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Rush Is Wrong While DC Panders To Joe Sixpack


John Galt sends up another excellent perspective about the current circus of economics and politics.

Rush is Wrong and our Lotto and Smokes Politicans

By John Galt

Yes, here we go again. The celebration in Washington kicks off as the national debt accelerates in just one day by 1% of our total GDP. We have provided money for smokes, lotto and malt liquor to calm the masses and keep them from being angry one day this summer as they are laid off from their jobs and the benefits run out.

Absurd. Wasteful. Foolish.

Yet in more “shocking” news today the GOP’s only “conservative” (Stop snickering, it took me over an hour to quit laughing) withdrew from the race and basically handed the Mexichurian Candidate the nomination. I never thought I would see a day where I would hope for a Huckabee win but today is the day. Yes, I know, I voted for Dr. Paul but that was out of principle. Now we are down to Dr. Paul, 3 socialists and a preacher running for the office of head of the free world. Crap, we are screwed.

Speaking of which, I can not announce this loud enough:


While Mr. Limbaugh is entertaining, his shows lately are sounding somewhat empty. He will never admit it but he’s been wrong for twenty years now, begging conservatives to “work within the party to change it.” Well Mr. Limbaugh, hows that been working out so far? We have wide open borders, a “temporary” tax cut, spending out of control, undeclared wars, an underfunded and understaffed military, internationalist treaties which have reduced our sovereignty, and a hotheaded fruitcake as the GOP front runner who had the nerve to actually congratulate Presidente Calderon in Mexico for his help on the border issue. Of course this is the same el President whose military he controls routinely shoots at our border patrol while escorting drug dealers into the U.S., but hey, who’s accounting for taste.

I’m going to slightly give Rush some slack here because under Reagan and again in 1994, it DID appear that we might be able to change the GOP from the inside. It has just taken a while for the truth about how just about every career politician LOATHES the Conservative American to sink in to the minds of the hopeful. The argument about what happens to a fractured base of support has indeed borne itself out here. If the Conservatives bolted from the party any earlier, we might be at the end a President Al Gore or John Kerry Administration.

But back to Rush.

So basically speaking you’ve made a gazillion bucks but the conservatives who followed you got, uh, ummm, “screwed” by following your advice. Well, I “unscrewed” myself by quitting the GOP in 2004 after the border betrayal by the loon in charge now and to be quite honest, I don’t feel bad at all. Add in the fact that we have a snotty liberal CINO representing us in Congress, a faux conservative CINO Senator, and Arnie Lite as governator of Florida and you can see why we are somewhat disillusioned down here. But hey, at least we don’t have a Senator like McCain who is proud of working with an alcoholic philandering (alleged) manslaughter dirtbag who is a Senator from Massachusetts. Sheesh, we’re not bragging too much now as I’m sure he’ll retire down here and there’s plenty of bridges and our liquor stores are open on Sunday.

Back to the Limbaugh fallacy though. He’s begged us to work within the party which lies, degrades and ignores us. Dr. Dobson sent the message the other day, but these people continue to say “party first” instead of “THE NATION COMES FIRST” which is most telling. These idiots who think that I will ever send them anything other than “Da Nadas” are completely delusional.

So now the moderate talk radio hosts who claimed to be conservatives in a prior life are claiming “we have to support the party candidate to keep Hillary out” and other such nonsense. So let’s analyze their ignorance:

1. 1st Amendment: McCain’s horrible campaign finance reform bill was one thing, but think people. If the Democratically controlled legislature passes the “fairness doctrine” in it’s new form, don’t you think he’ll sign it to shut up his critics as he is a vindicative soul? Hillary on the other hand will just sign an executive order.

2. 2nd Amendment: GOA Ratings are as follows:

McCain: F-

BJC (Black Jimmy Carter): F

Mussolini in Drag: F-

Is there really any need for any further comment? Goodbye gun rights….(are you paying attention yet el Rushbo, Beck and others?)

3. 4th Amendment:

McCain – Anti-waterboarding of select terrorist suspects.

BJC – Ditto

Mussolini in Drag – Megaditto

4. American Sovereignty

McCain supports aspects of Kyoto and is against drilling in ANWR. He wants a 50 cent per gallon gasoline tax to pay for carbon credits so he’ll get continued invites on the Letterman show and free golf with Arnie. He also supports the L.O.S.T. (Law of the Sea Treaty) and the S.P.P. For those that think the S.P.P. is just a myth, that’s fine. But if you think he’s retracted his support of open borders in the U.S. you are on crack.

BJC – Who knows but he’s an internationalist and socialist so odds are he’s married to McCain at the hip on issues of the sovereignty of our nation and preservation of our identity.

Mussolini in Drag – Whoever bribes her the most, that’s her policy of the day.

So el Rushbo, please, educate us foolish masses. We have a bunch of lazy, imperial, impetuous, vapid, dis-loyal “Republicans”, some of who claim to be conservative, which have demonstrated in the last twenty years a consistent ability to be bought, sold or outwitted by the socialists who seek to destroy this nation. If you think for one minute they see a dime, a vote or anything from moi, you are sadly mistaken again.

It’s time for you and your talking buddies to quit submitting your audience to this nonsense and get serious about changing this nation before it’s too late. And it’s time for the Republicans to go the way of the Whigs (That is an extinct political party for those of you who are NEA impaired or live in Rio Linda). I see no difference despite the scare tactics being created in the two parties, the potential nominees nor the personalities in charge. When the true conservatives elect to support a party or create one which actually supports, gasp, the CONSTITUTION, then I’ll support your causes and start to believe what you have been saying.

