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Score One Small Victory


Kudos and thanks go out to Rees Lloyd, the American Legion and countless Patriots and Countrymen who got their ire up to rage against the decision by the VA to ban the recitation of the Flag Folding Ceremony at our national cemeteries.

An e-mail this evening announces the lifting of this ban by none other than the Vice President Dick Cheney’s Office itself.

Comrades, Colleagues, and Patriots:

We — American Legionnaires, veterans generally, and patriotic citizens–have won the grassroots fight to preserve the right of deceased veterans’ families to decide to have Memorial Honor Detail Teams recite the Flag Folding Ceremony at National Cemeteries, the Bush Administration overruling the ban imposed by VA bureaucrats.

I have just received from American Legion National Public Affairs Director Joe March the remarks of Vice President Richard Cheney to the American Legion today in Indianapolis, Indiana, in which he stated unequivocally on behalf of the Bush Administration:

As most of you know, our nation has 125 national cemeteries operated by the VA. Burials conducted in those cemeteries should honor the wishes of the families, including those that relate to religious observances. And despite the confusing order that recently came out of the federal bureaucracy, I want you to know that honor guards at military funerals will give the 13-fold recitation at any service where the family requests it.

–Vice President Richard Cheney
Addressing the American Legion in Indianapolis, Indiana
Nov. 1, 2007

The Veterans Administration is an agency of the Executive Branch. Vice President Cheney speaks for the Administration of President George Bush, who is ultimately responsible for, and has authority over, all Executive Branch agencies, including the VA. Thus, this is definitive evidence that “We, the People,” have
won! (Vice President Cheney’s entire speech is forwarded herewith.)

Thanks to all who stood up for veterans families and against the errant exercise of bureaucratic power by VA bureaucrats, and their lawyers, who have more fear of offending secular-cleansing fanatics epitomized by the ACLU, which never met an atheist it didn’t like or a patriot it didn’t detest, than the VA bureaucrats have offending the veterans that the VA is supposed to serve.

May God bless you all…And if that offends some atheist, agnostic, ACLU-type secular-cleansing fanatic, or Islamist terrorist jihadist, I must answer in the words of Rhett Butler: “Frankly, my dear(s), I don’t give a damn.”


REES LLOYD, Attorney
A Member of American Legion Post 79
Memorial Honor Detail, and,
Director, Defense of Veterans Memorials Project
of The American Legion Dept. of California

While we have won a victory here, we should not rest on our laurels, as the efforts by the secular Left will not cease and we must be forever vigilant and ready to fight to preserve our religious rights and heritage.

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College Re-Education Camps – Conform or Else!


It is no secret that most college campuses and Public schools in America today are nothing but indoctrination centers for Politically-correct Socialism and other insidious garbage being force-fed to our youth.

Perhaps in an age where the vileness of the cultural Left is no longer shocking, this might still raise your eyebrows.

The University of Delaware has decreed that “All Whites Are Racist” and has implemented a MANDATORY PROGRAM to “treat” politically incorrect attitudes as harmful and hostile.

A mandatory University of Delaware program requires residence hall students to acknowledge that “all whites are racist” and offers them “treatment” for any incorrect attitudes regarding class, gender, religion, culture or sexuality they might hold upon entering the school, according to a civil rights group.

…The school requires its approximately 7,000 residence hall students “to adopt highly specific university-approved views on issues ranging from politics to race, sexuality, sociology, moral philosophy and environmentalism.”

…Requirements for students include: “Students will recognize that systemic oppression exists in our society,” “Students will recognize the benefits of dismantling systems of oppression,” and “Students will be able to utilize their knowledge of sustainability to change their daily habits and consumer mentality,” FIRE said.

The foundation said students even are “pressured or even required” to make social statements that meet with the school’s approval.

the school defines learning specifically as “attitudinal or behavioral changes,” not acquiring any sort of knowledge and ability.

Such thinking “represents a distorted idea of ‘education’ that one would more easily associate with a Soviet prison camp than with an American institution of higher education,” FIRE said. “As another example, after an investigation showed that males demonstrated ‘a higher degree of resistance to educational efforts,’ the Rodney complex chose to hire ‘strong male RAs.’ Each such RA ‘combats male residents’ concepts of traditional male identity,’ in order to ‘ensure the delivery of the curriculum at the same level as in the female floors.’ This language is disturbingly reminiscent of a pivotal scene from George Orwell’s ‘1984,’ in which the protagonist’s captors tell him that ‘The Party is not interested in the overt act: the thought is all we care about. We do not merely destroy our enemies, we change them.'”

Given the totalitarian treatment conservatives and Christians receive in today’s gulags of learning – a generation of Collectivists are supporting a Stalinist push for a Communist-style regime in America.

One that will suffer no rivals.

The forced acceptance of so-called “diversity” is an oppressive tyranny designed to make sure that there is no diversity of opinion or belief as the Stalinists that run our schools and government institutions begin to crack down on liberty.

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