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Bush To Secure The Southern Border………of Mexico – NOT America.


Like this was going to be a big surprise.

Like stupid imbeciles, the GOP wonders why Conservatives are planning to sit home this November and not stop their complaining about McCain and the sham of the Republican Nomination fiasco to win the Whitehouse. Bloated runaway spending, continuous compromise and the push to shove Amnesty for millions of illegal Mexican Immigrants sealing the discontent among the electorate. Conservatives do not forget the thumb in our eye and the fists in our face and the catcalls of “Racists; Nativists and vigilantes” from the Establishment leaders trying to ramrod Amnesty down our throats last Summer. As America heads into recession, and money is flying out of Washington to buy votes by giving us an advance on NEXT YEAR’S tax returns – it would seem that a “stimulus package” to Mexico to help secure the Souther border – of MEXICO would be seen as spectacular stupidity on a grand scale.



The Party Establishment in DC thinks they can do whatever they please, and it is learned today that the Bush Administration has decided to pull another “secret” deal with Mexico. This time it’s disguised as a “security aid package”.

The Merida Initiative is a Bush-backed plan that has seen little involvement or knowledge of our elected representatives in Congress that seeks to dump 1.4 B-B-BILLION dollars into corrupt Meximafioso Government types to create the illusion they are fighting drug trafficking, crime, and terrorists. It appears to be nothing more than appeasement payola and graft to continue to forge ahead the desire to make North America one big giant happy Third World Continent.

Michelle Malkin brings this to our attention:

The White House wants a $1.4 billion stimulus/national security package…for Mexico

President Bush is pushing a massive foreign-aid package to Mexico to help them secure their southern border against the flow of illegal aliens from Central America.

“We can’t even get our own border straight, and we are going to provide Mexico with funding so they can solve their problem,” the reader fumed. “I doubt the Central Americans are staying very long in Mexico anyway. We know where they are going!”

Too outrageously outrageous to be true?

Well, I checked it out and it’s even worse than the reader described. Far worse.

The plan is called “The Merida Initiative.” Seems that the White House has had this plan in the works for nearly a year with little congressional input on either side of the border.

We can’t finish our own border fence, properly supply our immigration agents and border patrol with all the equipment and resources they need, or get our house in order. Yet, the Bush administration wants to fork over $1.4 billion to Mexico and Central America–with much of it going into the hands of corrupt law enforcement officials and government bureaucrats who have worked tirelessly to undermine our immigration laws. The funding is tucked into the 2008 supplemental budget.
Naturally, the State Department has taken a lead role. They’ve held meetings in secret and cut out members of Congress from discussion. You’ll love the explanation for the secrecy: Mexico is “sensitive,” you see. Also, according to one expert, “Mexico is very protective of its sovereignty and very worried about any incursion of U.S. security forces or private contractors—like Blackwater—coming in to train Mexicans.” Yeah, they’re worried about incursions and sovereignty.

Rep. Gabrielle Gifford, D-Ariz., questioned whether it was wise to assist Mexico at a time when the U.S. economy appears to be headed toward a recession.
“Unless we have our house in order, putting millions into Central America and Mexico is not the solution,” she said.

But I haven’t read about any opposition from Republicans. Yoo-hoo. Anybody home?

Meantime, Mexico refuses to extradite criminal suspects who’ve fled from the U.S. down to Mexico unless our prosecutors drop death penalty charges against them.

Read the Curses of Deuteronomy 28:16-end of chapter. This all fits right on in.

While the payola and Graft appeasement goes on under the table – ABOVE the table – in our own country – Mexican Presidente Felipe Calderon has the audacity to warn us that “closing the border would be a “very, very big mistake” for the U.S. economy“.

“Probably the worst thing that happened in this country is this anti-Mexican or anti-immigrant spirit or perception in the people, and we need to change that,” he said in response to a question after giving a speech at Harvard University.

He said Mexico had made big strides in its war against drug cartels but that the United States also bears responsibility for the illegal drug trade and should do more to stop it.

Why in the living hell should WE pay to fight a “drug war” YOU profit from El Presidente??? What is this? Blackmail?

“Drugs is not only my problem. It’s not mainly a problem of Mexico. Our problem is we are the neighbor of the largest consumer of the world. And we are paying the cost for this,” he said in his speech to Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government.

Oh great – BLAME America for the problem. Sheesh, no wonder Democrats and Liberal Republicans LOVE this guy!

“I think the American government must do its part in this terrible battle,” he said.

Calderon added that the U.S. economy’s slide toward recession underscored the need for the United States, Mexico and Canada to integrate their economies into a free market in order to rebuff growing competition from Asia and Europe.

And everyone tells us that the idea of a “North American Union” is just a myth.


“The American economy is suffering. But if you take the point of view that the solution for this situation — the lack of competitiveness in the American economy — is closing the border, you are making a very, very big mistake,” he said.

Is that a threat Mr. Presidente???

“Clearly we are two complementary economies. And that phenomenon is impossible to stop,” he said.

You talking about our economy or the phenomena of your Illegal Mexican Insurgency?

Yes, we can stop it. We’re America – all that is required is the willpower and resolve to to do it – and we will see it done.

We fight two enemies on this – the Illegal Insurgents from Mexico and their lobbying political groups, AND – our own government Elites in Washington.

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