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Ron Paul Demonstrates He’s The Ringmaster in a Crazy Circus of Delusion.


History repeats itself.

I recall a presidential election some years back, where a populist-speaking Texan had bewitched the people with clever quips and a strong grassroots following built on the problems of fixing a runaway government with Quixotic notions. The people and the pundits were sure he was a shoe-in for president given the choice at the time, but he suddenly imploded in a paranoid ball of delusion and whacked-out rhetoric that showcased to the country that he was not quite ready for anything but a straight jacket.

However, the damage was already done.

Running as a third party candidate, he split the GOP vote and handed the 1992 election to an Arkansas Adulterer with less than 50% of the returns and transformed the White House into a Red Light Disctrict for Interns and Communist Chinese campaign contributions.

Now, nearly 2008 – we again have another populist-speaking Texan, bewitching the disaffected masses of both parties. But this time, the populist is beguiling the folks with an anti-war/Blame-America-First and pull-out-the-troops-worldwide/keep-to-ourselves message. That message has galvanized a grassroots circus of Bong-toking Libertarians, Clintonistas, Far Out Mao Leftists, Angry Anarchists, Code Pinkos, Stormfront Neo-Nazis and a few Conservatives that are convinced Ron Paul is bigger than Jesus and the only hope to save Mankind from the evil neocons that came from outer space…or Israel. PT Barnum would blush with such a display of characters, but Ron Paul understands how to sucker the disgusted and disappointed, and accepts them all as family for liberty. Like any Ringmaster that knows the value of exploiting a bearded lady for cash donations or ticket sales, he is comfortable bunking tigers, pythons and elephants together for the Big Top.

In the center ring, Ron Paul pretends he doesn’t know anything about the neo-Nazi trapeze artists somersaulting cash to his campaign, or the efforts of the unisex unicycle surrender monkeys at infiltrating his meet-up groups and rallies. Ringmaster Ron insists his mob zombie throngs are devoted to his ideals of returning the country to a 17th century Constitutional ideal, when it is clear to any outside observer that it is his anti-war organ grinder that calls the mobs like a Pied Piper with music that resonates like an out-of-tune accordian with the circus faithful he has drawn to his parade.

Being surrounded by Libertarian clowns, Marxist beasts and assorted political freaks among the average voters mesmerized by the spectacle Ron Paul makes of himself, it is I suppose, no surprise that delusional paranoia sets in and is shared by his mob. They are ready to torch a network to the ground if they perceive their messiah is being short-changed in a debate or spoken against in a blog or op-ed column, and this past weekend was a great example of how whacked-out and delusional this circus actually is.

Late last week, the net lit up in a fury of rage and fireworks that would just about blind the onlooker, over the supposed exclusion of Ron Paul from a Fox News Debate scheduled for January 6th before the New Hampshire Primary. As is usual for the Mob Zombies, the signal went forth from someone at command, and like locusts they decended in wrath of God rage upon Fox News and various forums and blogs to browbeat political enemies with stilts and batons and balloons declaring “sacriledge!” along with epithets against Fox News unfit for reprint except on Adult Pay sites.

Joining the chants of death and dismemberment for daring to keep their messiah from saving the country, the Ringmaster himself had harsh words for Fox News when he exclaimed “They are scared of me and don’t want my message to get out, but it will. They are propagandists for this war and I challenge them on the notion that they are conservative.”

But what appeared to be righteous rage was in reality, a carnival barker and his delusional monkeys that went beserk because they forgot the Ringmaster put the banannas in his pockets. The display of lunacy and out of control instant rhetoric was clown troupe comedy reminiscant of the 1992 paranoid breakdown of Ross Perot as it was learned today that the debate Ron Paul never confirmed he would attend, was cancelled in total three weeks ago. (UPDATE: WND Source has since updated it’s story and now says there WILL BE a Fox News Debate in NH, and that Ron Paul has not yet been invited, though the NH GOP is negotiating with the network)

And not because Fox New is afraid of Ron Paul, contrary to the bold claims the Big Top ringmaster proclaims.

I find it instructive that the first words out of Paul’s mouth is again an instant diatribe mantra shared by the Left that instantly castigates anyone not letting them have their way as a war mongering neocon. Fox News is apparently propagandists for this war and not Conservatives because they did not invite the messiah candidate and forgot to remind him he never RSVP’d.

Makes about as much sense as a mini-car filled with clowns demanding to run America’s foreign policy.

I recall seeing this circus show once before, where a populist-speaking Texan had bewitched the people with clever quips and a strong grassroots following built on the problems of fixing a runaway government with Quixotic notions. The people and the pundits are sure Ron Paul is a shoe-in for president, but methinks the sudden implosion in a paranoid fit of delusion and whacked-out rhetoric, just showcases to the country that Ron Paul not quite ready for anything but a straight jacket, or a top hat and whip.

Ron Paul excluded from debate? Not exactly
Candidate claims Fox is afraid of him, but forum canceled

WASHINGTON – Ron Paul is steamed about being excluded from a New Hampshire debate scheduled to be televised by Fox News.

“They are scared of me and don’t want my message to get out, but it will,” Paul said of Fox News Network. “They are propagandists for this war and I challenge them on the notion that they are conservative.”

The challenge got some attention on a slow Internet news day yesterday, with many websites still carrying the story. However, not all is what it appears.

There is no debate.

No one is invited.

It was canceled.

Somehow, Ron Paul missed the memo.

There is no New Hampshire GOP presidential debate scheduled for Jan. 6. The event was officially canceled three weeks ago. Ron Paul was, indeed, invited, but never committed to attending before the event was canceled because of the close proximity with the ABC event.