In the mean time, put up or shut up gang. The choice is yours.

My contention has been that the country needs change from the Bottom on UP, not the Top on DOWN. Focusing on local races will eventually change the make-up of the House and Senate over time.

However, Rush was more right that we may want to give him credit for. In 2006, he apparently PREDICTED what would happen in 2008 if Conservatives pulled out of the party and sat home – we would get a John McCain as a Nominee for Prez.

As our own history shows us, there does come a time after much entreat and pleading that a separation is the best course – and we may well have arrived at that point as far as the GOP is concerned. Sadly, no matter what happens at this point – DECADES will pass before any true Conservative is once again in a position to lead a majority party of likeminds.

Unless something far worse than Jimmy Carter stokes the populace to come to their senses. but I’m none to hopeful with the entitlement mindset that grips a majority of the electorate.

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The Once and Future President McCain


I’m not much on forecasting the future, but one thing I have learned is that a record and consistency of behavior is a good indicator of future actions.

Given the oral and written record of Presidential contender John McCain, it does not take a vivid imagination to conjur up a vsion of the future of what a Presidency under John McCain might look like.

John Bicknell gives us a good insight, based on the existing record of what we know about John McCain’s contempt for Conservatives and his surrender to Democrats on a consistent basis, to describe a once and scary future of a President McCain.

The Real Conservative Conundrum: A President McCain Working With a Democratic Congress

McCain is not someone who simply reaches across the aisle to form coalitions with the other side. He walks across the aisle, puts on the other team’s uniform and sings the other team’s fight song.

By John Bicknell, CQ Columnist

Picture a President John McCain , next January, making his first appeal to Congress. What might that message entail? Certainly, it will include something about Iraq, and the war on terror, and other elements of national security and defense that will put him at odds with the majority Democrats.

But then, the new president will turn his attention to his domestic agenda. And he likely will be facing a Congress with larger majorities of Democrats than it now has. The electoral math all but guarantees Democratic gains in the Senate. The House looks pretty good for them, too. If President McCain wants legislative victories, he will have to turn to those majorities to get them enacted.

And he will be happy to do so. That’s how McCain has always operated, and there is no reason to believe that if he becomes president, he will operate in any other manner.

Conservatives who have opposed McCain during the campaign have cited his positions on a range of issues — immigration, campaign finance, climate change, tax cuts, legal rights for detainees — where he has sided with Democrats.

But the positions McCain has taken are only part of the problem for conservatives.

As president, with a Democratic Congress, it is the other part — the stylistic part — that will prove to be a much greater problem for conservatives.

When McCain has been on the conservative side, as he has been on the vast majority of issues, he gives it full-throated support. He is not afraid of giving offense to appropriators when he sticks up for cutting spending, and he has not been shy about deriding Democrats who oppose the war in Iraq, to cite two potent examples.

But when he is with the Democrats, he is really with them. McCain is not someone who simply reaches across the aisle to form coalitions with the other side. He walks across the aisle, puts on the other team’s uniform and sings the other team’s fight song.

If he wants to accomplish things — and every president wants to accomplish things — he will have to do so on the Democrats’ terms.

That means his agenda will include those things on which he agrees with the Democratic majorities in the House and Senate:

• A cap and trade regime for climate change.

• Expansion of McCain-Feingold regulations for campaign finance.

• Expanded legal rights for enemy combatants, and probably the closing of Guantanamo.

• Comprehensive immigration overhaul, with a guest worker program and a path to citizenship for the millions of illegal immigrants already in the country.

This will not be a “reaching across the aisle.” This will be a full partnership of the president and the Congress, who just happen to be of different parties. The shrunken GOP minority in the Senate might serve as a brake, especially on immigration. But it will be only a brake, not a standing astride history yelling “stop!”

Certainly, on other issues, McCain will fight with the Democrats. On the Iraq war, on taxes, on spending, the relationship will be more typical of that between a Republican president and a Democratic Congress.

In his victory speech on Super Tuesday, McCain laid out his GOP credentials.

“I am a Republican because, like you, I want to relieve the American people of the heavy hand of a government,” he said. “I am a Republican because, like you, I believe government must defend our nation’s security wisely and effectively,” he said. “I am a Republican because I believe, like you, that government should tax us no more than necessary, spend no more than necessary,” he promised.

And, he said, “I am a Republican because I believe the judges we appoint to the federal bench must understand that enforcing our laws, not making them, is their only responsibility.”

If those are the issues on which he decides to stake his presidency, McCain could become a hero to the right. He is also likely to endure legislative failure after legislative failure or, at best, legislative gridlock.

A different path seems likely because it makes more sense both historically — presidents want positive achievements they can point to — and in terms of how McCain has behaved as a senator.

On global warming, campaign finance, legal rights for detainees and immigration, it will serve both the interests of McCain and Congress to act. Congress, as much as the new president, will want to show that it can get things done after two years of stalemate with President Bush.

Between now and November, John McCain can make all the speeches and do all the reaching out he deems necessary to assuage the concerns of the conservative base of the Republican Party. He can even turn his considerable skills at political combat against the Democrats. It might help get him elected, or it might not. If it does, come next January he still will have to begin governing in the face of wider Democratic majorities in Congress, and he still will have to choose between success and failure.

In that instance, he will choose success. And it will be an easy choice for him to make because on a whole range of issues, both substantively and stylistically, he and the Democrats will measure success in the same way.

When that happens, the conservatives in the Republican Party will really have something to be mad about.

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