Ron Paul Mob Zombies Hijack Unsanctioned Republican Event

Mob action.

That’s how Ron Paul supporters behave, whether on the internet, debates or at straw polls. The mob, acting like political wedding crashers think that by descending like locusts on any straw poll, political event, blog or forum, that they can strong arm their messiah to the top spot by intimidation.

Like this event in San Francisco:

Ron Paul supporters mistakenly ‘hijack’ unsanctioned Republican event

Those in the YouTube crowd may have seen the clip of supporters of fringe Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul (dubbed “Paultards” by Wonkette) inundating a recent San Francisco Republican Alliance straw poll. The unexpected cavalcade of Paul people led organizer Gail Neira to call the whole thing off.

While observing outraged Paul advocates roaring “You’re a disgrace!” at a flustered woman wearing a Santa hat is its own special kind of funny, that was far from the only hoot. The real joke was that the Paul people wasted their outrage lambasting Neira as a representative of the dishonorable party establishment. You see, the Republican Alliance isn’t even recognized by the Republican Party as an affiliated organization. That probably comes as news to a lot of Paulsters, who have made stacking local party straw polls a specialty. A bulletin on the Ron Paul Meetup Web site before the event implored them to “Come to this important San Francisco GOP Straw Poll and VOTE!”

“We had the feeling that this was a Republican Party event and, as Republicans, we were welcome,” said Paul supporter Aaron Voisine of Santa Clara — who was apparently wrong on both counts.

It is an interesting Brownshirt-style phenomena that the Ron Paul Mob Zombies engage themselves in. While one cannot discount the passion they have for their hoped-for political messiah, manners and respect are something this mob has completely discarded. If you watch this mob for any length of time, you begin to discover a real danger posed by militants within that bunch who are bloodthirsty for revolution – and have no problems making threats of violence and even threats of death to anyone who disagrees with them or their idol of worship. Niera may have found herself lucky with such a mob that the insults and heated slurs did not result in violence.

The bright side of this event is that the Mob Zombies have made another crusader to oppose their riotous horde.

Four committee members say they were shocked when Neira announced at the last meeting that she wouldn’t be inviting supporters of candidates she didn’t like to her private Dec. 4 straw poll. Neira’s rationale: It’s her shindig and she’ll invite whom she wants. And she didn’t want Rudy Giuliani’s crowd. “I resent any man of his stature who has disrespect for women,” she sniffs. “I can invite whomever I please. It’s my money and my party.”

Unfortunately, the Ron Paul mob zombies do not respect the liberty of others if they oppose or do not support the object of their worship. Freedom of political speech is only respected if you support Ron Paul. If you do not support him or his “Revlution” – or say anything negative about his positions – be prepared for an avalanche of crusaders equipped with maces and clubs of insult and bashing, and some among them will threaten you with violence and death.

What is become typical behavior among the Mob Zombies, who behave more like brownshirts than so-called Constitutionalists.

Methinks too many of them are romanticizing a real bloodletting revolution. Given the rhetoric of some of them, when Ron Paul does not win the GOP nomination – I imagine some of their idiots might act on their threats.


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10 responses to “Ron Paul Mob Zombies Hijack Unsanctioned Republican Event

  1. The Paultard’s are but a blip on the election radar. They are a passionate lot for sure, but lack the discipline needed to advance their agenda. The majority are dopers, anarchists, and commies who have aligned as a matter of convenience. I support our troops.

  2. steve

    heh heh is this the best you can come up with im laughing in my chair as i read this verbal sludge on ron paul. anyhow not stooping to your level as i could pick you apart like a hungry buzzard on a carcass in death valley heh heh, im going to stay civil and ya know its a free country as you can write this trash all ya want and enjoy your moment of fame. bottom line here is the facts punk, pucker you buns baby as a massive wadddddddd of cash for ron is coming down the pipes sunday the 16th as folks will see this movement going on and say my goshhhhh this is a happening. your a scared punk face it as your info is so weak and lame. honesty truth and a right direction is happening with ron paul and the movement is massive!!!! folks see the honesty as he is the real deal!!!! no doubt to many folks across the usa. as i said in the 70s catch ya on the rebound fool as you will be loving sunday as ron paul makes history much later dude, lets CRANK IT UP SUNDAY RON PAUL LOVERS AND SEE FOLKS THAT WRITE SPEWWWWAGE LIKE THIS RUN AND HIDE AND COWER, steve

  3. James

    In a democracy the candidate who can get the most people to show up -e.g. get the most votes wins.