This is apparently still in-flux and being negotiated. Fox News has no advertisement or mention of this debate on it’s web page which is curious. Regardless of whatever is actually going on with this event, it is still interesting to me that the first words out of Paul’s mouth last week was that Fox News is nothing but war propagandists and not Conservatives. I guess that’s the new Knee Jerk comeback for every single time there is an assumption he is being slighted.

Right behind the Stormfront mantras of shouting “Neocons!”.

Ron Paul not invited to Fox News forum
N.H. GOP negotiating with network to include other candidates

© 2007

Ron Paul
Contrary to earlier reports, the Fox News Channel is hosting a Republican presidential candidate forum in New Hampshire, and, so far, Rep. Ron Paul has not been invited.

WND previously reported the event was canceled three weeks ago, but New Hampshire Republican Party Chairman Fergus Cullen confirmed today the forum is scheduled for Jan. 6.

The New Hampshire GOP is co-sponsoring the event, to be held at St. Anselm College in Goffstown, N.H., just two days before the crucial primary.

Candidates who have received invitations are former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee, Arizona Sen. John McCain, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney and former Tennessee Sen. Fred Thompson.

Cullen said the New Hampshire Republican Party is negotiating with Fox News to have as many candidates as possible participate in the event.

“Limiting the number of candidates who are invited to participate in debates is not consistent with the tradition of the first in the nation primary,” Cullen said in a statement today. “The level playing field requires that all candidates be given an equal opportunity to participate – not just a select few determined by the media prior to any votes being cast.”

Cullen said the New Hampshire Republican Party is calling “upon all media organizations planning pre-primary debates or forums for both parties to include all recognized major candidates in their events.”

Paul said Saturday that Fox News is “scared of me.”

They “don’t want my message to get out, but it will,” he told the Boston Globe’s Primary Source blog. “They are propagandists for this war, and I challenge them on the notion that they are conservative.”

Last night, Paul spokesman Jesse Benton told the Chicago Tribune’s Jason George the campaign remains angry and in the dark.

“We have not heard anything else today,” he said. “[Fox] continues to ignore our calls.”


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Ron Paul Blames America For Bhutto’s Death – Says Al Qaeda “Annoyed” At American Intervention

Okay – at what point will Americans wake up and realise this guy is a complete embarrassment to the country and the Republican Party?? Even the Democrats had more sense in their comments today!

It’s absolutely disgusting that in the hours after Al Qadea assassinated former Pakistani Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto, Ron Paul automatically assigns blame on American ‘interventionist policy’ for her death, and goes on to criticize our efforts to keep Musharraf on our side in the war on Jihadists when they are growing in number in his own country.

For a guy who when taken to task as an Isolationist, always tosses up his support of going into Afghanistan to war on Al Qaeda for perpetrating 9-11, how is it that he now says we should not get further involved when Al Qaeda is now IN Pakistan, trying to take the country over???? Clearly his idea in this case is as Isolationist as one could ever define.

No matter what happens on the planet – it somehow is either automatically America’s fault for existing or intervening, or it’s America’s fault because we did NOT intervene (ala Darfur)???

Ron Paul needs some serious excoriation and repudiation from the GOP. The guy is certifiably WHACKED, and I am growing to abhor every time he shows up on camera.

He is about to cross into the realm of Michael Moore as far as I am concerned.

Ron Paul Blames US Policy for Bhutto Killing

Ron Paul blames the assassination of Benazir Bhutto on the “interventionist” policy of the United States, and says Al Qaeda is justified in being “annoyed” at us.

CNN Video at link.


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Christians Need to Exercise Discernment With Huckabee, He Is Not Much of a Conservative


Mike Huckabee disqualified himself from my ‘possibles’ list over his Baptist doctrinal slams of Mitt Romney a month ago. Since then, the meteoric rise of Huckabee in the polls was most interesting to note – considering many Christian Conservatives feel lost and abandoned by the GOP in the sea of politics.

Some Conservatives observing the Huckabee phenomenon are of the opinion that the Huckabee campaign is simply exploiting Christian Fundamentalists and Evangelicals. They are gravitating to his campaign because he is espousing religious-sounding rhetoric that is pleasing to their ears, but they are overlooking or ignorant of the fact that some of Mike Huckabee’s ideas and support of Big Government programs are to the Left of Hillary Clinton.

Mike Huckabee is riding a populist wave, that much is certain. How long-lasting will it be?

That depends on how deep Christians will look at his record and how wisely they listen to his ideas. The Cato Institute rated Huckabee an “F” in his latest term as Governor.

There are worries that there may be some political subterfuge entering this campaign by Soros/Clinton support that seeks to divide and conquer the Republican party – pitting onse sect of Conservatives against the other.

Huckabee’s latest slam against the GOP illustrates for me that Huckabee is running against his own party, and the hordes of Christians who are rushing to his support are doing so simply because of his preaching credentials. They would do well to read this article that finds on close inspection, that Huckabee’s Theology Degree itself is dubious.

Why do I get nervous and a sick feeling in my gut when I see a picture of Mike Huckabee and Bill Clinton together?

Because I get the feeling based on my study, that they are really, one and the same – on many issues.

Huckabee Blasts Entire GOP

From TIME Magazine:

But as Huckabee now mounts his closing argument for the Iowa caucuses, he has moved full bore into the rhetoric of economic populism. “I am out to change the Republican Party. It needs changing. It needs to be inclusive of all those people across America for whom this party should stand,” he said Sunday, on CBS’s Face The Nation. On the trail, he speaks regularly of challenging the “Washington to Wall Street power axis.” He frankly acknowledges the suffering of the stagnating middle class, and even offers up government as a part of the solution. “The President ought to be aware that the people struggle,” he said in Muscatine on Friday morning. “He ought to be aware every time a decision is made — whether [or not] it’s to raise taxes — how it’s going to hurt the family out there, who can barely pay the grocery bill as it is.”

