A Dragon In Presidential Candidate Clothing

While recent gaffes of Barrack Hussein Obama are showcasing what kind of a contemptable Elitist-Alinsky-Racist he actually is, the media is doing all in their power to bury or apologize for their Golden Boy for the White House.

Already the recent flack over Obama’s comments over the weekend that rural Americans were “bitter” and “cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren’t like them” are being forgotten and forgiven.

Poll numbers today show that Hillary Clinton’s gain on Obama was short lived and the Democrat party itself is not worried about yet ANOTHER insulting comment by Obama.

But contrary to the charge by some Conservatives and Republicans that Obama is “just an empty suit” – I warn all Americans that Obama is far more dangerous than assuming his clothes are void of any substance. Obama is cloaked in the mantle of a smooth-talking messiah for high office – and inside that cloak, is a dragon.

I’m not alone in my sentiments.

Obama: The Most Dangerous Man In America

He’s kind of goofy looking. He makes a great speech. He appeals to the misty-eyed idealism of every college freshman in America starting out on their college degrees dreaming of how they are going to change the world.

He talks about hope and change. He doesn’t talk about what he’s hoping for or what changes he wants to make to what or to who. But do not be fooled by this seemingly harmless yet hopeful candidate for President. If elected, Barack Obama along with a Democrat controlled Congress, will greatly harm this country and thus he is without doubt the most dangerous man in America, and by extension, the most dangerous man on the planet.

Forget for the time being the destruction that will be wrought on America domestically. Let’s look at his views on foreign policy and his philosophy, as much as he has revealed it, on the defense of this country. He recently made a very revealing statement when he said he would never use nuclear weapons against an enemy.

Think about that for a moment.

Our possession of nuclear weapons maintained peace throughout the Cold War and the possibility that we might use them deterred some Soviet leaders from ever considering a pre-emptive first strike. Over the years since we first deployed nuclear weapons and saved 1 million American lives in 1945, we have upgraded these weapons, miniaturised them, made them more efficient and refined the delivery systems. We have spent millions of dollars on this effort and it has been money well spent. Russia and China are constantly working to do the same thing and upgrade and improve their nuclear weapons. Barack Obama has announced that he will surrender our nuclear deterrent without a shot being fired. It is called unilateral nuclear disarmament. No new work will be done to keep our technology up to date and the already existing weapons will be allowed to fall into disrepair and be unusable. For the Russians and the Chinese this means one critical thing: a survivable pre-emptive nuclear strike is now an option for them. They now know that they could wipe out 10 or 12 key Amercian cities and we would not retaliate against them. That is a very dangerous position to be in.

Obama has also indicated that he will stop all procurement of offensive combat systems. That means no new aircraft, no new ships, no new tanks, no new artillery pieces, basically all weapons procurement will come to a screeching halt. Funding for the missile defense system will be cut. I wonder if he will even let them buy bullets for their guns. He will also close Guanatanamo Bay and release those held there. He will bring home the troops from Iraq and surrender all the progress made there since the surge. He will prevent the intelligence services from doing any type of wiretap surveillance of terrorists and he will stop the practice of tracking their financial transactions. He will only allow very basic questioning of the very few terror suspects that we may catch.

Couple this with his stated willingness to talk to all of our enemies.

Iran has threatened the very existence of the State of Israel: he wants to talk to them.

Hamas has launched rockets into civilian areas of Southern Israel and sent homicide bombers onto Israeli school buses: he wants to talk to them.

Hezbollah has launched rockets into civilian areas of Northern Israel. They have kidnapped Israeli soldiers. They have kidnapped private citizens from many countries, including Americans, tortured them and held them captive for years. They murdered 240 Marines in 1983: he wants to talk to them.

The PLO have murdered thousands of innocent Israeli’s and thousands of innocent civilians all over the world. They have desecrated an Olympic games with their murderous acts: he wants to talk to them.

Al-Qaeda murdered 3,000 people on September 11th 2001: he wants to talk to Bin Laden.

Virtually any terrorist organisation that has killed Americans, he wants to appease.

It is now viable for smaller nuclear states like Pakistan, should its weapons ever fall into the wrong hands, North Korea and soon Iran, to attack the United States with a nuclear warhead and know we will not retaliate in kind.
Barack Obama thinks this country needs to be brouight down a peg or two. He believes we need to be humbled. He doesn’t want America to be a superpower any longer, militarily or otherwise. He believes that our contribution to the United Nations should be 1 trillion dollars by the end of 2012. This means that he will always defer to the UN when the defense of this country is needed. We all know what the UN will do to defend us: nothing.

Where does he get this from? Jeremiah Wright. I will not call him Reverend because I reserve that title for men of God and anyone that can spew the hate he does is no man of God. Obama agrees with the “chickens home to roost” comment about 9/11. He has tried to deny it but it is clear that his loyalty to this man and his Church are unwavering even given Wright’s hatred of this country. Deep down inside, although political expediency will not let him admit it, Obama is in agreement with his pastor on these issues.

Our enemies are full of hope. Our enemies are hoping that Obama will bring change. The things they would hope for and change about the United States will come to pass if Obama is elected President. It would usher in a disastrous period for America and a Second Holocaust in Israel. Think about Wright’s comments and the sheer antipathy toward his own country indicated by them. Then think about a man slick enough not to say it in public, but who actually believes it deep down and then put that man in the White House. Think about the prospect of Jeremiah Wright visiting the White House and giving advice to his protege.

It should scare you because it sure scares me to think that the very existence of this country and the State of Israel could be in the hands of the most Liberal member of the US Senate and a man who allowed Jeremiah Wright to conduct his wedding service and baptise his children and be a member of his advisory board. A man who values the advice of someone who called this country the United States of KKKA and invited his congregation to G*****n this country which they happily did.

Barack Obama may not wish to disown the man who expresses those sentiments, but you can and you should reject Obama along with him.



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4 responses to “A Dragon In Presidential Candidate Clothing

  1. Ryan

    Heh, Barack “Hussein” Obama

  2. VoteNader

    Do you have any concept of how interconnected our planet is, both socially and environmentally? The nukes we have now are exponentially more devastating than those used in the 1940s. Even using just one could seriously affect Americans as easily as it affects those who are actually its targets! Many of the things we depend on daily are imported from other parts of the world, including oil, food stuffs, and other non-essential items. Given this, why would anybody ever release this type of destruction again in order to “preserve” their way of life? It would be like biting one’s own nose to spite the face.

  3. invar

    Jihadists will have no compuction or reservation about using them on infidels.

    Russia and China are adopting a First Strike option.

    You and Obamination obviously would have us sitting ducks, to suck up our own genocide so you can feel good about yourself.

    No thanks.

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