Ron Paul Lunatic Mob Zombies Threaten Yet Again

Ron Paul Lunatics

I suppose since there’s enough Ron Paul supporters that are made up of angry 9-11 Truthers, anti-war Democrats, free-drug Libertarians and Stormfront Neo-nazis, that it explains why the Ron Paul crowd acts more like Nazi Brownshirts than the grassroots campaign that brought Ronald Reagan to the White House.

Mobs are dangerous, and the Ron Paul bunch keeps illustrating why it is that Conservatives in the GOP are justified in their dismissal of their campaign and candidate.

While I can understand expressing anger and disatisfaction with what they perceive to be fraud – the way they vent those frustrations, and the manner in which they swarm and intimidate are not in any way the kinds of action grown ups and mature persons with a supposed zeal for a message of civility and peace they say their candidate stands for. Instead it reveals nothing but an unhinged mob of anarchists who are happy and eager to get in your face, and make threats and incite violence, even when it is obvious that the uncounted votes would not make a hair’s worth of difference to the outcome.

Some have said on other boards that ‘threats’ of death and violence by Ron Paul supporters are akin to the kind of “patriotism” our Founders had. Nothing could be further from the truth. The Founders never called for the heads of fellow countrymen and attempt to incite violence against other Colonists because they did not agree with them on going to war against the Crown. But dare disagree with Ron Paul’s ideas on foreign policy and watch yourself beset upon wailing and gnashing of teeth. Not only are these mob zombies eager to make threats on fellow countrymen who disagree with certain aspects of their candidate’s absurd political positions, some of them are eager to take their “RevolUTION” to the level of actual insurrection and violence.

Apparently these people refuse to understand that their entire movement is being tarnished by these kinds of actions and are being seen by many as nothing more than the fringe and out-of-control mob people like me are warning that they are.

What few grown-ups might remain in the Ron Paul campign better find a way to take control of this wayward bunch, or they will simply continue to fit a definition that their movement is nothing more than a bunch of unhinged Conspiratorial-Anti-war Left-Neo-Nazi Brownshirts.

Paul supporters ‘freak out’ town clerk
Vote-counting flub draws ire, threats

Monitor staff
January 12. 2008 12:20AM

Jennifer Call’s eyes searched the office for nothing in particular. Her arms waved and her fear spilled out.

“This is where I grew up,” Sutton’s town clerk said yesterday. “This is my hometown, this is where my family is, and all of sudden, my name is being splashed across the internet as this horrible person. And the frightening part is, I don’t know these people and they don’t know me.”

Call wants the nationwide army of boisterous Ron Paul supporters, believers in more conspiracy theories than Oliver Stone, to know that she’s committed no crime.

Not treason, as the dozens of phone callers screamed. Not fraud, as the dozens of e-mails charged. Nothing.

Human error, by someone unknown, caused Call’s office to claim Paul received zero votes from the town during Tuesday’s first-in-the-nation primary.

Paul actually got a whopping 31 votes.

Out of 920 cast.

Launch an investigation. Alert the media.

The mistake was corrected early the next morning, but that hardly mattered. The Paul machine, upon reading the number in print, quickly went into counteroffensive mode.

This is luck at its worst. Screw up Rudy Giuliani’s vote total. Or John McCain’s. Or John Edwards’s. Or Bill Richardson’s.

But never, ever get anything wrong when it comes to Paul and his voting tally. If you do, fans who shouted from the rooftops through the primary season will track you down and chew you out.

“Most of the these people are not rational,” Call said.

Call, 35, arrived at the Pillsbury Memorial Hall Tuesday morning at 7 for the start of a marathon day. About a dozen or so staffers coordinated the effort, guiding voters, counting votes, rechecking totals.

Paul’s 31 votes got lost in the shuffle, lost in translation between moderator Greg Hill’s voice and Call’s pen.

The slot next to Paul’s name on the original return sheet said 31, but a space on Call’s return, next to Paul’s name, remained blank.

“He’s (Gill) reading off his results, I’m writing them down on the return,” Call said. “I don’t know why it was blank. I don’t know if he skipped over it or if someone interrupted him to repeat the last name and it got skipped, or maybe I missed it. It was that simple.”

No it wasn’t.

Call was met by town officials the next morning at 9:30. They told her the mistake had been rectified. Call, her jacket still on, was confused.

“What are you talking about?” she asked.

She was told someone had come in and said he’d voted for Paul. The voter noticed the “0” in the local newspaper and wanted an explanation. When he got it, he left, satisfied.