At some of these events, if you close your eyes, you would think a Democrat was speaking — Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton turned southern Baptist.

The GOP does not need “changing.” It needs reminding and it needs energy in its new leader. It needs to recommit to its traditional stand against excessive spending and the growth of government. It needs to affirm its belief in victory in the war and to the nomination and confirmation of originalist judges. It needs to endorse extension of President Bush’s tax cuts and elimination of the death tax. It needs to argue for the rights of the unborn and the protection of those least able to protect themselves.

It needs a spokesman for its beliefs and for its traditional agenda which wins when it is embraced and defended.

What the GOP definitely does not need is neopopulism, class warfare, and identity politics of the sort Mike Huckabee has been selling the last four weeks. Huckabee’s lunge left may not have been premeditated, but it clearly displayed a candidate with no anchor in the GOP’s tradition of fiscal restraint, free trade and low taxes and a very limited understanding of the world’s most dangerous forces.

Don’t be surprised if Mike Huckabee fails to finish in the top three anywhere other than Iowa. He’s a very affable, likeable fellow with a genuine commitment to the life issue, but his fractured ideology is shared by very, very few Republicans, and his understanding of the rogue states, especially Iran, is questionable. As actual voting approaches, GOP regulars have to ask themselves who can beat either Senator Clinton or Senator Obama. Mike Huckabee will never rally the GOP base to his standard given his populist rhetoric –the sort of nonsense that President Bush and every GOP nominee since Reagan has blasted away at.


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Ron Paul: Earmarks Prove He’s Just Another Lying Politician


While being shouted down by the Ron Paul Mob Zombies that their candidate is the equivalent of the Second or Third Coming of the Messiah, I have steadfastly maintained that Ron Paul is just another politician, and a career politican at that.

18 years in Congress and a Presidential run as a Libertarian, I’m thinking he has spent more time as a politician than as the good and holy doctor his throngs worship him as. You cannot convince me that Ron Paul is some kind of holy and pure Washington ‘outsider’ as his Mob Zombies claim, along with miracles they say he is going to perform to do everything from abolishing the IRS to creating peace on earth by playing freinds with all our enemies. Ron Paul is a politician, and as such, it was only a matter of time before lies, spin, inconsistencies and holes would show in his platform that his parishoners deem scripture.

WND nails, and I do mean NAILS the fact that Ron Paul is just another lying sneaky scum of a politician, that has a lighter case of the disease that plagues Washington.

But have it he does, and as such, his contagion makes him far from the leprous-free messiah his Mob Zombies insist that he is.

Earmark this, Ron Paul!

By Joseph Farah

Despite being called every name in the book and then some by rabid Ron Paul supporters over the last year, I still had a modicum of respect for the candidate himself – until his big moment on “Meet the Press.”

I’ve had my disagreements with Ron Paul – and they are big ones.

He and his supporters seem to think America can, in 2008, decide we just don’t want to be involved with determined foreign enemies who have sought to destroy the U.S. since it became a nation. He and his supporters seem to think that America itself is to blame for creating its enemies because of its own interventionist meddling.

While I agree America has involved itself in world problems far more than it should, I will never accept that our enemies will leave us alone if we leave them alone.

Having studied America’s No. 1 foreign enemy, Islamic radicalism, for the better part of the last 28 years, I can only say Ron Paul and his supporters are just dead wrong about this. Furthermore, we’ll all be dead wrong if we follow his prescription.

Believe me, I wish it were as easy as Ron Paul suggests. But the sad truth is that if we run from this enemy now, our days as a country living in relative peace and prosperity are over. Dr. Paul’s prescription for peace is actually the kind of prescription you’d expect from Dr. Kevorkian.

Nevertheless, despite those serious differences, I thought there was much to like and admire about Ron Paul.

What I had always appreciated about him was his outspoken support for the Constitution, the fact that he didn’t get caught up in the trappings of Washington power, that he wasn’t a hypocrite.

I believed all that. And I have to thank Tim Russert for blowing his cover.

I just simply didn’t know that Ron Paul plays the Washington racket just like the rest of the gang. The only difference is he has figured out a system of plausible deniability for himself – a way he can still maintain his image of incorruptibility and integrity, while bringing home the pork to his Texas district with the kind of efficiency that would make Robert Byrd blush.

Ron Paul developed his reputation as a constitutional tax fighter and proponent of limited government through decades of voting “no.”

But that hasn’t stopped him from earmarking federal tax dollars for his district’s own pet pork projects – to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars!

Paul defended his actions on “Meet the Press” in spin that would make Bill Clinton proud.

“I’ve never voted for an earmark in my life,” he explained. “I’m against the tax system, but I take all my tax credits. I want to get their money back for the people.”

This is actually as ingenious as it is immoral.

Ron Paul knows his vote against his own earmarks for pork is meaningless to the actual outcome. He’s going to get his pork because every member of Congress gets his pork. But Ron Paul gets the psychic satisfaction of voting against it – after, of course, he proposed it.

While I’m sure this makes him feel better about himself, is he really any less guilty of picking taxpayer pockets than the rest of them?

And I love the second part of his explanation in which he likens his support of pork to a “tax credit.” Yet, isn’t this logic that any one of the other bandits in the House and Senate could use to justify their own game of unconstitutional plunder?

