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The Mob Zombie Cult of Ron Paul


While I consider Ron Paul’s Blame America Pacifism and Isolationist platform to be totally insane – some of his rabid followers are totally off the deep end. In the last few months, I have witnessed the absolute foam-at-the-mouth mobishness that is propelling the Ron Paul campaign to cult status.

The subtle and direct threats of violence, death and harm levied against those who question or oppose Ron Paul on forums, chat rooms and blogs is truly frightening. Reading these threats has brought to mind stories I’ve read about the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia and the thuggish Brownshirt mobs in Berlin during the 1930’s. Some of these people have suggested that the Nazis had the “right idea”, and that people like me who oppose Ron Paul should be “rounded up”. Some have stated on forum boards that “neocons” (like me apparently) need to be “Tried for treason and given the death penalty”, which is ostensibly funny considering the messiah they support opposes the death penalty. Others have been more direct – stating that people like me “need to be shot on sight”. Obviously when the Ron Paul zombies are talking “revolution” – they somewhere in the dark recesses of their minds are willing to entertain a bloodletting revolution.

It’s no wonder then that Ron Paul supporters adopted terrorist wannabe Guy Fawkes, as an icon for their fundraising ‘revolution’ last week. Guy Fawkes, was a terrorist wannabe who tried to start a revolution by blowing up Parliment and killing King James I of Britain. They adopted that icon for an internet push to raise money for Ron Paul’s campaign – some of which apparently was ill-obtained by fraud and has to be returned, and some of which apparently was donated by neoNazis at Stormfront. In a push to capture the spirit of bombing parliment and killing a King on November 5, 1605, the Ron Paul brigades said they wanted to create a “money bomb” or other such euphanism to stoke the idea of a real revolution. While the recent neoLeft movie and comic “V- For Vendetta” is what probably stoked the romantic notion of their cause – it’s no mere coincidence that the idea of a real revolution festers in their minds. In fact – they are now calling for a 2007 “Tea Party” to continue the romatic notion that they are noble rebels of an oppressive regime. Given what some Revolutionistas have said – they are willing to kill fellow countrymen to get their way.

The fanatical devotion in literally treating Ron Paul as some kind of messianic figure in the mantle of Moses to deliver America from the slavery of “Neocon” Pharoahs is disconcerting to say the least. The scary thing is that it is not just a few supporters here and there that act as though Ron Paul is the equivalent of the Second Coming of Paul Revere, but that he is the spiritual embodiment of Washington, Jefferson, Adams and Chomsky.

What is revealing is that there are literally hundreds if not thousands of Ron Paul people scouring the internet like U-boat commanders hunting down any pings that bode ill for their captain. I fully expect this entry to hit their sub nets and result in volley after volley of Ron Paul torpedoes attempting to sink my right of free political expression the moment their sonars hone in on this entry. I mean, not even the Hillary People in the Clinton Crime Family machine have threatened me with imprisonment and death for daring to defy her Thighness’ campaign. I find it interesting that the Ron Paul Revolutionistas will support a candidate that supposedly stands for liberty and freedom by attacking the rights and liberties of those who either disagree with or call Ron Paul’s positions into question.

I think that is instructive.

Instructive and frightening if you remember not to discount the stupidity of people in large groups, and the make-up of this particular group of zombies is worth taking note of.

The Ron Paul Revolutionistas are made up of a misma of anti-war Leftists, Che Guevera admirers, MoveOn.org Anti War zealots, anti-Capitalists, Pot- Loving Hippies, Free Drug Libertarians, Anarchists, Christian Pacifists, Secular Pacifists, Yellow Dog Democrats, Yellow Bellied Cowards, Gold Bugs, Silver Bugs, 9-11 Truthers, Alex Jones Conspiratorialists, Bush Derrangement Syndrome ideologues, Neonazis, Stormfront White Supremacists, Disaffected Socially Conservative Democrats, Disaffected Socially Conservative Republicans, Disaffected Liberal Leftists, Disaffected anti-war Marxists, Amish Isolationists, Hugo Chavez of Venzuela, Dr. Ayman Zawahiri of Al Qaeda and President Ahmadinejad of Iran.

Interesting list is it not? As one Revolutionista said to me recently – “See? Ron Paul is a UNITER of peoples”. I had to laugh.

Ron Paul unites them on one issue only: his anti-war positon, and it’s fleeting at best. All these ideologically opposed mindsets all purporting to support the Constitution? It’s like suggesting that God and the Demons are united on the common foundation of the Ten Commandments. It’s absurd.

Each kind of these ideologues support the Ron Paul campaign for singular reasons – mostly his Isolationist (read:”non-Interventionism) anti-war, blame America stance since 9-11. Some support him on his monetary positions. Some on his tax ideas. Some on his Bring The Troops Home positons. Oh sure, they will cite their supposed love of the Constitution – but in reality, they are one-note opera singers when it comes to the rest of the document they pay lip service to.

But comes a doubter, the Ron Paul Revolutionistas become a crazed zombie mob, complete with wide eye gnashing of teeth, that beset upon forum boards, online polls and blogs with limitless vitriol and argumentation against those hapless souls that happen shine a light in their direction.

Care to experience what it must have been like to be a Jew in 1930’s Nazi Germany if the internet had been around? Write an opinion questioning Ron Paul or supportive of our war effort and count how many times you are labeled a ‘neocon’. It has me wondering what color stars the Ron Paul people will make those of us who do not genuflect in the presence of a Ron Paul position wear. Oh yes, one Revolutionista already told me: boiling tar and feathers.

Doesn’t that make you want to go out and support a guy this mob would gladly lift to Fuhrer status?

I think Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity might have an idea of what I’m talking about considering the happenings in their little corners of Americana this week with the Revolutionistas. The absolute foam-at-the mouth zombies want a pound of Michael Medved’s flesh to shred too.

I’m not the only writer to make note of this mob cult mentality. The Lonestar Times, Squawkbox and The American Thinker and even the Left-leaningStanford Daily all had pieces that note the insane actions of those who support with jihad-like devotion – their Prophet of Conservative Constitutionalism.

If one is known by the company one keeps, Ron Paul has the admiration of those who oppose everything the Constitution actually stands for. When he is cited by America’s enemies and repeats the same talking points that the Leftist George Soros Anti-war movment groups do – one should wonder aloud if this is really a person any American can support.

But what drives the point of my opposition currently, is when the mob Revolutionistas of Ron Paul warn through subtleties and suggestions of impending violence if they do not get their way; constantly concoct conspiracies of everything from rigged polls to assassination plots by ‘neocons’, romanticize the notion of another “civil war’; to outright threats of death and harm for opposing their chosen deliverer – it is time to stand against such a mob.

When people who supposedly support a guy who champions the Constitution, and then suggest violence and death for those who are exercizing their free political speech opposing their candidate – something is seriously wrong with such a mob movement.

Perhaps they had their brains eaten by other zombies, and they forgot that the Bill of Rights is part of the Constitution that they pay so much lip service to.


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