Call phoned the Secretary of State’s office and re-faxed the form, the one with a circled “31” next to Paul’s name. Just to make sure.

Then it hit, like one of those snowstorms last month. Call got a call from someone named Bob. No last name. She remembers the man identifying himself as a reporter for the Associated Press, looking for the story on voter fraud.

She said she’d fetch the details, then call him back, thinking the media would need a strict timeline and every tidbit available.

“I’m thinking he’s legitimate,” Call said. “I call Bob back and it’s a fax machine. I called AP and asked for Bob. They told me a reporter would have given a last name.”

Others in the office received calls and e-mails. But Call was the name out front, the town clerk as well as the tax collector. She was labeled the brains behind the plot. She had the biggest target on her back.

The assault picked up after lunch. Paul supporters phoning Call claimed to be from the media. Others just yelled, saying she had committed treason, fraud. One person said she should be shot. She received as many as 40 calls that day.

“One person said he was on a nationally syndicated radio station,” Call said, “and he has given out my phone number and they need to call the town of Sutton to find out why there’s voter fraud.”

The voices came from everywhere. California. Ohio. Florida. Michigan. Very few were from New Hampshire.

A man from Texas e-mailed that he was “contacting, by certified mail, the Attorney General of New Hampshire . . . and requesting a complete investigation and prosecution of any and all parties involved.”

A police dispatcher in New London said yesterday she’d received inquiries about the clerk’s office phone.

Call got a handful of calls that night at home, refusing to pick up whenever an out-of-state number appeared on her screen.

She got about five more the next day in her office. She tried to get work done. She called the Massachusetts company that makes the licenses for dog owners in her area. The guy had heard of her.

“Wow,” the man said. “This is the second time this week I’ve seen your name.”

“Where?” Call asked.

“I’ve gotten a dozen e-mails about how you’ve destroyed the New Hampshire primary.”


“We make voting machines.”

“The problem is,” Call said yesterday, “we don’t use voting machines.”

She went home and locked her doors. She called her mother in North Carolina. She cried. The calls kept coming. She unhooked her answering machine and requested an unlisted number.

“I was drained emotionally and physically,” Call said. “That’s when I really started to freak out. Thursday it hit me, that most of these people are not rational. That’s when I became scared.”

It’s calmer now. The calls and e-mails had stopped as of yesterday afternoon. Call had the day off, but she went into her office to retrieve some paperwork.

She’s hurt and nervous, but she’s got a job.

“I’ve got a school board meeting Saturday,” Call said. “I’ve got to be ready.”

These kinds of things are the actions of Brownshirts, not patriots.



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38 responses to “Ron Paul Lunatic Mob Zombies Threaten Yet Again

  1. Arnold Benedict

    The harder you hit the stronger we get.
    Voter fraud is an issue that over-arches every other issue. You should be grateful that Americans still care.

  2. invar

    Well Benedict, you keep thinking that.

    I think death threats and the kind of behavior you people are willing to engage in over what you decide is ‘voter fraud’ (when it had absolutely no change in impact of the outcome) speaks volumes about the kind of mob you are.

    You care only about your messiah getting into power to perform the miracles you think he is going to do once he gets there.

    So intimidation, threats and harrassment are the course your mob has decided is the path to take.

    Your political predecessors in 1930’s Germany did as much.

  3. Becky Blauvelt

    I am a proud supporter of Ron Paul.

    I was appalled to hear of the barrage of nastiness that descended upon Jennifer Call in the form of some Ron Paul supporters.

    I would like to say however that you simply cannot point to the actions of the few and with a wide brush paint every supporter of Ron Paul as being guilty of the type of the mob behavior described in your piece. In fact, I believe that it is a very small percentage of supporters who would behave this way – sadly you will have some poorly behaved people in every large group. I do agree with you that behavior like this damages the credibility of this campaign and that is painful to me.

    However, I do believe that the intimation that 31 votes is nothing to get riled up about is just ludicrous. I doubt that you would be apathetic if you studied an issue, formed and opinion and made the effort to go cast your ballot (especially in a country which prides itself on democracy, yet where almost half of the eligible voters don’t bother) and then found that for whatever reason – your ballot (your voice, your opinion) was just gone. It might also make you question whether that could happen to others and we know that it did happen to at least 30 others in this case, so it is not unreasonable to ask if there could have been more.

    Becky Blauvelt

    PS I would also ask, in fairness, how many calls Jennifer Call and the city clerk’s office received that were courteous, polite and concerned?

  4. Jordan

    It seems to me that a lot of the anger coming from Ron Paul’s supporters is due to the fact that the mainstream media has been marginalizing him since day one.