Here’s another problem I have with his answer: Is pork good or bad? I don’t understand his duplicitous answer. Is he defending pork as a good way of bringing money back to taxpayers? Or is he condemning it as the waste we all know it to be?

Ron Paul wants to have it both ways, doesn’t he?

While portraying himself as cleaner than the wind-driven snow, a man standing up against the machine, a courageous freedom fighter, it turns out Ron Paul is just another politician using the system for his own empowerment, his own ego and defending this abuse of the Constitution with his own relativistic moral code.


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Surrendering The Culture Because Of Milquetoast Christianity


I recall reading Doug Giles before, and I can honestly say that we are kindred spirits. He addresses this issue superbly, and I would only add a #11 to his list which I posted after the column below.

10 Reasons Why Pastors Avoid the Culture War.
By Doug Giles

As far as I’m concerned, a silent or waffling pastor in today’s paranormal climate is about as necessary as Rosie O’Donnell is to CPAC. I don’t care how much the minister likes kitty cats, candy canes and if he cries at Celine Dion concerts. Look, voiceless vicar, if you’re not currently in the big middle of this crucial cultural squabble, pointing out what’s putrid and cheering on what’s proper, then you’re Dr. Evil in my book.

Given that this is an upcoming election year and that the culture-dividing issues are more obvious than Joan River’s last lip implants, it is mind-boggling to me that many ministers are mute or side with parties, policies and principles that are antithetical to the Christian worldview. I don’t know if you got this memo in seminary or not but pastors are supposed to not only salvage souls but also build the good society.

In some kind of ascending order, it seems to me there are 10 reasons why pastors and priests avoid political and intense cultural issues and thus aid and abet evil.

1. Fear of man. If you purport to be a man of God, then your regard for God and His opinion must trump the trepidation of the creature God created from spit and mud. Come on, man of God, don’t fear the crowd … we’re ants with cell phones that’ll shoot Botox into our foreheads. We’re weird and fickle weather vanes of what’s en vogue. You’ve got lead us. Therefore, go to the mountain … get a fresh dose holy terror and move into the Moses mode and command us to be and do what is holy, just and good. The grinning mild subtle Oprah approach doesn’t seem to be stemming the current flood of filth.

2. Ignorance. Most people are not bold in areas where they are ignorant . . . always excepting Britney Spears, of course. I know keeping up with all the pressing political issues is maddening, but that’s life, brother; and if you want to be a voice in society and not just an echo, you have got to be in the know. Staying briefed, running each political issue through the gauntlet of Scripture and determining God’s mind on a certain subject are par for the course for the hardy world changer.

3. Division. Y’know, I hate the current non-essential divisions in the church as much as the next acerbic Christian columnist. Squabbling over the color of the carpet, who’ll play the organ next Sunday or who is the Beast of Revelation, is stupidity squared. Hey, divisive Christian rebel without a clue-get a life, por favor! Or become a Satanist and go screw up their church. Do something other than make mountains out of your little molehill. That being said, there’s a time and place for a biblical throw-down and an ecclesiastical split from political policies and parties.

For a minister to seek unity with secularists when they are trashing and rewriting scripture with impunity is to side with vice and to allow darkness to succeed. On these kinds of issues, the minister cannot group hug or sing a James Blunt song to the secularist or the apostate Christian.

4. Last Days Madness. Many ministers do not get involved in political issues because they believe that “it simply doesn’t matter” since “the end has come,” and Jehovah is about to run the credits on this failed earth flick. These defeatists believe that any change in the jet stream, war, earthquakes, a warming globe, the success of a corrupt politician-even a new Shakira video-are “proof” that God is getting really, really ticked off, and that His only recourse is to have Christ physically return and kick some major butt.

They see the church and themselves as impotent and having no real ability to change things culturally with any long range ramifications. Thus, any stab at a better tomorrow is simply an exercise in futility for this rapture crew. Attempting to right culture is, in their eyes, equivalent to polishing brass on a sinking ship; therefore, they are content to simply pass out tracts, tramp from Christian rock concert to Christian rock concert, eat fatty foods and stare at Christian TV.

5. Sloth. Classically defined, sloth is lethargy stemming from a sense of hopelessness. Viewing our nation and the world as an irreparable disaster, where our exhortations, prayers, votes and labors will not produce any temporal fruit, leaves one with all the fervor of a normal guy who’s forced to French kiss his sister.

If you’re wondering why your flock is so apathetic, Pastor Eeyor, ask yourself if you have stolen their earthly hope that their valiant efforts can actually prevail in time, and not just in eternity. If you constantly pump the doom and gloom message, if you teach them that evil will ultimately triumph on our terra firma, if you spew messages that consciously or unconsciously convey “big devil” and “little God,” then you have effectively zapped what’s left of your parishioners’ passion.

6. They don’t want to lose their Tax Exempt status. Many pastors, priests and parishioners have been cowed into inactivity by the threatened loss of their tax-exempt status if they say anything remotely political. This can make pastors who don’t, or won’t, get good legal advice about as politically active as Howard Hughes was during the flu season.

The church may, among other things, register their members to vote, pass out voter guides, invite all candidates in a race to speak (even if only one of them shows up) and speak directly about specific issues.

Off the clock, in his personal capacity, the pastor or priest can endorse and support (or oppose) whomever or whatever he wishes-like any other citizen. There are no limitations to the individual; the ones that do exist under the 501(c)(3) statute are only for the church entity and/or the pastor in his official capacity, not for the pastor or the members who make up the church.

