Yet ANOTHER Obama Advisor Shows Contempt For Christians

Obama's Aide's blasphemy

Last November this blog pointed out the contempt Barrack Hussein Obama eluded to in his dislike of Christians, even though he masquerades around as one.

His associations, freindships and mentors are a cadre of Middle Eastern sleaze bag financiers, domestic terrorists, an America-hating racist pastor and elite snobs who sneer at middle America, and especially Christians who own guns.

And now comes the revelation that Obama has yet ANOTHER campaign advisor and friend that has his own animus and elitist condescension towards the Christian faith and Christian voters, which he happily shares with others.

Stanford Law Professor, Larry Lessig, a digital Communist Tech guru with Google, and Advisor to the Obama campaign has a little video he likes to share with others that depict Jesus as a disco-singing flamboyant homosexual in a diaper that gets run over by a bus.

This video is blasphemous and disturbing if you are sensitive to the depiction of your Lord and Savior with such contempt.

Of course if this was Mohammed Lessig was insulting, we could expect mass riots and death threats from Muslims. Interesting that Lessig and his contemptable audience at Google has nothing to fear from Christians as a result of their ridicule of Jesus Christ, but would they dare slander Islam the way they think they can slander Christianity?

Google has a history of being unfreindly to Christians, while it has no problem banning anyone that might insult Islam or question Liberal ideologies like Abortion and so on.

But the story deepens.

This is yet ANOTHER individual Obama has CHOSEN to associate himself with. Lessig himself acknowldeges this freindship, and given that Obama has past alliances and relationships with black nationalists, racists, and domesitc terrorists like William Ayers, it is clear that Obama lacks any judgement of character and that he himself must share all of these anti-American and anti-social views, otherwise he would not be in fellowship with such individuals.

Barack Obama’s campaign has regularly cited Lessig as a key supporter on technology issues (see here too) and made sure Lessig was quoted when listing Obama’s technology endorsers.

As our friends from Newsbusters ask:

So, what we have here is another close Obama supporter and advisor that seems to hate the things that the average American holds dear. The list of America hating Obama associates is getting longer every day, and now we can add a Christian hating, communist to that list.

It’s really hard to believe that any real American can support a man for president of the United States of America who surrounds himself with people who so hate this country and all it stands for.


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3 responses to “Yet ANOTHER Obama Advisor Shows Contempt For Christians

  1. Senator Obama continues to refer to himself publicly as a Christian. But I don’t see how he (or anyone else like him for that matter) could be a Christian when doing things like publicly reciting the inshallah in front of Islamic groups and befriending persons like Lessig who have wilfully depicted the Christ sacrilegiously as seen here.

    I remain convinced that Barack Obama is really a Muslim trying to bring Islam into the Oval Office through a campaign of gross deception (why, for example, has Obama’s campaign office illegally been soliciting Ohio mosques through emails for purposes of electioneering–when Muslims are prohibited by Islamic law to work with non-Muslims on such matters.?? Islam even prohibits Muslim participation in true democracy).

    I have noticed, too, that it is usually American Muslim groups, Communist groups with Islamic affiliations, and Islamic and Communist sympathizers who are politically backing Obama and his campaign of deceit. These people probably have considerable shares of US media corporations’ stocks in their names, too, which partly explains the US media’s curious blindness to Obama’s many offenses.

    And, if Obama’s “Church” proves to be truly Christian then I’ll eat my hat! (Obama once wrote that “if things get really ugly, I’ll stand with the Muslims.” Things must have gotten ‘really ugly ‘ALREADY, I think!).

  2. Why are Conservative commentators not broadcasting EVERY DAY, Obama’s treacherous
    words that he will “stand with the Muslims”?
    That statement alone should cost him the
    election, if the American electorate have any

  3. Yapi

    I believe Obama to be the beast(666) of the end times

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