Legion Riverside Post 79 Memorial Honor Detail Team 12 was informed of the ban just before we performed our sixth, and last, military service of the day on the first Tuesday in October at Riverside National Cemetery, where our team has performed over 1,400 military funeral services.

On that memorable first Tuesday in October, a staff car rolled up and a staffer informed us that we could not read the Flag Folding Ceremony because VA had issued a directive forbidding it.

I inquired of the administration after we completed that final funeral service (without reading the traditional Flag Folding Ceremony pursuant to the ban), and it was confirmed that a directive banning the recitation had been issued from the VA in Washington, D.C. I was informed of the contents, but was not given a copy.

As you are aware from Riverside Press Enterprise and Association Press news reports on Thursday 10/25 and Friday 10/26 respectively, the VA has refused to release that directive publicly event to the media, while attempting to justify the prohibition.

As a public service, I am attaching FYI a copy of the banned directive imposing the ban which some of Michael’s readers, apparently, do not believe exists. Perhaps reading the directive will provide the proof they need to accept the obvious–which should be manifest to everyone inasmuch as our MHD teams have been prevented from reading the Flag Folding Ceremony, even when performing military services for one of our own American Legion members.

REES LLOYD, Attorney
Jr. Past Commander District 21 (Cal),
Director, Defense of Veterans Memorials Project
of The American Legion Dept. of California


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2 responses to “Banned Flag Folding Ceremony Directive From the V.A.

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  2. I have linked to several of your posts here (as noted above) and cannot convey how deeply I appreciate your efforts to dissiminate this story long before it reached my ears. This ban is a poignant tragedy to me, whose father, a WWII veteran, recently was buried in the Dallas National Cemetery. It is, however, no real surprise. And your posts provided me with so much more credible information than I have been able to weed through to find elsewhere.

    If my father were still here, he would be both furious and bereft. Not just for himself, but especially for today’s men and women of our military and their families who will be denied this beautiful ceremony option should they be felled in their service.

    I, too, weep for them and for the fate of my country under such obvious secularist genocide.

    I have written my President, my Senators and my Representatives requesting their immediate attention to this matter and the rescinding of this VA ban. I pray every person who finds this as attrocious as I will do precisely the same.

    God bless.

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