Barrack Hussein Obama Says Democrats Do Not Like Christians


Finally – some truth in politics.

The Democrats do not like Christians, out of the mouth of media darling Barrack Hussein Obama.

Obama on Russert’s Meet The Press Admits Democrats Do Not Like Biblical Christians

“…the evangelical community is one where the Democratic Party, I think, we have generally seen as hostile. We haven’t been reaching out to them, and I think that if we’re going to makes significant progress on critical issues that we face, whether it’s education or healthcare or energy or our foreign policy in this country, we’ve got to be able to get beyond our comfort zones and just talk to people we don’t like.” – Barrack Hussein Obama, Meet The Press, November 11, 2007

Reaching out to “people you don’t like” meaning Christians.

Why should we take the hand you are extending forth, when it is clear you loathe us and our stances on moral issues?

What is there to reach out with but a bunch of lies and smooth talk to disgusise what you really think about us?

Sadly – since Churchianity loves smooth and easy talk and rhetoric, one has to wonder if the ploy to deceive them into supporting wannabe leaders with morals contrary to the Word of God will once again win out among them.

But it is nice to see how National Democrats REALLY view evangelical Christians.



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37 responses to “Barrack Hussein Obama Says Democrats Do Not Like Christians

  1. Good point…looks like Obama made a mistake there…

    But, to defend him, he may have meant “we” meaning his party, and not necessarily himself.

    Barack claims to be a devout Christian.

    But with politicians today, who really knows.

    -Eric Palmieri

  2. invar

    I think Mr. Hussein Obama was being honest.

    He let the truth slip, and didn’t disguise it in cloaked massaged language.

    I’ll at least applaud him for being honest.

    It’s important to know what these politicians really think about us little people.

  3. Evangelicals are not the only people who believe in Christ. His point wasn’t that he or the democrats hate Christians. His point was that he is open to talking to people with different views than his own.

  4. invar

    “…we’ve got to be able to get beyond our comfort zones and just talk to people we don’t like.” – Barrack Hussein Obama, Meet The Press, November 11, 2007

    His own words make the point quite clearly thank you.

  5. R. Taylor

    Oh…and by the way…Obama is a MUSLIM!

  6. nicci

    I really hope Obama does not win! I wouldn’t care if(democratic party included) he likes me as a Christian or not. Because regardless of who is sitting in that office of power my Lord and Savior(Jesus Christ) will have the last say… I just pray for the safety of everyone who is running this race. Because terror is more and more commonplace in our world. Look what happened to Bhutto. It is truly a tragedy. Will we ever have peace?

  7. as a soldier and as a citizen i want to see this man in office the republicans are far worse and if u really think about it no one likes or loves christians so why stress,does that make obama a bad man?no,he just has his own views.leave him be,if god wants the world to end under him,then let it

  8. Clifford Ishii

    Open Letter to Democrats,
    If you want real change try becoming Biblical Christians. God will change you from the inside out for meaningful change instead of the superficial change that is provided by politicians from the outside in.

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  10. Since you’re so pro-war, you should definitely enlist. And go wherever the Moron in Chief tells you to.

    Jesus H. Christ

    (Did you know that the H. stands for Hussein?)

    You are one sick puppy. Go drink yer Kool-Aid.

  11. invar

    Since you’re so pro-war, you should definitely enlist. And go wherever the Moron in Chief tells you to.

    Is that all you got?

    First off, how do you know I have not ALREADY served my country?

    Second, last I looked – our military was ALL VOLUNTEER, so the folks serving in the military have already enlisted of their own free will, many with the desire to fight the enemy, on his own turf instead of on our streets.

    Third, we don’t take the name of the Lord in vain here, nor do we equate Obama or any politician with a level of messiah.

    Fourth, Barrack Hussein Obama is in-fact his name is it not?

  12. mns

    Obama is more honest than most of others. He has proven what he can do in chicago. It’s time to end all the divisions like race and religion. look at this post

  13. invar

    Actually, we’ve just proven that he’s as big a liar, if not moreso than your typical corrupt politican.

    And we have not yet catalogued his outright lies about the campaign contributions he got from Tony Rezko yet.

  14. Democrat's Turn

    Obama is the most honest politician we’ve seen in years and I applaud him for his honesty. It’s actually quite refreshing, after 8 years of the Bush Adminstration.. misleading us about WMD’s, the fact that Iraq and Saddam were much less of a threat than predicted, and general poor running of our economy in general.

