Think It Can’t Happen Here?

Atlas Shrugged

With the recent stories about our Credit market woes, housing market collapse and dollar devaluation, coupled with the stories about Hillary Clinton last week – I could not help but recall Argentina, and their economic collapse a little while ago.

Watching a once-affluent nation become beggars and riot over food and water as their economy collapsed around them while the government secured themselves into permanent tyrannical power was instructive to recall when looking at the woes and issues this political season is breeding among the American people.

Our fate may end up being much worse, as an age of Jihadists and once secure nuclear nations goes absolutely beserk into civil chaos, bring home the fact that this world is about to get more dangerous than any of us will allow ourselves to imagine.

I find it ironic that a nation that birthed Eva Peron’s “war on the rich”, America is already on the same plane, and whether it be from health care to mortgage loans, the turn to government as savior will become a roar – and anyone outside of that sphere is going to end up a target to be eliminated.

My friend John Galt has a good foresight on things based on historical examples, and using the fluctuating value of fiat money in the collapse of Argentina and applying those lessons to an American situation as they seem to be unfolding, is a good exercise in “What if…?”

He posted these thoughts on Friday – and it might do you good to familiarize yourself with the admonitions he gives that accompany the illustration.

Casino Currency

As my wife and I entered the flea market, we understood the risks we took that day. Shopping for goods outside of the “registered” stores had become a Class 1 Misdemeanor for a first offense and the worst part was that you would be forced to take chip implantation if convicted as part of your sentence. This tracking chip served as your rationing card, probation officer, and national identification all rolled into one. The conversion to the new currency was not going well as illustrated by the Amarillo food riots last month and the tension since that incident was noticeable in every state. As we approached the entrance we uttered the password of the day which cost me exactly two junk quarters, but was well worth it. After paying the guard at the entrance, we entered into the dank, old abandoned warehouse and were shocked to see the number of people inside. The hyperinflationary destruction of America was almost complete, as the rationing program had forced many legitimate businessmen into underground situations like this. Never in my life did I imagine that saving all those old coins and silver bars would mean anything. Then again, never in my life did I think that food and water would be rationed in America.

As we walked up to a farmer’s table I noticed the sign with prices prominently displayed, along with the Bushmaster slung over his shoulder and another man with a 12 gauge nearby. The prices were split into silver and barter and to no surprise, he had “specials” just like the old days of capitalism. There was a third price list in the old US Dollars and the exchange rate was published prominently: USD to Amero 75:1. This figure of course was thievery but he had everyone who didn’t convert two years ago by the throat, as it was not illegal to own dollars unless you were a licensed retailer. I asked him if he would barter tobacco or alcohol for his goods, and he said “of course” and we commenced our grocery shopping. It was a steal trading a fifth of whiskey for a ham and two frozen chickens, and that would keep us in fresh meat for a while. I thanked the gentleman and he mentioned that ammunition was good for barter also and would fetch more farm goods. With that my wife got nervous and just had to ask “why, have you been using a lot of it?” The farmer sheepishly looked down, and said “sadly, yes” and I knew what has been going on. This guy was about to become the wealthiest soul in our part of the state until the Department of Agriculture Regulatory Enforcement Group (DAREG) sends their goons out to his place. Or have they already, and that’s why he’s needing more ammo? Sometimes, it’s just better no to know. And sometimes, what you know can get you sent to the new Freedom Camps…..

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