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The Christian Political Split


At one time in our nation’s history, the Christian church – in all of it’s protestant denominations – set the agenda for the nation and kept the culture on a straight and narrow path that preserved liberty and freedom.

The Christian church preached political separatism from England in the Colonies. They loudly excoriated unjust rulership, and forged the fire to war for independence. They preached the gospel of the liberty they believed Christ gave them in the fight for freedom from the crown.

The Christian church spearheaded the abolition of slavery, and stood as a beacon towards making sure liberty had a sure compass towards making a more perfect union. Personal responsibility was tied to the duty a Christian had for his neighbors and ultimately, the country. Christianity had the wisdom to recognize clear threats to the liberty they were entrusted to protect, and were willing to go to war to ensure that the freedom they were stewards of would be passed on intact, and bettered for their children.

Until the cancer of Liberalism, Socialism and moral relavatism ate away at our foundations, under the watchful eyes of a Church that did not take the rebelliousness of a selfish generation seriously.

When the culture wars began in earnest in the 1960’s, a movement in the Christian church rose up to denounce and stand for the values they believed were the bedrock of a society worth fighting for. The Silent Majority became a powerhouse of Conservatism and from where Ronald Reagan won two landslide victories in the 1980’s.

But in an age of a discarded faith, a watered-down feel-good Christianity and in the onslaught of secular socialism – the bulwark of Christian Liberty itself is now being torn asunder – from within.

As the Christian church has divorced itself from fighting for the culture, it is now in the process of divorcing itself from conservative politics, and taking either an inward approach to faith, or embracing the Socialist Left for what they define as moral justice.

As this happens, America can kiss what liberty it has left left, goodbye. It is amazing to me to see so many Christians missing the plain truth that as our culture removes God from prominence, our nation’s wisdom is going out the door right along with it, and instead of embracing God – it embraces those things anethema and hostile to our very existence.

America has gone from a land that fiercly defended it’s culture and rose to fight for right, to an emoting people that preach pacifism, collectivism and materialism. The fiery words and warnings from preachers who saw the danger of the political Left encroaching on freedom – are being drummed out of churches and fellowships for smooth and easy words of religious and personal validation and acceptance.

Freedom as established for us cannot survive without a vibrant and vocal Christian faith keeping the Republic. Sadly, it appears the Christian church itself is in the process of accomodating exactly what the Apostle Paul’s letter to Timothy in chapter 3 warns of this culture to a rebellious people described in Isaiah 30:10 “Give us no more visions of what is right! Tell us pleasant things, smooth things, prophesy illusions. Leave this way, get off this path, and stop confronting us with the Holy One of Israel!”

This article on the Evangelical Crack-up, makes the split among Christians along political and cultural lines crystal clear. Of course they are tying the political fortunes of the GOP and Christian Conservatives to simple Bush hatred and opposition to the war on Jihadists. But what I see on a deeper level is a split of once-Christian Conservatives that are falling for the Satanic doctrines of the NeoLeft – who preaches pacifism, “tolerance” and “social Justice” in the realm of “free government health care” are attracting and converting millions of Christians to Socialism and a completely INTOLERANT society built on the precepts of men.

Bill Murchison answers Kirkpatrick’s lengthy article in Fall of the Religious Right and points out:

There has always been a lot of politics in religion and a lot of religion in politics. I find it odd when commentators blabber about some nonexistent wall that in blither times kept religion and politics apart. There was never such a wall, nor could there be. The ultimate nature of religious concerns — heaven, hell, death, judgment — makes them easily eclipse managerial questions like budgetary “earmarks” and deficits in health insurance coverage. A thoroughgoing secularist is, in politics, a bird of considerable rarity.

…Critics of the religious right never have acknowledged that Jerry Falwell, James Dobson, Pat Robertson, etc., didn’t just decide one day to capture America for Christ. What they decided was to engage in the right of collective self-defense against unprovoked aggression.

Sadly, many Christians today think it unChristian to engage in any kind of self-defense, unless it is standing up for the right of homosexuals to marry and the right of Jihadists to wage war on Americans without impediment. If only our judgment was not so clouded by stupidity, having rejected the only sound wisdom that can preserve a republic.

Government Socialism and our Liberty – cannot co-exist. It is striking that among all of these “social Justice” Christians that at one time voted for Ronald Reagan, they see no harm in voting for empowering the government with Secular Leftists that seek to abolish the right of American Christians to the free exercize of their faith.

I do not see a hopeful future for our country with a faith so divided among itself, and so inward – willing to go quietly into the closets or embracing the debaucherous culture by refusing to judge the parades of depravity that celebrates the death of God in America.

It’s a shame we have no understanding about the role the Churches at one time played in shaping our nation’s greatness. The Christianity of our forefathers was not one of pacifism and individual fulfillment – but of the mission to establish liberty and to follow God’s will for our lives. In the rush to separate religion from America, we have separated ourselves from God, and deceive ourselves into thinking we are still a good people that will reap prosperity.

The Christian church is being divided – and conquered under the watchful eyes of a people in the faith who no longer want to hear the hard truth beyond the emoting rhetoric of so-called social justice.

Perhaps like Ancient Israel, it will not be until we are destroyed and taken into captivity that these lessons will be understood.

Make no mistake, God is consistent. Even our Founders at one time trembled under the thought of incurring the wrath of a Just God on a Blessed People. The fact our enemies are promising and preparing for our destruction while we demand to ignore, embrace and dialogue with them, speaks volumes to this testament that a nation devoid of God is a nation bereft of wisdom, ripe for the whirlwind it has repaed for itself.

While America has the form of religion, it has denied the power thereof – and because we have betrayed this greatest trust ever granted to so small a number, ours will merit punishment greater than any nation before us, and the condemnation of heaven itself.


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