7. They bathe in paltry pietism. Pastors avoid politics because such concerns are “unspiritual,” and their focus is on the “spirit world.” Yes, to such imbalanced ministers, political affairs are seen as “temporal and carnal,” and since they trade in the “eternal and spiritual,” such “worldly” issues get nada.

This bunch is primarily into heavenly emotions and personal Bible study, and they stay safely tucked away from society and its complicated issues. How sweet. They forget that they are commanded to be seriously engaged with our culture and or fall into the worthless category Christ warned them of (Mt.5.13). Snap.

8. They have bought into the Taliban comparison. Pastors have muffled their political/ cultural voices because they fear being lumped in with Islam by the politically correct thought police. The correlation made between Christians’ non-violent attempts at policy persuasion and the Taliban’s kill-you-in-your-sleep campaigns is nothing more than pure, uncut crapola.

Ministers, please blow off the tongue-wagging blowhards who try to intimidate you into silence by making quantum, ludicrous, scat-laden and analogous leaps in equating the implementation of a gracious, Biblical worldview with the Islam-o-fascists cross-eyed wet dream.

9. They can’t say, “No” to minutiae. Some ministers can’t get involved in studying or speaking out regarding pressing issues simply because of the ten tons of junk they are forced to field within their congregations. Spending time wet nursing 30-year-olds without a life and being bogged down in committee meetings over which shade of pink paint should be used for the women’s ministerial wing of their church, ministers are lucky if they get to study the Bible nowadays-much less anything else.

This is the fault of both the ministers with their messiah complexes and the congregants with their me-monkey syndromes, and they must all have their foreheads thumped if the church is going to tackle cultural issues.

10. They likey the money. The creepy thing about a lot of ministers is their unwillingness to give political or cultural offense when offense is needed, simply because taking a biblical stand on a political issue might cost them their mega-church, which means their seven homes, their Bentley and their private jet. Oh well, what do you expect? Christ had His Judas, and evangelicalism has it money loving hookers.

If the ministers within the good old US of A would crucify their fear of man, get solidly briefed regarding the chief political issues, not sweat necessary division, not get caught up in last days madness, maintain their hope for tomorrow, understand their liberties under God and our Constitution, not become so heavenly minded that they’re no earthly good, focus on the majors and blow off bowing to cash instead of convictions, then maybe . . . just maybe . . . we will see their righteous influence cause our nation to take the needed sharp turn away from the secularist progressives’ speedily approaching putrid pit.

I think Mr. Giles could add this #11 here:

11. They bought into the Politically-Correct Jesus. Yes, American liberalism has constructed a whole new Jesus for this generation that pastors have either been forced or are forcing acceptance of. Whether it’s Global Warming Evangelism, or Anti-war Pacifism – the Secular Left is laying claim that Christianity has been hijacked from it’s Socialist roots and that the REAL JESUS, stands for the values of the Democrat party in terms of a pro-union/pro-choice liturgy; a Jesus that preaches the Judge Not Sin Doctrine and Good Christians support bureaucratic charity in big government and Free Healthcare compassions.

Clearly this requires the accepting Christian viewpoint that all religions are equal, lead to the same place and that there is no sin, except ‘intolerance’, which is really nothing more than pointing out bad behavior. Celebrating bad behavior and sin is good, and demanding good behavior is intolerance.

As Mr. Gile alluded, pastors need to get God out of their boxes, and realise the fact that Jesus did not call us to be taken out of this world, but to impact this world, to fulfill Matthew 28:19 – and that requires ENGAGING the culture – not running from it.

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Bob Parks: Last Word on Ron Paul and His ‘In Your Face’ Supporters

Ron Paul Mob Zombies

Mr. Parks nails it all in a nutshell with these two columns. Thanks Bob.

I know what you mean.

Last Word on Ron Paul
By Bob Parks (12/20/07)

While I agree with some of Mr. Paul’s positions, such as elimination of the Department of Education or the anchor baby magnet, there are some positions such as his belief that we should never intervene in the foreign crisis of others I find troubling. And let us not forget, that prior to Mr. Paul’s position on immigration, those who support him today called Republicans “racists” and “xenophobes” when we brought up those same points.

Many of those who support Mr. Paul are the first to align themselves with George Clooney et al on the humanitarian crisis that is Darfur. Should the United States decide to get involved and help the people there, it would involve a military mission, as those committing the atrocities wouldn’t just let us walk in and help out.

The very people who support Mr. Paul are always claiming to be the compassionate, specifically in their defense and support of Black people. I’ll never forget the late Peter Jennings’ numerous reports on the Rwanda refugee crisis and the urging for the US to help those poor people. The very people who support Mr. Paul, to this day, never criticize Bill Clinton for sending in our soldiers to aid in that crisis; a crisis in which we had no national security interests at all.

Those same people demanded we “do something” about the ethnic cleansing in Bosnia, even though we had no national security interests there. But these people, under their newfound constitutionalism of Mr. Paul, would kick the people of Darfur to the curb. Or would they…?

Public pressure goes along with being the President of all people, not just Republicans, as Mr. Paul reminds us. Also, he’ll need the support of the members of the Congress and Senate to get his ideas implemented. That’s an ugly process. Will he take on the unions who support Democrats with the same zeal he attacks the war?

I also find it troubling that he takes the word of some like-minded, in some cases, short term former CIA agents who say that we are creating terrorists by our “occupation” in some Middle Eastern holy lands, while ignoring people like Frank Salvato and Dr. Daniel Pipes who document the intention of Islamo-fascists to kill everyone just because they’re not Muslim. There’s nothing in their rhetoric that says they’ll leave us alone if we removed every single base from foreign territories.