    I’d be happy with Hilary or Obama as president and I’m a Christian. It makes me sick to my stomach how some so-called Christians believe that you can’t vote for a democrat and still be Christian. That’s the bigoted and self-righteous “christians” obama speaks of the democratic party “not liking”.
    I actually don’t entirely dislike McCain either… but the republican party had their 8 years… and did NOTHING to stop global warming, did NOTHING to advance our economy, and probably created millions of little terrorists in the making.. who our fatherless, and motherless, between the ages of 8-16 years old.
    It upsets me immensely when people applaud the republican party for “fighting them over there”. In theory its all well and good.. but we have to leave sometime. And we’re just stirring up a hornets nest over “there”. Imagine yourself as a child… some foreign country invades your home, kills your parents, and destroys your country… I’d imagine you’ll eventually seek out revenge. It may take 10 years… but revenge will come and it’s the bush adminstrations fault.
    The only way out of this mess now.. is some diplomacy. A president named Barack Hussein Obama has the best chance of any of our leaders of opening diplomatic channels with these countries that hate us.

  15. invar

    You exemplify why I hold out little hope of our Republic and Constitution surviving the next four years.

    You emote, and don’t think, being filled with all the emotional talking point rhetoric of the Left and the campaign itself. You will vote for an Alinsky Marxist with relationships with America-hating terrorists and radicals, who will with a Democrat House and Senate, strip you of your rights and liberties to follow and worship God as He leads you.

    The fact you think Obama is honest speaks volumes that you do not have the ability to discern the truth. Obama has lied blatantly on more occasions in this campaign than Clinton did in his first run for the White House in ’92.

    It makes me sick to my stomach how some so-called Christians believe that you can’t vote for a democrat and still be Christian.

    How can any Christian vote for a party or candidate that stands for abortion, homosexuality, earth worship, despises biblical Christians and perverts the truth – is someone who has little regard for Christianity governing their own life and cannot judge righteousness from sin. Such people will sell our liberty to worship God to the altar of the State.

    Obama will surrender America to our enemies, strip us of what is left of our Constitutional Rights and make Jimmy Carter’s Administration look like Lincoln’s in comparison. He’s a Trojan horse of every idea and concept anathema to America’s liberty.

    Obama is an abject Marxist. He is a follower of Saul Alinsky. You can discover that fact in his own books, from his own lips.

    But I am pretty sure, none of this matters to you anyway. Just remember that Democrats vote on Wednesday in November.

  16. Peter litvack

    Go Barrack–do all of you have your sheets and hoods. Doesn’t it bother you that an African American will become president. You all must think that george and dick are the next coming of christ. these two history will show are the worse of the worse. They’ll be know as dopey and sleezey

  17. invar

    Wow, thanks for sharing what must be a pinnacle example of public educashun.

    Methinks the one who will be known as ‘dopey’ will bear the name Peter.

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  19. Josh Burger

    Who would Jesus vote for if he was an american citizen or even a christian? My bet would be the candidate who is running on universal health care, tax benefits for the lower classes, and one who would choose peace over an unjust war.

    It is easy to be weary of a man who is a different skin color, or has an unpopular middle name. In my opinion it would take a real christian to see past those things. I know Jesus would.

  20. Chris

    Who would Jesus vote for?
    Lets see someone who stands for unborn childrens rights.
    Someone who fights for the rights of those without a voice.
    Someone who does not lie to gain power or fame.
    Someone that stands for the decency of marriage.

    In short noone running that Jesus would vote for.
    The current crop of candidates are a waste of time and a waste of energy. Obama, Clinton, McCain, Dodd, Pelosi, Reid, Lieberman. McConnell, you name the politician not a one of them is worth the time. This country needs a man or woman that has the devotion to his/her faith to stand for what is right, not what is right for the voters they are courting this week. The problem facing America is bigger then the war in Iraq or healthcare, the problem with America is a moral issue, or a lack of morality is more to the point.

  21. invar

    So Josh, you think Jesus would vote for the guy that will use the government to rob your neighbor of his wealth to pay for His healthcare, engage in class warfare by voting for the Robin Hood Candidate and vote for the guy that will disarm us in the face of enemies who have sworn to annihilate us?

    This is the problem with those that are busy morphing Christianity into Socialism. “Let the government handle Charity and absolve me of responsibility as Jesus commanded”. That’s what people like you advocate.

    Jesus was not a Socialist.

    And if Jesus were a citizen of this country – I doubt he would vote for a man who has nothing but loathing and contempt for the country he is running to be President of.

    I’m pretty sure Jesus is not wanting a brother to be in His Kingdom if the brother loathes the way God has ordained heaven, and seeks to bring about “change” to God’s realm in same manner Obama wants to “Change” America’s foundations.