  5. Teresa

    Yes, I do believe things like that are wrong, but I am not like them. The Ron Paul supporters I know do not act like this. What is that saying, there are some in every bunch?

    You want to see what people from Fox or the people they hire do to us as a nation?

    I think we should all be banning together to stop this manipulation that they subject us to. We can speak up without those kinds of actions.

  6. Lila

    Voter fraud should be taken seriously and there were clear signs of it occurring in New Hampshire, not only to Paul but also to Obama. The voting system needs intense scrutiny especially with people like Hillary Clinton seeking power.

  7. RUFUS

    It’s obvious the mob zombies in the story were actually applicants from Frank Luntz’ focus groups.

  8. Randohr

    You speak like the British crown spoke of the Patriotic Founding Fathers so many years ago. Voting fraud should be taken seriously and in accordance with the well established laws. The recount applications are in accordance with the law. I pray that the legal recount action will have no fraud detected during the recount itself. Clear and open procedures must be followed, the ballots must be protected from fraud. Everyone IS watching, and video taping and recording and posting on the internet…the WORLD is watching!

  9. You can’t attack Dr. Paul on his positions, so you try to find someone you can make fun of. You can’t make fun of Dr. Paul, no one would believe that. So instead you do your nasty evil little ad hominem attacks against his supporters. You’re saying that if a candidate has a stupid supporter, that candidate is not worthy? What then of the other candidates all of whom wish to drive us down to road to perdition? What of yourself – how can you possibly benefit from the economic devastation that will be visited on our economy? No, you’re just so hungry to be heard that you don’t care how many people you kill or bankrupt so you can be one of the ‘smart people’ who know what’s good for us. Man, I sure wish your mother would have hugged you more when you were a child.

  10. nh4ronpaul

    That’s right, get a life Mr. Invar.

    It’s quite alright from day one for media people to start name calling and then not expect blowback? You’re as dumb as Rudy Giuliani if you believe that. (And probably just as liberal and corrupt).

    – NH4RonPaul, 20 year member of the GOP and retired school teacher.

  11. invar

    The comments here are a prime example of why the bulk of Conservatives consider the Ron Paul campaign to be nothing but an assembly of kook-fringe elements.

    As in just about every case where your fellow compatriots are cited for making threats, insane statements or actions that warrant disgust, you people justify, excuse and condone those things.

    You Ron Paul Mob Zombies ought to take a cue and note the example of Becky above. That kind of attitude might have brought a level of respect to your campaign, but alas, people like Becky are obviously a minority in your midst whilst nh4ronpaul seems to be the vast majority of the mob’s make-up (along with the anti-war Socialists and the Stormfront Nazis).

    Unfortunately Becky, the kind of reasonable commentary and discourse that you have shown here is by far a minority example among Ron Paul supporters. As such, the unhinged vocal mobs making threats are doing most of the speaking for your candidate, and are become the main reason people like myself have become dedicated antagonists in opposing your candidate.

    These kinds of justifications (ie: ‘blowback’) in making threats on people’s lives simply destroys those things we Conservatives might have stood in solidarity with Ron Paul on.

    Now, he is so tarnished by his own foolish rantings and the reaches the zombie portion of your crowd has sunk – we’re dismissing him and your entire effort on sight, and making it a mission to oppose his candidacy as vociferously as we will the Democrat’s.

  12. invar

    I doubt that you would be apathetic if you studied an issue, formed and opinion and made the effort to go cast your ballot…and then found that for whatever reason – your ballot (your voice, your opinion) was just gone.

    I have been witness to apparent vote fraud as a precinct captain in Cook County, IL. People and issues I’ve worked to get on a ballot suddenly being ‘striken’ due a Judge or panel ruling. I’ve suspected deliberate fraud in good-ol’boy rural elections as well. NONE of those outrages resulted in my calling for anyone to be shot or harmed because of what I perceived was injustice.

    It’s amazing to see how many will defend people making such suggestions, which makes the adage of ‘Never underestimate the stupidity of people in large groups’ worth noting.

    You speak like the British crown spoke of the Patriotic Founding Fathers so many years ago.

    Not even in the same universe of comparison. You people are calling for anyone who disagrees with your messiah to be shot for treason, boiled in oil and feathered (to name a few of the choice one’s I’ve received) for nothing more than exercising our own free political speech that you do not like.

    Your mob has more in common with Robespierre than with Adams, Jefferson or Henry.

    Voting fraud should be taken seriously and in accordance with the well established laws.

