School Board Says That The Presence Of A Bible, Is An Establishment of A State Religion, and Must be Banned

Bible Ban

Wonder how soon they will dispense with all of these ridiculous bannings, and just get down to the brass tacks of what they REALLY want to do, and burn all the bibles and round up all the Christians for camps and elimination??

For now, it appears that the Separation of Church and State Religion trumps the Constitution. That’s why the government is used to step in and tightly regulate your use of and access to religious materials.

And we Emoting American Christians shrugs our shoulders, say a silent prayer and then hear a sermon about how we are better Christians by applying Romans 13 in order to condition ourselves to listen and obey the government, even when they strip us of our right to worship God.

Mount Vernon teacher can keep Bible in his room but not on desk top, school board president says

Jami Kinton
News Journal

MOUNT VERNON — The president of the Mount Vernon City Schools Board of Education said today a middle school teacher may keep a Bible in his classroom, but not on top of his desk.

John Freshwater, an eighth-grade science teacher, refused the district’s directive to remove his personal Bible from atop his desk Wednesday, calling it an “infringement on my deeply held religious beliefs.”

“He can keep the book inside his desk or have it out during his lunch or free periods,” board president Ian Watson said. “There is a lot of misinformation out there, which is to be expected, but we only asked him to remove the book from his desk top when students are in the room.”

Superintendent Steve Short said as far as he knows the Bible still is atop Freshwater’s desk.

Watson said Freshwater might face an insubordination charge if he fails to comply.

“If he doesn’t remove the Bible from his desk top, at some point, and I don’t know that point yet because we haven’t progressed that far, but some claim of insubordination could be made,” Watson said. “There would be penalties involved, which would vary depending on level of insubordination.”

Watson would not comment on the possible punishments, but said Short would make that determination.

Freshwater, who held a press conference on Mount Vernon’s public square Wednesday, could not be reached for comment today.

“Mr. Freshwater has not yet been placed on leave at this time,” Short said. “I’m still hoping that we can get this resolved, but as far as trying to guess when that would be would be conjecture at this time.”

A statement from the school board about the directive to Freshwater said, “The Mount Vernon Schools has not taken this action because it opposes religion but because it has an obligation under the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution to protect against the establishment of religion in the schools. As a public school system, the district cannot teach, promote or favor any religion or religious beliefs.”

Well that’s a plain damnable lie, and egregiously hypocritical since it appears only Christianity is singled out for such treatment in America today. Apparently, if it’s teaching the Five Pillars of Islam in Public School, or actually BEING a public school that teaches Islam but disguises itself as a public school is okay. If it’s the Bible, or a Christian prayer group, or a coach wanting to take a knee with his player – NOPE, that’s an establishment of religion according to the government. But dressing up American school kids as Muslims, giving them prayer rugs and bowing down to Mecca is just a “cultural exercise” or “history lesson”.

Yes. God forbid you mention George Washington’s prayer in history class, but let’s all play Muslims and get some culture, and start by praying to allah. Just don’t dare hold hands around the flag pole and pray in the name of Jesus because you will violate the Constituion if you do. And if you are brazen enough to leave a bible sitting on your desk – you are creating a State Religion and you must be punished, which they will do, right after they dress up the girls in class like mummies and teach the boys how to kiss the floor while facing Mecca.

Watson said the Bible on Freshwater’s desk became an issue when one family brought it to Short’s attention.

“The parents expressed concern on what allegedly occurred. Most recently, I spoke to the family at the first of this month,” Watson said. “We would like to see the Bible removed so that we can be responsive to parents, and we would like to reach a common ground with Mr. Freshwater that everyone can be OK with, but I don’t know if that will happen.”

When asked if Freshwater was preaching from the Bible during class, Watson would not comment.

“We are still in the fact-finding stage, so I don’t want to respond to that yet,” he said.
Short said talk concerning the issue has been prevalent throughout the community.

“We’re a good-sized town and fairly close-knit community, and I would assume this would be a very emotional topic for a lot of people. I understand that,” he said. “I have not had opportunity to talk with students and faculty, though, to gage their opinions.”

“We’re too early into the situation to make a determination on how people think,” Watson said. “And I’m not keeping score on either side.”

Short and Watson said they have no had recent conversations with Freshwater.

Short said the next school board meeting is May 12.

“But I would hope that we can come to resolution before that time,” he said.

Watson said he is concerned for students.

“This is really unfortunate timing,” he said. “We have state testing coming up and I’m not sure how well the students will be focused at this time, and that’s really frustrating for us.”

Oh yes, forbid that the Word of God be present during a test, it will distract the students from making high grades and cause the school district to lose precious state funding and subsidies!

Apparently, not only does the Bible by it’s very presence automatically create a State Religion if it is seen in a public school, but it automatically causes ADD in any student that comes near it and they might not be able to handle taking the tests while texting their freinds on their cell phones and listening to their iPods.

The horror!


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    I am looking forward to visiting this forum regularly.

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