  22. Advani

    America will be finished if Obama will step white House the president who so ever it may be should be a christian i say as a true indian

  23. Peter Carlos

    Dear Americans,
    Obama is selected by money power, and by all those who are not original americans, and also by all who wants to earn in america and have a hate for america, all are non Christains, if you read and understand the democrats, many are Hindu converts, *****Remember Americans think and understand*** It is high time all christians UNITE my be Roman catholic, protastant, angilican, and all the belivers in christ, AMEN

  24. Is the author of this post so consumed by hatred as to be blind to the real meaning of those words. “We” was clearly not about any specific faction. It was about the destructive idiocy of hanging labels on other groups of human beings for the express purpose of fostering hostility toward them. Yes, there may be some Democrats who have problems with “values voters” who pass off bigotry and fanaticism as “values.” However, it is certainly not less true that some evangelical Christian, clearly including the author here, are so perverted by hatreds for labels that no effort at all is made to understand different perspectives.

    Being a “Biblical Christian” does not excuse this level of hatred for other faiths or other lifestyles. Never mind the bizarre wrath vented at those who would let basic human decency be reflected in the nation’s economic policies. Torrent after torrent of angry ignorant nonsense here demonstrates a complete lack of “hate the sin, love the sinner” thinking. Then we have “let he who is without sin cast the first stone,” and all that stuff about the difficulties of entering heaven rich and the destiny of the meek to inherit the Earth. Just what kind of screwball Bible reading puts anyone directly at odds with those perspectives central to mainstream Christian belief?

    Take the touchiest of all these subjects — abortion policy. Being a Christian in no way demands calling for the imposition of religious law on whole nations of people. Render unto Caesar, eh? Faith may demand personal compliance with theological mandates, but that is not at all the same as forcing people of other faiths to live under those edicts by force of law. In fact, the Bible is pretty clear about how profoundly wrong it is for self-important men to substitute their judgement for God’s own. How can any sin be more egregious than that most arrogant and misguided of behaviors?

    The law of man should be based on what is best for the societies of man. Those arguments must be won or lost on the practical merits of public policy decisions. Holy law may well be debated by the faithful, but Christian scripture leaves no doubt that it is unholy folly for mortals to play God and issue penalties based on transgressions against theology. Simply put, it is not your place nor mine nor any other human’s to substitute personal judgement for the judgement of the divine. Consumed by hatred, it is easy to stray from this path. Pray to be cleansed of this darkness, and perhaps you will find a way to back toward the faith you claim to espouse.

  25. invar

    I think this scripture fits your response there Demonweed:

    For such men are false apostles, deceitful workers, disguising themselves as apostles of Christ.

    No wonder, for even Satan disguises himself as an angel of light.

    Therefore it is not surprising if his servants also disguise themselves as servants of righteousness, whose end will be according to their deeds. – 2 Corinthians 11:13-15

    Then we have “let he who is without sin cast the first stone,” and all that stuff about the difficulties of entering heaven rich and the destiny of the meek to inherit the Earth. Just what kind of screwball Bible reading puts anyone directly at odds with those perspectives central to mainstream Christian belief?

    The kind that warns us about people like yourself that tell others not to judge good from evil.

    In fact, the Bible is pretty clear about how profoundly wrong it is for self-important men to substitute their judgement for God’s own. How can any sin be more egregious than that most arrogant and misguided of behaviors?

    That’s hilarious! You just condemned yourself by your own words.

    As self-important as you are in your own mind to substitute what God clearly says is sin for your own hubris judgement of what is more egregious than sin is pretty telling of what spirit you are of.

    Simply put, it is not your place nor mine nor any other human’s to substitute personal judgement for the judgement of the divine.

    God lays out in very plain words what is sin.

    What you would have everyone believe is that to call sin a sin, is to impart human judgment and play God – when it was already God Himself that has declared what sin is in His Word was – and that we were charged with judging right from wrong, righteousness from sin.

    You sir, are dressed up as an angel of light.

  26. Could you miss the point any more widely. I do not believe you are evil. I do not believe it is right to brand any human being as evil. Though I come to this conclusion through something less arbitrary than ancient storytelling, people who hold those ancient stories dear to their heart have just as much cause to join me in outgrowing this thuggish petulance that hangs labels on people and seeks to establish good by the false path of condemning others as evil.