    By threatening to put a bullet in the head of a woman who may have just just made a human error?

    It was not as though the vote tally would have made any difference for your candidate as tot eh outcome.

    Amazing how far you people will go to justify such things.

    Which is why indeed, yours is a mob.

    You can’t attack Dr. Paul on his positions, so you try to find someone you can make fun of

    Your good doctor’s absurd positions on foreign policy, including taking apart entire essays he wrote have been argued and attacked line-by line. That resulted in the kind of threats the lady from NH received, but in our case – it was for merely daring to disagree with his stated positions.

    You’re saying that if a candidate has a stupid supporter, that candidate is not worthy?

    Your candidate has more than a FEW ‘stupid supporters’. He has everything from Code-Pink/ anti-war leftists to Stormfront Neo nazis and Anarchists pining for him.

    As I’ve said before, you are known by the company you keep, since the company one keeps often influences said person.

  13. paul revere II

    gimme a break! Hannity deserved to have snow balls thrown at him- He has helped the Neo Cons with his twisted lies ever since 9-11!

    We are so passionate because we care more and sense more of what’s happening to our Country than most because lots of us are readers of History- Real History – You know like the kind you don’t know???
    There’s always 2 sides to every story……..

    Wake up Sheeps your a bunch of morons!

    You talk all this crap but yet online is the head of the Osama Bin Laden Unit threw 2004 saying the entire War on Terror is a Hoax!!!!

    Wake up baffoons! How about Wesley Clark on the net saying, On Sept 20th 01 he saw the plans to invade 7 Countrys ending in Iran!!!

    If it wasn’t for people like us we’d already be in many Countrys and would probably have 10 times the problems!

    All Neo Cons should be rounded up!!!!

    So we are Patriotic no matter what anyone says-We see America sinking the the Titanic and we aint gunna be polite about it- SORRY!



    (Sword At The ready) start reading more books and listen to the vast majority of active duty Military that wants Ron Paul for President!

  14. invar

    Hannity deserved to have snow balls thrown at him…

    Wake up Sheeps your a bunch of morons!

    All Neo Cons should be rounded up!!!!

    Thanks for making my point about the fact that you Ron Paul mob zombies are freaking Brownshirt Nazis that would round up, put yellow stars on and execute those you accuse of being ‘neocons’ – which means anyone who does not support your messiah.

    Your kind are exactly the type that make death threats and incite violence on people.

    You’re a disgrace, a sickening pox on the deluded notion that you consider yourself a patriot.

    You’re not a patriot.

    You’re a hooligan.

    A brownshirt.

    An enemy of what America is actually all about.

  15. LOL. “Sword at the ready,” huh?

    You might want to reread that part about “bearing false witness” too.

    “The Christian ideal has not been tried and found wanting; it has been found difficult and left untried.”
    — GK Chesterton

  16. Wow. Very interesting thread. Becky’s point is a good one. Not all of Paul’s supporters are like this. But Arnold’s was frightening, and a number of the responses in this thread do support the point that there is an unhealthy amount of violence associated with Ron Paul’s supporters. There is nothing patriotic about threats and violence.

    The only thing I take issue with is you assertion that Ron Paul in any way is a leftist candidate. He is not. On every single issue save the war, he is a classical conservative. On the war he is strictly isolationist, (which is a stance people on both sides of the aisle take).

  17. I’m not sure I agree with the politics of anyone here, but I do know a couple of people I consider friends have slowly been sucked into the whole conspiracy movement and are now absolutely convinced there are “concentration camps” scattered across the United States ready for when the round-up begins… and now they’re running a Canadian “we Love Ron Paul” blog.

    It has been interesting to watch the Ron Paul phenomena as he moved from “maverick outsider” to “potential Ross Perot/Ralph Nader-type spoiler” and now to a magnet for a bizarre collection of broken people. I can’t remember when such a large group of desperate people had such a mainstream voice… it’s like the Internet has been turned inside out and the 10% of Americans who believe Everything is against Them have been enabled like addicts set loose in a pharmacy. What happens to this group after the Election (if there is one, of course) will be very interesting… it’s very rare for a Political Movement based on hardcore beliefs to just fade away. My Ron Paul friends and I have a bet — if there’s an election (they say no) they owe me a Coke, if we end up in the same concentration camp together they can lick my bowl.

  18. I’m a sucker for these types of articles. Only thing on my mind is whether I should continue sleeping or wake up to rally with the lunatic Ron Paul supporters?

    Is it really worth the time to bitch and moan online? Not to me. So, back to sleep I go.