    The primarys should be interesting.

  4. invar

    … I could pick you apart like a hungry buzzard on a carcass in death valley

    I’m hardly intimidated. Pilfering dead carcasses must be the only thing you are capable of doing considering you apparently failed remedial English or learned how to write on a MySpace/MSN chat room. What are you? A Sophmore in High School or a Froshie in a Community College?

    Or did you just drop out altogether to pursue a career as a rapper?

    Ron Paul could raise billions of dollars for himself and it still won’t change the fact he is an imbecile on foreign policy and will not get the nomination.

    But thanks for giving us all a glimpse of how and why a desperate people were able to be whipped up into a mob and seig heil for Hitler to be Fuhrer.

    Do you people genuflect when your candidate passes, kiss his ring, or just raise your right arm in a Stormfront salute?

    In a democracy the candidate who can get the most people to show up -e.g. get the most votes wins.

    Like all liberals, Lefties and Marxists, you people got it all wrong.

    We’re a Representative Republic – NOT a mobocracy.

    Funny how a people supposedly supporting a Constitutionalist don’t grasp that fact.

  5. rey

    his foreign policy is based off the founding fathers, so if you want to move to do your little Blitzkrieg all over the world it will surely end. Since most Americans are not taught the constitution in History classes across our land and have no strength with the basics of our law, many will not know what this country should stand for. Thats why when people keep asking Ron Paul if he will try for a third party, they are dividing america just the way they want it. The founders were scared of having parties and this is why. They choke “outside” thinkers and make people across the nation to think of them as kooks.

    Ron Paul 2008

  6. Paul Johnson

    Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor – Commandment IX

    There is plenty of that here Mr. “Christian”.


    It is really a shame that all of you folks up there in the city by the bay, bash one of the cadidates most forgiving of your alternate lifestyles.

  8. Jerry

    When on argues with a fool,it`s hard to tell which one is the fool.

  9. veteransabroad

    I have to agree that the candidate with the most supporters needs to be taking the Republican nomination and no, if there is a Republican straw poll, then you cannot just cancel it because you don’t like what you suddenly know the results will be without people exercising their right of free speech in calling you a fascist.

    Would anyone here be OK if some Romney supporter in the Iowa Republican Party cheated on reporting the Iowa results tomorrow? Would anyone here be OK if 10,000 Ron Paul votes disappeared from the New Hampshire results?

    Would that be OK? Does fighting Islamofascism make it a necessary evil?

    Most Ron Paul supporters are the opposite of Marxist. In fact, I just saw the blogger defend a feminist in San Francisco. For me, it is the neocon support for feminism that has turned me against them (I support Operation Iraqi Freedom otherwise).

    So Julie Annie is unacceptable to a “Republican” woman in San Francisco because he dumped a feminist wife and married a younger woman? Sounds like someone wants to socially engineer our government to punish those who won’t do as the older women say.

    That is what Hillary Clinton is all about.

    Yet some misguided male Republicans rationalize their acceptance of radical feminism by acting like it is about “chivalry” (men should put women on pedestals and never make them mad).

    Meanwhile, it is ironic that Ron Paul is married to the same woman for over 50 years. The “Republican” woman in San Francisco should be supporting him for that.

  10. You are so wrong! Dr. Ron Paul, is a smart, on track man that can lead our country’s people very well. He is open and honest, not like the typical ones running. Yes, he does stand out, and that is what make him and his views so exceptional. I pray this man will be our next president. From being online it seems like he is the only one that can bring us together. Thanks!

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