Anti-God Insanity – Court Rules No Prayer In Public

“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof…” 1st Amendment, United States Constitution

Obviously, prohibiting the free exercise thereof is perfectly Constitutional according to our Godless court systems and depraved judiciary, especially if you are a coach and do something as outrageous as bowing your head or taking a knee while your team prays before a game.

God is going to laugh at this nation in the day of our calamity for our brazen rejection of Him and His Ways and Laws in a nation so bereft of wisdom, it’s frightening.

Court: E. Brunswick football coach can’t kneel, bow head as team prays

The East Brunswick school board was within its rights to tell a football coach he cannot kneel and bow his head as members of his team have a student-led pre-game prayer, a federal appeals court ruled today.

The ruling from the U.S. 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals in Philadelphia reversed a lower-court ruling made almost two years ago.

All three members of the three-judge panel wrote their own opinions on the issue, which pits the right to free speech against the freedom from official establishment of a religion.

The judges agreed the East Brunswick Board of Education’s policy barring school staff from joining in student-led was constitutional. But the judges differed on what exactly a coach should do when his team prays.

From the time Marcus Borden became the Bears’ coach in 1983, he was deeply involved in team prayers; for a time, he even led them. In 2005, school officials received complaints that he was leading prayers and asked him to stop participating.

He sued the school board seeking to be allowed to bow his head and kneel when students led their own prayers. A lower-court judge found that should be allowed.

The East Brunswick Board of Education appealed Cavanaugh’s ruling, saying that by taking a knee and bowing his head, Borden was endorsing religion whether he mouthed the words with his players or not.

The appeal was taken over by Americans United for Separation of Church and State, a Washington, D.C., group that opposes prayer in schools.

“We find that based on the history of Borden’s conduct with the team’s players, his acts cross the line and constitute an unconstitutional endorsement of religion,” the judges wrote in the ruling. “Although Borden believes that he must continue to engage in these actions to demonstrate solidarity with his team…we must consider whether a reasonable observer would perceive his actions as endorsing religion, not whether Borden intends to endorse religion.”

Ronald Riccio, the Morristown-based attorney representing Borden, said he plans to appeal the decision to the U.S. Supreme Court.

“The supreme court should hear this case because so far, there have been four judges who rendered an opinion that’s different from the other’s decision. There are decisions around the country that go both ways. This is primed for the supreme court,” he said.



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5 responses to “Anti-God Insanity – Court Rules No Prayer In Public

  1. VoteNader

    Well no, he can’t, because in his capacity as a public school football coach, he represents the state/government. “Government shall make no law establishing a religion.” It’s from our 1st Amendment, possibly the most important of all of them. Technically, a teacher is not allowed to mention that he or she even attends a church (or any other admittal that would indicate a religious preference) and yes, this is getting a bit silly. Still, I’d rather have a godless government than one that preferred gave preference to one … You may recall a certain period in time before there was Protestantism …

  2. invar

    How in the hell does a FOOTBALL COACH become a government legislator with the power to enact law to establish a state religion??

    You have absolutely no idea how utterly ABSURD and ridiculous your comments are.

    But since you say you prefer a Godless government anyway, it’s no wonder.

  3. VoteNader

    I mean legally speaking, he’s an agent of the state — who signs his paycheck? And his team is funded by state money, playing and practicing on state-owned facilities. It’s not like the NFL, a privately held operation. Besides, what if there are Jewish, Muslim, or agnostic/atheist players? (On a side note, Pat Tillman was a devout atheist, as attested to by his brother during his funeral.) Should any individual be made to bow his/her head by an agent of the state?

  4. invar

    I mean legally speaking, he’s an agent of the state

    Do you have any idea how absurd the stretch is that you are making in this application?

    The First Amendment reads: “CONGRESS shall make NO LAW respecting an establishment of religion, OR PROHIBITING THE FREE EXERCISE THEREOF”

    How is a TEACHER ‘an agent of the state’ in the context of being able to make or pass legislation that would establish a state religion????? And how do you people get off thinking it perfectly acceptible to PROHIBIT THE FREE EXERCISE THEREOF when it suits you??

    — who signs his paycheck?

    Immaterial. Does the School board that sign his check have the ability to make legislation and pass laws that establish a state religion???

    And his team is funded by state money, playing and practicing on state-owned facilities.


    I have to pay taxes to cover state-funded abortions. That’s against both my moral principles and my religious principles, yet I am told “Tough, deal with it”.

    Public Schools on Public tax-payer funded property are teaching the Five Pillars of Islam and teaching kids who are not Muslim how to be Muslim. Somehow THAT’s not an establishment of religion, but a man bowing his head with his team IS establishing a state religion??

    You epitomize the tyrant you aspire to.

    Should any individual be made to bow his/her head by an agent of the state?

    You people make me laugh.

    The coach bowed his head as a voluntary willful act in solidarity with his players. No one on his team was ‘made’ to bow their heads by any agent of the state.

    There is obviously no stretch of pretzel logic you people will use to justify tyranny being imposed on people of faith, to ensure God is removed from any semblence in our society.

  5. John

    Thank you invar. I couldn’t have said that any better.

    I think anyone that objects to the practice of prayer in public is an idiot. Hello… can’t you read our rights? Besides, our society teaches and praises tolerance of others. When is being intolerant of God being tolerant of others?

    Since it’s a public school, on public land, led by a public person… seems to be logical to say that so long as no one was forced into anything, everything was kosher.

    If you don’t like it. Move to China. I hear their economy is booming so you should have no problems finding a job…

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