    Good night, Mr. Invar. Happy dreams to you, and I’m hoping Paul Revere II doesn’t get shot riding into town this time of year.

  19. invar

    You might want to reread that part about “bearing false witness” too.

    Exactly where?

    Is Ray Duckler or Jennifer Call bearing false witness?

    If I were you, I think you better ask that of your messiah and his “knowledge” of all those racist newsletter articles published under his name that he says he had no knowledge of before you start calling people citing newspaper stories as liars.

  20. invar

    The only thing I take issue with is you assertion that Ron Paul in any way is a leftist candidate.

    I don’t think any of us detractors think Ron Paul is a Leftist candidate outside of his views of American foreign policy.

    I think what we’ve noted is that while Ron Paul himself is not a Leftist, he is in fact supported by leftists and those of a Leftist ideology.

    What history shows time and again, is that people of principle vying for power – are influenced by and are beholden to the mobs that put them into power.

    Which is why the support Paul has from the anti-War Left has many eyebrows raised.

    For many – the Isolationist stance Paul takes trumps everyting else they might otherwise oppose him on. They understand as we do, that Paul will not be able to enact his domestic ideas of returning to a Constitutional ideal. What they know he CAN DO as CINC – is retreat, diminish and neuter the American military machine from the world.

    For the Leftist – the hardest job to accomplish would be done by one Isolationist, while the rest of his ideas to reduce the Welfare State would be resisted by both Congress and the Courts and therefore safe from any reduction.

    Of course – that is what the Leftists are discussing at the Daily Kos and Democrat Underground.

    Unfortunately the True Believers refuse to think they have been infiltrated by people simply using them to accomplish an agenda much bigger than one presidency.

  21. April

    I take issue with any supporter of any candidate who resorts to personal attacks… aka name calling. It shows a lack of resources as far as actually rebuttals.

    It is one thing to say that a public figure aka Ron Paul is a “Lunatic” because they have put themselves in the pulic eye souly for the purpose of having people make an opinion of them. It is quite another thing to call individuals who are not trying to make themselves a target (aka a political candidate) any number of names without backing up the reasons for said name calling. It is called slander and out of all of the presidential hopefuls out there the supporters of Ron Paul are the most blatantly negative and poisionous group I know of. Just for the fact that his supports are so cras I would not support him for fear of being counted as one of them. Even if I DID agree him on every point.

    Good Rule of thumb – if you cannot let your name or location (or username and email address/blog address) be known due to what you are saying it is inappropriate.

  22. Oh boy! This is priceless, ya know? It simply demonstrates what so many have been saying about Ron Paul supporters. Invar…you just can’t help but bring out the worst in these guys!

    Keep demonstrating just how messed up you Paulites really are – we’re loving it and just hanging out waiting on your next move. Actually, I too wonder what is going to happen to these people once Ron Paul’s campaign is history…ya know, that’s kind of a scary thought. Right now they are all corraled in one place. I hope someone knows how to lock the barn when Paul is counted out.

  23. rmg

    I can’t agree with the generalization that all Ron Paul supporters are reminiscent of “nazis”. I, for one, am quite congenial. I am curious if the zombies, in the photo above, consumed the brains of those who later voted for Mitt Romney. It would explain a lot.

  24. Hmmmm.


    You brought up one good point. OK two good points if you count Cook County. I was born in Park Ridge. Cook County politics are scary.

    That and the Ron Paul campaign has awakened a sleeping monster, and for the most part I mean that in the nicest of ways. Ron Paul events are like carnivals they’re so happy. They’re the most gentle and nonviolent people you could ever meet; as you state yourself he’s attracted a horde of peaceniks such as myself. The number of “meetups” the campaign has would blow your mind. They all forget their differences because it finally hit them that everything they care about will no longer matter if they’re made into slaves “serving the state” by a fascist/corporatist dictator who’s imposed martial law and bought his own police state with THEIR MONEY.

    That said, there are the crazy cousins up yonder. You know we all have them, just go to your next family reunion. They’re family so of course they’re invited but it’s kind of awkward and everyone ends up apologizing to outsiders about them “Oh he don’t mean nothing he just talks like that when he’s drunk.” In other words this is not a new group dynamic.

    The murderous rage some people experience when crossed is alien to me. I don’t get it. Most people don’t get it and we all condemn it. No one has been hurt yet I hope? That said I do understand why so many people freaked out over the NH incident. It was the last straw after a year of marginalization and dirty tricks on the part of the warmongers and corporate elites who are scared to death of Ron Paul.