France and Spain pulled out of Iraq. What did they get as thanks? Bombings. Great Britain has reduced their presence in Iraq. What did they get as thanks? Bombings.

I’d personally have more respect (which is earned, not demanded) for Mr. Paul if he ran as a libertarian. Some of his views are not compatible with those of today, and if not for him, many that support Mr. Paul would be aiming all their slings and arrows at Republicans because, for the most part, they’re liberals.

What I’m looking forward to seeing is the vote count. Mr. Paul’s supporters dismiss the polls because he registers around 4%, but I’ll bet they’d be shouting from the mountaintops if he were in the mid-thirties. Depending on the state you live in, many of his supporters are going to have to do something they thought they’d burn in hell before doing: register as a Republican so they can vote for him. Whether or not that happens will be interesting to watch.

His supporters are passionate, but in some cases, are immature.

Getting in people’s face is not the way to endear people to your perspective. Most of the time, we hear calls for honest debate. But the intolerance for alternative views, taught and tolerated, in colleges today will not work in the street, or America’s dinner tables. Many people are put off from Mr. Paul more for the actions of his supporters who appear to be yesterday’s liberals. Excuse me for having suspicions when today they insist we vote Republican.

Politics is not a fad.

Mr. Paul has some good smaller government ideas, some of which will meet stiff resistance on Capitol Hill. What will the Paulies do, flood the congressional and senate offices with angry, pushy, insulting phone calls? I thought these were the same people who believed in diplomacy?

As a student of politics, there are too many weird marriages taking place within the Paul phenomenon. When liberals are willing to call themselves Republicans, for at least the short term, especially after all they’ve said about our party for the last decade, pardon me for throwing up a red flag.


I’ve been writing columns for a few years now, so I’ve had the opportunity to see patterns when they look me square in the face and, based on my recent encounters with Ron Paul supporters, patterns have begun to emerge.

When looking at pictures of Paul supporters you see young and old alike, but you also see the peace signs, the word “love” reversed in the word “revolution”. What one clearly sees is a bunch of disenfranchised liberals who assume they’ve found a welcoming new home.

They’ve clearly identified with the anti-war message of Dr. Paul. Obviously, these people feel betrayed by the Democrats with whom they voted for in 2006 after being promised an end to the Iraq War. Democrats clearly have been unable to make good on their many promises. While that’s not news to real Republicans, the anti-war left has been left dismayed, betrayed, and rudderless.

Dr. Paul has the attention of the anti-war crowd, thus he’s attracted them into his camp, as they won’t trust a Democrat, at least for the foreseeable future.

I say they “assume” they’ve found a new home because these are the same people who’ve over the last few years have loudly and proudly called conservatives every name in the book. They’ve called us “racists”, “homophobes”, “bigots”, “hate mongers”, “sexists”, and more. They’ve called me an “uncle tom”, “wannabe white”, and that’s from white liberals. Look at what they did to Dr. Condoleezza Rice, and were damn proud of it.

However, now they’ve found a “man of principle” who just happens to be a… Republican.

Just because they now find certain conservative principles acceptable, doesn’t make any of them the real deal, and like elephants, Republicans never forget.

Paul’s supporters claim to embrace his message of smaller government. However, these are the same people who demanded federally funded student loans and free health care for illegal aliens. These are the same people who always advocate some new program for the poor and disenfranchised. And now, just because they’ve found religion, we’re to just open the door, forget about the years of slanderous shout downs, and say, “Welcome home?”

When certain candidates or a party realizes they are hemorrhaging support, the first thing they ask is “How do we get them back?” I’ve heard no Democrat presidential candidate attempt to lure the Paulies back home. Maybe… just maybe, that’s because they don’t want them back.

After all, would any of us open the door to people who occupy our offices, infiltrate our meetings, protest us in front of your workplaces, throw paint on our war dead memorials, and shout us during presentations in which we were invited? And now they expect us to say, “Welcome to the Republican Party” just because they now demand we listen to them and their candidate?

You’re damn right; there are sour grapes and deep suspicions here. I don’t trust these people for a minute.

Neither do I Bob. The threats, intimidation and worse are just hallmarks of this bunch who literally worship Ron Paul as some sort of political messiah. One supporter posted on several blogs and forums that Ron Paul was the Second or Third Coming of Christ.

In the many emails I’ve received from the Paulies, I’ve been talked down to like a child, had my intelligence questioned, cursed at, and all because I committed the mortal sin of not mentioning their candidate by name in a column where I was taking Republican presidential candidates to my own personal woodshed.

Their emails are all about their feelings. It’s all about “me”, “me”, “me”, and damn anyone who won’t hear THEM out.

Someone has to ask what the real motive is here.

Should Paul get the nomination and bring his supporters into our party, what kind of changes will they demand to bring from within? Will they demand political correctness be instituted? Will they attempt to stifle speech they don’t authorize? Will they shout us down? In fact, all the traits most of these people seem to have on display are those the Democrat Party seems to have no problem jettisoning.

And they’re jettisoning them right into the Republican Party.

That’s my conspiracy theory. I don’t think I’m that far off.

Not at all Bob. You’re right on target.

The rabidness of these Mob Zombies and the threats of everything from violence, death, lawsuits and shut down has only steeled my resolve from simply not casting a vote for their messiah, to actively campaigning AGAINST him as vigorously (if not moreso) than I am Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

Hillary’s people have not yet threatened me with death for daring to write any disparaging remarks about their candidate. Ron Paul’s people have. If I had to judge the fruits – Hillary’s people respect the right to free speech, and Ron Paul’s supporters, those who supposedly support the Constitution – do not.