    Again, I do not believe you are evil. You are horribly horribly wrong about so many things, and not even trying to absorb any new information that does not service the cause of propagating hatred. However, this is not because you are the spawn of Satan or any other such ridiculous thing. It is because you have been fooled, and perhaps also fooled others. I don’t know what nutbar preacher has been using you for a sock puppet, but I do know that there is no scriptural support (nor any other excuse whatsoever) for mortals to pass themselves off as living deities — the very abomination that afflicts those poor souls who claim their judgements are some sort of service to God.

    Look at one of the groups that inspires your affliction — religious terrorists who lash out in the name of Islam. They too have abandoned the path of love, precisely in the same way (if sometimes to a more murderous extent) as you. They take a storybook full of messages of peace and love, indulge in wild distortions of esoteric scripture, then conclude that their enemies are in league with Satan and must be annihilated. You and they are the very same — human beings that could achieve great good if only their energies were not misdirected by social forces that cause people to reject reason and embrace hatred.

    I make no claim to be an angel. If you see that, then add delusion to perversion in this mix. Still, you can be saved — perhaps by a shrink if not by a priest. The first step is to recognize that evil rests in the deeds of the misguided, not some innate magical darkness imprinted on human beings before birth. Almost every soldier on every side in every war was convinced killing was necessary to preserve the homeland from terrible danger. Of course this was not the case for all or even most of the armies nations have sent to war. If one respects the (presumably you would think God-given) gift of reason, then it becomes all the more inexcusable to discard it in favor of deliberate distortion of facts, deliberate obtuseness in the face of contrary views, and deliberately clinging to hatred when all one need do to find a better way is to recognize that hatred is feebleness masquerading as strength, madness masquerading as purpose, and evil masquerading as good.

    . . .and once again, because obviously there is a very thick skull to penetrate here — none of what I’ve said brands you as evil. Your hatred begets evil, as do all other hatreds. Outgrow that darkness, atone if you feel the need, and then you may begin to engage with realms like religion, politics, philosophy, etc. from a perspective that has a foundation in reality and spires reaching toward a future with more love and less hate. Of course, you could continue down the path of hatred instead, but you do believe God is watching, right? Is that really how you want to be seen from above?

  27. invar

    Your affliction of Hubris-On-The-Brain has obviously severely affected your reading comprehension abilities.

    Your basic premise is that declaring anything a sin or evil is the same thing as hatred, and therefore begets more evil.

    That’s merely a device of the Devil, of which you wield with amazing ease.

    I do what I do for the sole purpose of calling a spade as spade, sin a sin and stupid nonsense, stupid nonsense.

    What you do, is call common sense and righteousness hate and evil – which of course is what Satan does ever since the garden.

    Thanks for demonstrating.

  28. Umm . . . I know you love the Bible, but did you ever try reading it? Really, those words in there mean things. Since you seem fixated on devil-concepts, perhaps this is something to keep in mind — Lucifer was cast out of heaven for being so bold as to assume the power of God for himself. Rather than be content with the search for grace as an imperfect being, he aspired to divinity and was forever damned as a result.

    According to that same book, God alone reserves the right to judge and punish in his name. Just as with terrorists, your desire to label and punish what you perceive to be evil is an arrogance that no imperfect being should ever dare manifest. It is not common sense that you should be regarded as an infallible and sacrosanct source of divine wisdom. It is common sense that you should be a humble mortal in touch with his many limitations and imperfections. That you are not is not only a danger to those you would harm in service to your delusions of divine grandeur, but if you believe you possess an immortal soul, then it too is imperiled by this most extreme sin of pride. Good luck getting over it while you still have time to do so.

  29. invar

    Funny how folks like yourself always charge others of that which you, yourselves are guilty of.

    Obviously your biblical acumen is void and as lacking as what you would attempt to accuse mine.

    According to that same book, God alone reserves the right to judge and punish in his name

    I’m not judging your standing or anyone else’s standing or heart before God, I am judging WHAT YOU SAY and from where your ideology and misplaced application of morality comes from.

    Clearly they do not come from scripture in the proper context whatsoever.

    We have a responsibility to judge, especially those things that are clearly contrary to the scriptures:

    Do you not know that the saints will judge the world? If the world is judged by you, are you not competent to constitute the smallest law courts?

    Do you not know that we will judge angels? How much more matters of this life? – I Cor. 6:2-3

    Judging what is evil is not difficult. You would demand no such judgement, and instead do what all those who pervert the Scriptures do – assert that judging right and wrong, good and evil – is evil unto itself, thereby condoning sin and evil practice.

    It is clear that you have decided to assume on your own authority that my own heart and beliefs before God are that of sin and pride.

    Again, you accuse that of which you, yourself are guilty of.