    Those particular Paultards don’t get it, however: The big fraud took place remotely, not at the ballot box. All it takes to rig a vote is a specially programmed computer virus and one Westar 6 satellite (which just happens to be controlled by NSA). And that is what happened in New Hampshire. New York, Texas and California will be similarly rigged. In fact you can bet that wherever Rudy Giuliani is putting his campaign efforts is where the elections will be stolen from the real winner(s).

    As for RP’s purported racism, here:

    “Austin NAACP President Nelson Linder, who has known Ron Paul for 20 years, unequivocally dismissed charges that the Congressman was a racist in light of recent smear attempts, and said the reason for him being attacked was that he was a threat to the establishment.”

  25. L. Step

    I do understand the near-hysterical rage and scorn cast upon Ron Paul and his followers. He hit a nerve. Ah, and I’m not “messed up” but must admit I am getting a bit weary and irritated by the endless chain rattling and frothing of the anti-Paul neocons.

  26. invar

    I am curious if the zombies, in the photo above, consumed the brains of those who later voted for Mitt Romney

    No. Actually, the zombies in the Phop above most likely are on a diet of Kos/ and Cindy Sheehan’s brains.

    Those who voted for Huckabee and McCain never had any brains in the first place.

  27. L. Step: Yah, he sure did hit a nerve, didn’t he? Rubbing the other candidates’ noses in their own doo just by being there. They’re probably embarrassed because 1) he’s honest; 2) he’s a straight shooter; 3) his record is cleaner and more consistent than any of theirs; and 4) he is un-bribeable; 5) he’s a REAL populist, not a fake, and 6) he’s what a substantial percentage of America wants – someone who will represent THEM and bring the troops home.

    He even gives his tax returns to help pay off the national debt and does not accept the cushy benefit package given to all the other Congresscritters.

    Pity about Kucinich being disinvited from the next debate; he’s the Democrats’ marginalized candidate but like Paul he shaped the discourse. Debates are going to be boring without them.

  28. invar

    Ron Paul events are like carnivals they’re so happy.

    Just don’t drink the bong water. Some dude did that at one of those Anti-war rallies….got ugly.

    “serving the state” by a fascist/corporatist dictator who’s imposed martial law and bought his own police state with THEIR MONEY.

    But who obviously have no problem with ‘serving the state’ by a Socialist Nanny-state Politburo who imposed Communism “for the children” with THEIR MONEY.

    Bush is Satan to you people (and he’ll be gone in a year and a week) and the wrath of the Mob Zombies is reserved for Republicans and Conservatives who do not bow down at the altar of Paul.

    I don’t get it. Most people don’t get it and we all condemn it.

    Oh really? Well yours is one of the very, very few in a sea of HUNDREDS and HUNDREDS of posts and e-mails I’ve read that justify those threats. Hell, just scroll up and read what your pal Paul Revere II had to say – and that is the typical response one finds about the kind of threats and violence the Mob engages in.

    As to Ron Paul’s apologists for the racist essays written in the first person with his name on them, other more prominent Republicans have been run out of office and position for far less.

    Whether or not your messiah actually is a racist or not (In reading his stuff, I get the impression he definitely dislikes the Jews, as he says the same subtle kinds of things my own old man used to say), his own anti-war rants more than demonstrate to me that he is completely off his rocker. Those alone, and the kind of behavior from his Mob Zombie throngs – solidify the negative opinion about your candidate.

    I do understand the near-hysterical rage and scorn cast upon Ron Paul and his followers. He hit a nerve

    Yeah, the same kind of nerve that Cindy Sheehan, Adam Gadahn, and Michael Moore hit.

  29. invar

    he’s what a substantial percentage of America wants – someone who will represent THEM and bring the troops home…Pity about Kucinich

    And therein lies the factual reason why Ron Paul is disliked by Conservatives and proves the contention made that the only reason Ron Paul has support – is because the Anti-War Left and the peaceniks support him on that one and only issue.

    That Kuccinich wanted him for a running mate, and many mob zombies love that idea – speaks to the fact that Ron Paul is no Conservative, and no Republican.

  30. invar, I don’t think actual leftists are supporting him. Every left-wing blog I know of has come out strongly against Ron Paul when they have anything at all to say about him. If you could point me to a few who do support the man, that would be helpful.

  31. invar

    Yes, actual Leftists and Democrats are supporting him.

    Ron Paul’s biggest support site outside of his own: – Lew

    A few activists like myself have crossed over to support Ron Paul but far too many others have not. Far too many from the left, far too many progressives and liberals and far too many anti-war activists have not.