Now THERE’S a twist of the surreal for you.


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Ron Paul: Bought and Paid For By Anti-War Socialists at


There is a reason I have been trumpeting the warnings about the supporters Ron Paul attracts. From anti-semetic NeoNazis at Stormfront and Secular Anarchists to Whorehouse moguls and rabid anti-war Leftists, the Mob Zombies of Ron Paul are growing in numbers and awash with cash, thanks in measure to the front groups, Code Pink, of International Socialist Powerbroker George Soros, who both covertly and openly – is helping to fund and aid the Ron Paul campaign.

Of course, the Mob Zombies say they welcome anyone wanting to join their throngs for ‘freedom’. What these dupes don’t understand is that they are being used as pawns for a larger play by the Democrat Left, who as I have stated before – WANT Ron Paul opposite their candidate for the General 2008 Election because getting the war OFF the table of discussion opens the door for the Left to scare the crap out of the Welfare Society they have created about the rest of Ron Paul’s agenda.

When a candidate – who says he stands for the Constitution and garners the aid and support of rabid Socialists hellbent on rewriting it into a newfound Soviet Manifesto – I am suspect and dubious of that kind of alliance, unwitting or not.

Ron Paul has already drawn a huge bunch of unpleasant freaks that think nothing of spamming forum boards and threatening violence and death on those who oppose their candidate. Even Radio Talk Show host Glenn Beck had death threats made against him by the Ron Paul Mob Zombies for his comments about their messiah not long ago.

Ron Paul pretends and says he knows nothing about support from such violent and threatening people, or the KINDS of people he has on his bandwagon of misfits. I imagine he’ll be equally ignorant of the fact that helped him make campaign commercials and has covert ops INSIDE his campaign. Obviously thinking that one must not have intelligence agents monitoring our international enemies so as not to provoke them, one understands how easy the Ron Paul campaign can be exploited by those seeking to sabotage it from within. That should serve as a lesson about what kind of sabotage America might enjoy under a Ron Paul Administration.

Kevin Mcullough at chronicles the support of Ron Paul.

Desperate to take support from wherever he can get it.

Some – well more like all of two readers have gotten a little cross-eyed over the fact that I dared to imply that George Soros/MoveOn forces were working covertly to assist the most Soros-like candidate on the GOP ticket.

The truth is some of the support has been covert, some of it rather obvious…

For instance one MoveOn group assisted in the funding and production of this television ad (running on Youtube).

The MoveOn covert ops have also been infiltrating Ron Paul groups for meet-ups, sometimes not meeting with the most cordial of greetings once discovered.

To see for yourself check the meet-up site that lists the MoveOn events not to be missed… the next meeting in Michigan for example is December 31st.

The truth is Ron Paul’s denial of the Global War against Islamo-fascist Terrorists runs in concert with Soros’ “Hate America First” brigades. Plenty of opportunity on many levels to join forces and root for America’s failure against our foes.

Paul even opposed Reagan on Grenada… (But praised him when Reagan ran home with our troops after our Marines were bombed and killed by Hezbollah in 1983 Beirut without any retribution whatsoever.)

Yup! He’s Soros’ man, MoveOn’s kind of “GOP”, and someone who will take the support from wherever it will come to him from – be it white supremacists, Holocaust deniers, 911 Truthers… or the covert operatives of George Soros or…

Just view the commercial they made for him…


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America The Evil…


Bob Parks hits one out of the park with this observation, of which I wholeheartedly concur. In today’s hyper-sensitive cultural backwardness, common sense has taken a vacation with wisdom it seems, and Mr. Parks here illustrates why the Left and the anti-war brigades are bankrupting our morale and consigning us to surrender.

America The Evil

America is an evil nation with evil people. That is, except for our leftists, right?

Whether it be another lawsuit alleging the mistreatment of enemy combatants, who wear no official uniform, or any number of documentaries produced that make America the mother of all evil empires, I’m beyond tired of seeing the ungrateful protected by our government, the very government they gleefully excoriate daily.

In this war on terror, I’ve given up hope that just once someone on the left would publicly show as much disdain for those who strap bombs on themselves to blow up civilians, and those who kidnap civilians and cut their heads off with knives, as they vilify their own soldiers whom they claim to care so much about.

“Blackwater is not the only private U.S. corporation facing lawsuits for alleged abuses in Iraq, on Monday hundreds of Iraqis held at Abu Ghraib prison filed a lawsuit against the private military contractor CACI.

“The suit alleges the Iraqis were repeatedly sodomized, threatened with rape, kept naked in their cells, subjected to electric shock, attacked by unmuzzled dogs and subjected to serious pain inflicted on sensitive body parts while being held at Abu Ghraib.”

Tell you what.

If I was an enemy combatant detained today in an American jail, I’d being saying that I was repeatedly sodomized, threatened with rape, kept naked in my cell, subjected to electric shock, attacked by unmuzzled dogs, and subjected to serious pain inflicted on sensitive body parts if I knew some bleeding heart American lawyer would believe me and vigorously defend me.

Despite the fact that coercion (and warrantless wiretaps) was used to extract information that’s thwarted many a terrorist plot to kill civilians all around the world, America is continually being declared the enemy by citizens of our own country.

And when a bomb goes off somewhere in the world, in a crowded marketplace or discothèque, our same liberals never decry the senseless violence perpetrated by ideological sadists. They’re occupied looking for another American serviceman to charge with atrocities.

“The suit alleges that employees of CACI directed soldiers to mistreat prisoners at Abu Ghraib and that employees of the company were involved in the wrongful deaths of three Iraqi men at Abu Ghraib.”