  30. If you filter out the delusions of grandeur and personal godhood, what is left here is an interesting thought. To assert that God surely does not want people to pass judgement in his name, I am in some sense passing judgement in his name. It is a valid point — perhaps the first you’ve made in the entire body of work here. Congratulations on that step forward.

    Still, the fact that this isn’t just more foam-lipped hysterics is not quite the same as making it a sound conclusion. After all, the extent of my presumption is to presume mere mortals should not indulge any specific presumptions about acting out in God’s place. Even there I do not believe theocrats are evil — it is their deeds that constitute evil. Even truly sick and twisted people like Osama bin Laden or Jerry Falwell have the potential to do good, and presumably the potential to be forgiven. Heck, I don’t believe anything is more central to Christian teaching than the notion of forgiveness and redemption.

    By contrast, you do place evil squarely in the persons of those you despise. Your every rant drips with hatred, as if good could only ever exist as a consequence of doing battle with evil. Because humans are imperfect, prone to frequent error even, a world speckled with self-righteous blowhards each convinced their interpretation of God’s will is infallible is a world where misery and suffering abound. I argue that it is unlikely to the point of absurdity any supreme being would favor a particular flavor of those blowhards as an ideal humans should strive for.

    Is it really impossible to be a good Christian without slandering liberal politicians (never mind cheering for the slaughter of foreigners, promoting an inhumane economic paradigm, pushing for legal prohibitions on activities thought to be sinful, etc.?) I find it much easier to believe that a soft-spoken person who is full of love and pretty short on hate would fall much closer to the mark, in terms of Christian ideals, than a hatemonger, fearmonger, warmonger, and deceiver like yourself. Still, if you choose to define your faith by those you would gladly put to the sword in the name of your cruel perversion of God, I suppose there is no combination of words and ideas that might sway you from that decidedly unholy crusade.

  31. invar

    You’re a legend in your own mind, filled with your own hubris and demented perversion of both the Scriptures and Christianity itself.

    The Secular Humanist Pacifism of the neoLeft Marxist is indeed an amazing abomination of biblical error and deliberate usurpation of both liberty and common sense.

    The nation is filled with lukewarm Christian pacifists that have done nary a thing to stop or slow the collapse of our culture into hedonism and the Republic into mobocracy. What you call hate and fear are simply demonic devices to disarm anyone standing for righteousness or our liberties; to demonize those who have the guts to stand up to both Satanic deception and the imposition of tyranny as “hatemongers”; “warmongers” and all the assorted sundry labels of the Stalinist Left – whether they pretend to be Christian or not. Whether they are simply deceived, or not.

    And you sir, stand for both Satanic deception and tyranny – things I most assuredly am eager to put the sword to.

    And no, your deceptive and misguided words on me are a waste of your efforts if persuasion was a goal.

    I want no part with darkness, or those that transform themselves into angels of light, and you preach ideas contrary to scripture and anathema to our liberty.

  32. youareallretards

    You are all a bunch a morons…Obviously McCain will win the election and be the best president ever…so stop your bickering

  33. Clifford ishii

    The differnce between a Biblical Christian and a liberals is that Biblical Christians fully depend on God for our future,while liberals fully depend on human government for theirs.

  34. mark santos

    The Bible? (Criminal book)
    1. Exterminationswar
    2. Racism (Mr. Obama is a black Mam)
    3. War
    4. Genocids
    5. Vandalism
    6. Cannibalism
    7. Holocaust
    8. Hate
    9. Militarystrategie
    10. Intoleranc
    11. Inquisition (Ex.22:17.)
    12. Slavery in the Bible???
    13. Colonialpropaganda
    14. Adolf Hitler`s Bible
    15. George W. Bush`s BIble
    16. Hussen Obama`s Bible


  35. Joel

    Christians who speak hate for others need to take a step back and look at themselves. It saddens me to see people who say they love the Lord to speak such anger and hate for a person they do not even know. Read the Bible according to the word, not according to what you want out of it.

  36. invar

    Excuse you, but it is NOT HATE to read, listen and understand what a narcissistic demagogue has said they are going to do, and then WARN liberty-loving Americans about the danger posed to them and their liberties by such a man.

    It is the DEMAGOGUES that automatically call anyone questioning or warning about the consequences of such men in power as hate mongers.

    Everything we need to know about the narcissist messiah-wannabe Barrack The Hussein Obama he has already made clearly known in his TWO Mein Kampf autobiographies, his speeches and his voting record.

    A Christian who does not call a liar and a demagogue what they are, are complicit in those lies and demonization itself.

  37. TheJamestownRoad


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