    We have so much in common but many on the left ridicule Ron Paul and his supporters. They are so stuck in their positions, they do not see the monumental things we have in common.

    …We need to start somewhere and Ron Paul is a good place to start.

    For me, supporting and voting for Ron Paul is the most “radical” thing I have ever done in my political life. It is something I do with comfort and good conscience. I support peace and I can only vote for a candidate who wants to stop this war and prevent a larger war from happening.

    …Perhaps the Ron Paul Revolution is best defined in his own words: He is honored to be a part of our revolution(ie: Leftist).

    The Leftist/Socialist

    Leftist Web blogs like this one:

    Why The Antiwar Left Should Support Republican Ron Paul in ’08

    There’s enough documentation, photos and so on of anti-war rallies with a plethora of Ron Paul signs there. Some of those pics have been posted here.

    That’s not even scratching the surface of the support Ron Paul has from the Left – for mainly his anti-war position.

    And you people wonder why real Conservatives have a problem with your guy??

    He’s being carried on the shoulders of the Left.

    You are known by the company you keep.

  32. Tony

    Actually, the colonists did go after loyalists to the crown. They called them “tories”. Not important, I’m just saying. And since no one ever seems to understand this, I’ll spell it out simply. Go check the Republican Platform for 2000. Just to save time, I’ll quote this passage on the military. Remember, George Bush ran on this platform in 2000.

    “Over the past seven years, a shrunken American military has been run ragged by a deployment tempo that has eroded its military readiness. Many units have seen their operational requirements increased four-fold, wearing out both people and equipment. Only last fall the Army certified two of its premier combat divisions as unready for war because of underfunding, mismanagement, and over-commitment to peacekeeping missions around the globe. More Army units and the other armed services report similar problems. It is a national scandal that almost one quarter of our Army’s active combat strength is unfit for wartime duty.

    When presidents fail to make hard choices, those who serve must make them instead. Soldiers must choose whether to stay with their families or to stay in the armed forces at all. Sending our military on vague, aimless, and endless missions rapidly saps morale. Even the highest morale is eventually undermined by back-to-back deployments, poor pay, shortages of spare parts and equipment, inadequate training, and rapidly declining readiness.”

    Go further back in platforms and you find more Ron Paul type positions and less positions that meet up with the current other candidates. Just to point one interesting thing out, I read the 2004 platform and thought I was reading the wrong party’s platform. Pushing social programs and promoting what amounts to war propoganda. anti-homosexual positions and anti-abortion seemed to be the only conservative platforms left.

    This isn’t the Republican party I grew up with. I’m sorry.

  33. Actually I think Hillary Clinton is Satan. She’s Bush Lite, a closet neocon. The Clintons have been working with, for and against the Bush family for over 20 years. They are each others’ Controlled Opposition but behind the scenes they are usually allies. Look at these two families more closely and it’ll hit you how, rhetoric aside, their ACTIONS are identical: They favor Big Government, Big Business, Big Empire, and major top-down control. Think Bad Thoughts and you go to Gitmo. Sign this loyalty oath and take this national ID so we can track your every movement, or we won’t let you fly or drive. We’re dissolving your country’s borders for the NAU and the NAFTA Highway. And your house is in our way so you have to move out so we can demolish it and build a Walmart. Eminent Domain tough sh*t.

    Uh . . . thanks but no thanks? Satan, I’m telling you; both families hail from Hell. Ron Paul is the only one who’d undo the damage. The rest are shills.

  34. invar

    Oh, a “closet Jew” yes?

    So what kind of Ministry will you Mob Zombies create to determine who is and who is not a ‘Neocon”??

    Will you be distributing yellow stars or crosses?

    Ron Paul is the only one who’d undo the damage.

    More insane messiah worship.

    You’ll trade one set of despots for one you loft upwards as a savior and deliverer of all problems.

    Nothing is more frightening or dangerous than what you people are continuously spewing in terms of messiah worship of a mere politician.

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  36. TIMETOTAKEA Closer Look

    I first wanted want to make it clear that I have Native American Blood in me. I also have a lot of other blood that may or may not be the blood that many Ron Paul supporters would call “pure American blood.” I have children with even less pure blood. Tell the truth movement, I said I do not like their brand of truth, if it means that I am on their list of those who are not Americans. It is easy to see how propaganda works. You build a consensus on issues where most everyone agrees but where there is dissonance, you brush that gut feeling aside, while you are caught up in the fervor of some new idea added to the agenda of those espousing “truth.” This is how I felt about Ron Paul until it came to the immigration issue. When and if the Ron Paul Movement gains traction, to the point of electing those of his same stripe, will you go along with the less attractive and racist agenda they will endorse?