Of course while chanting they support the troops, the lawsuits alleging torture and murder puts a bulls eye on every man and woman serving overseas, as well as the millions of civilians around the world who are targeted by an enemy that seeks our domination and has said as much numerous times.

Documentaries that point the finger of guilt at us achieves that same goal, while ignoring altogether those who cut of fingers, rape, stone women to death, and whose writings describe death to infidels in ways that would make Abu Ghraib look like Romper Room. I believe these atrocities and death wishes are ignored because our liberals are justifiably afraid of our enemy, and going after the “evil” United States is the cowardly, but easy way out.

One of these days, we will not extract all the necessary information needed to avert a mass terror attack. It may happen in the United States, and it may happen in any number of nations around the world. But I hope those who protect and serve our enemy will wake up in hell, knowing that their intentional, partisan attempts to vilify the one nation in the world, so evil, that millions are standing their place to immigrate to, have worked.

The blood of the hundreds, if not thousands or millions, of dead will not be on our hands. They’ll be on theirs, and the problem is they’re too narcissistic to see that what they’re doing is putting the world at risk.

All in the name of people who would cut their big heads off in a heartbeat.

Thanks you Mr. Parks, for stating what needed to be said. The Left and the Anti-war bunch in our midst do not understand what you have said, they do NOT want to understand what you have said and would rather castigate you as a “Neocon” or worse for daring to disagree with licking the palms of our enemies and blaming ourselves for their existence.

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Ron Paul Says Fascism Will “Come Bearing A Cross”

Ron Paul: “‘…when Fascism comes to this country, it will be wrapped in the flag, carrying a cross.”

Quote of the Week: “When insanity comes, it’ll be towing a blimp and asking for money.” – Izzy Dunne

Do we need any more evidence that Ron Paul is completely out of his mind?

We’re at war with people who chant for our deaths in the streets, desiring to impose global Sharia Law on the planet after threatening to destroy us – and Ron paul says they are “no threeat”, that there is no Islamofascism.

YET on the other – Ron Paul says that Christians will bring fascism!! (quoting Sinclair Lewis)

The more I hear this guy speak, the more I am convinced he is a complete lunatic.

No wonder his mob loves him so. Now he’ll attract the Atheist/Secular Left to his Mob Zombie parade of anti-war zealots, Pinkos, Anarchists, disaffected Republicans, Disaffected Democrats and Free Drug Libertarians like Summer flies to a flourescent light.

Ron Paul says: “When fascism comes, it’ll come bearing a cross”


STEVE DOOCY: Mike Huckabee has started running an ad in Iowa, where you’re at right now, also in New Hampshire and South Carolina, and in the back, it’s a windowpane but it also looks a lot like a cross. And, and, we had a guest a little while ago who said it was inappropriate to be using religion for political purposes. Congressman, I’m just curious what you think?

RON PAUL: Well, I haven’t thought about it completely, but you know, it reminds me of what Sinclair, uh, Lewis once said, he said ‘when Fascism comes to this country, it will be wrapped in the flag, carrying a cross.’ I don’t know whether that’s a fair assessment or not, but you wonder about using a cross like he is the only Christian, or implying that subtly. So, uh, I don’t think I would ever use anything like that.

DOOCY: So, uh, Congressm— you know, uh, Governor Huckabee is not selling fascism. He’s — simply sending out a Christmas message, anyway, just curious how you felt about that. Congressman, if you would sit right there in Des Moines just for a moment, we’re going to take a quick time out…

I think the fact this is the first thing coming off the top of his head when being asked about Huckabee’s ad is instructive of the kind of whacko mindset this guy has.


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Iran Declares NIE Report An American Surrender

This is why I hate the anti-war movement and the zombies of Ron Paul. They tout the NIE report as vindication of their cause to paint America and Bush as the bullies and HAND Jihadist madmen like Iran’s Ahmadinejad and mullahs who are preparing the Muslim world for the conquest of the Great and Little Satan, victory.

Iran says U.S. report a “declaration of surrender”

TEHRAN (Reuters) – Iran’s president said on Sunday the publication of a U.S. intelligence report saying Iran had halted a nuclear weapons program in 2003 amounted to a “declaration of surrender” by Washington in its row with Tehran.

President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad also dismissed in an interview with state television the prospect of new U.N. sanctions against Iran over its refusal to halt sensitive atomic work.

“It is too far-fetched,” he said when asked whether he expected the U.N. Security Council to impose fresh sanctions on Iran following two such resolutions since last December.

Ahmadinejad, who often rails against the West, told a rally earlier this month that the December 3 publication of the U.S. National Intelligence Estimate was a “victory” for Iran.

He said on Sunday: “It was in fact a declaration of surrender … It was a positive action by the U.S. administration to change their attitude and it was a correct move.”

Washington is still pushing for more sanctions on Iran despite the U.S. intelligence report, which also said Tehran was continuing to master skills needed to make nuclear weapons. U.S. President George W. Bush said Iran was still a danger.

An exiled opposition group, the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI), last week said Iran shut down its nuclear weapons program in 2003 but said restarted it a year later, dispersing equipment to thwart international inspectors.

Iran insists its nuclear program is peaceful and designed to make electricity. It says it has never had a nuclear weapons program.

“It would be beneficial for both Iran and them (the West) to cooperate with Iran,” Ahmadinejad said. “Of course it would be more to their benefit than Iran’s.”

Iran regularly calls for a change in behavior from the United States, which cut diplomatic ties with Iran in 1980 after radical students seized the U.S. embassy and took diplomats hostage during the 1979 Islamic revolution.


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