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Tell Us Lies, Speak Smooth Things For We Have No Wisdom

This culture is so willing to believe lies, to embrace spin, to prosper in a lying environment by becoming lovers of lies ourselves.

From the Presidential Campaigns, Global Warming, the anti-war movement, and the Mainstream Media – we see the evidence of the death of truth in our society.

When our civilization is comfortable with lies and eschews the truth, our culture and indeed our civilization will not last long. It will devise and make up non-existent threats and enemies, while causing the populace to ignore or discount real ones. It will cleverly manipulate you into surrendering your liberty, for a twisted idea of what is moral and just. Most importantly, it will refuse to properly address crisis and root causes of troubles to instead embrace ideas and solutions that will exacerbate a problem into a complete catastrophe.

In this ridiculous political season of convenient lies, spin, distortion and twists of truth to ensure a New Morality succeeds in it’s war on our heritage and culture – I invite you all to listen to 30 minutes of the most profound understanding of how the lack of truthfulness in our society will damn us to oblivion. These are things you need to consider in order to insulate yourself from an entire civilization that has gone absolutely mad in believing smooth lies and convenient, made-up truths to forward an agenda.

Considering the times in which we live, this expose of how lies become truth and how God views this mindset will preserve your ability to discern truth, and maintain your wisdom:

The Lie Inside

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