    A White Supremacists who held a $2,000 a plate fund raising dinner for Dr. Ron Paul has this to say to me and my children-

    “No person shall be a citizen of the United States unless he is a non-Hispanic white of the European race, in whom there is no ascertainable trace of Negro blood, nor more than one-eighth Mongolian, Asian, Asia Minor, Middle Eastern, Semitic, Near Eastern, American Indian, Malay or other non-European or non-white blood, provided that Hispanic whites, defined as anyone with an Hispanic ancestor, may be citizens if, in addition to meeting the aforesaid ascertainable trace and percentage tests, they are in appearance indistinguishable from Americans whose ancestral home is in the British Isles or Northwestern Europe. Only citizens shall have the right and privilege to reside permanently in the United States.” – Bill Johnson

    Dr. Ron Paul broke bread with racists and only after loud calls for him to disassociate himself from Bill Johnson did he withdraw his support for Bill Johnson. Ron Paul never gave that money back to those White Supremacists and if you think there is not more money where that came from, think again. Ron Paul built his political career on the backs of White Supremacists. His newsletters from the 90’s are filled with bigotry and racism. Do the least little research and you will find where Ron Paul’s views about immigration came from. You may agree with him today about immigration, but when Ron Paul and his supporters are in power, watch the concentration camps he rightly recognizes are out there…fill up with people with various shades of brown skin,

    As for me, never, and I mean never, will I ever vote for a Republican again. I was fooled by Reagen and I did vote for him during his first term. That ended it for me. The Middle Class took the hit. The mentally ill, now homeless, were put out into the street. Americans no longer had retirements or benefits. The safety net has been eroding ever since Reagan and little by little, the Bill of Rights has eroded until there will only be scraps of America left for the poor Whites, Hispanics, and Blacks to wrestle over. Ron Paul wants there to be a Bill of Rights but for whom? Who will meet the status of U.S. Citizen when Ron Paul and his supporters take over the reigns of government? I will not pass the Bill Johnson test. It may be you that passes the test for the protections given by the Constitution and Bill of Rights but if you believe as I do, that Ron Paul takes money from racists like Bill Johnson, that doesn’t mean me or my children will have your Rights.

    It may not be popular to speak out against a populist amongst an army of populists but I can do no other. I will support Ron Paul when he opposes war but when he starts talking about immigration brother… my ancestors’ blood was spilled in Oklahoma… My brown skinned children are not yours to send anywhere. When you start talking your rubbish about sending my children back to Mexico brother, you better believe I am going to speak out.

    If you believe that Libertarianism is the answer, you already have it. Corporate Libertarians are running roughshod over the middle class and taking all of their meager assets. Libertarians and Ron Paul want there to be no environmental laws. They are getting their wish. Ron Paul wishes for there to be no minimum wage. The minimum wage now is at a ridiculously paltry amount. Why does he not support an increase to a living minimum wage? If you don’t want illegal immigrants, support wages that can support an American Family. When inflation is at 15% and your wage stays the same, that is called a pay cut. Ron Paul is opposed to unions. The only good paying labor jobs in America today and in the past are there because of unions. What do these things mean for you if you want to live in a place that respects the dignity of human life? Do you want toxic polluters dumping their filth in your backyard? Do you wish for your children to work for less than a minimum wage? Do you want to abolish unions so that the market of China and Nicaragua determines your wages and benefits? Libertarians are opposed to the protections of these things.

    I want to make it clear. I believe in the right to bear arms, but I am not a gun lover who is storing up ammunition and weapons to stop the brown people from invading America. I own no guns. If you kill me, White, Black, Brown, or Green, I will go on to the light of love but while I live, I will say my sayings. America was already invaded by Europeans and Europeans took America with a kind of hatred that is being evoked today by the Ron Paul anti-immigration supporters. I will not let you take my brown skinned children without me saying my piece. Think again before you support another anti-immigration populist with broad support from White Supremacists. The people of Germany looked the other way as the Brown Shirts dragged away those that were not of “pure blood” and those who spoke out against them. What will you do?

    “In Germany, they came first for the Communists, And I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a Communist; And then they came for the trade unionists, And I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a trade unionist; And then they came for the Jews, And I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a Jew; And then . . . they came for me . . . And by that time there was no one left to speak up.” -Pastor Martin Niemöller

  37. Are you still alive or have they eaten your brain?
    PS: Like what you’ve done. Don’t give up. I got your back.

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