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Trial By Public Opinion – Guilty Without A Shred of Evidence

Stormtroopers Storm FLDS

Thanks to ChiliPalmer for this excellent opinion summary of the FLDS tragedy.

Trial By Public Opinion
by ChiliPalmer

Only it isn’t really the public’s opinion, now is it? An opinion is something arrived at all by your onesies. The public has been carefully herded through the chutes, their handlers prudently administering frequent inoculations on the way to the end goal. Think what you’re told to think, there is no reasonable alternative. Get along, lil dogie.

Today marks four weeks since a church ranch was raided by heavily-armed police and APCs in Texas. Much has been alleged, nothing proven. But then, it seems the public is satisfied with allegations. We’re content to really, really hate the evil people we’re told to hate, and if no one ever gets arrested and sent to prison for the evil things we’re assured most definitely occurred; well, they are feeling our heavy disapproval and that is surely enough!

Who needs prisons, we can go back to junior high and make others feel uncomfortable. Tough on crime, that’s us.

Crime. Yeah, bit of a problem there. It doesn’t appear there’s actually anything deeply criminal going on. At best the state may have a handful of statutory rape cases. Considering we’re fed a steady diet of “child molestation” and “rape” and “severe beatings” and “waterboarding infants”, the state is going to have a hard time justifying that the best they can do is the decidedly anti-climactic statutory rape of near-majority teens.

Honestly, we’re going to have a hard time whipping up a lot of furor over 17 year old mums with our national teen pregnancy rate. I can see it now. Pitch smoking and crackling on our blazing torches, we wave random gardening implements over head. “Get them! Evil! Satan’s minions, with their teen pregna… Oh, wait, my girl was the same age.” “Yeah, Bob, mine was fifteen. You don’t, y’know, think they’ll arrest me, do you?”

Quite a conundrum for the state. April 3rd is looking more like a lynch mob than officers of the law acting on probable cause. All those big guns and body armor and tanks, for statutory rape. Yeah. That’ll go over well. I readily confess to being more misanthropic than Gregory House, but it is looking more as if the state has nothing to take to court, and so is taking it to the court of public opinion; throwing anything it can find against the wall in the hopes it sticks.

The bean counters lost a woman’s two sons and still haven’t found the baby. Not that he’s lost, mind. They just don’t know where he is. But LOOK! LOOK HERE! Oooh, it’s a shiny new allegation. There’s 53 teenaged girls between 14-17 and 31 are pregnant or mothers. (Lost baby? What lost baby? Focus here, lots of pregnant teens.)

Only, this is 26 more than the state themselves testified to at trial. Ah! Those girls were lying.

Only, each of the twenty-six “little girls” CPS re-classified as teenagers are from the group of women whose ages have been disputed by the state. At least some women have offered certified birth certificates. The state instead lined them up and looked at them. Nope, they all look like teenagers to us. We don’t need no steenkin’ birth certificates! The poor victims and their state-issued birth certificates are liars!

Only, each and every one of those twenty-six women CPS insists on adding to the teenager catagory on the iron-clad “we looked at them” test, also happen to have children. Each and every one of them. Link.

[CPS spokesman Patrick] Crimmins said that all 26 females now deemed to be minors have children.

CPS culled through the younger adult women and added females with children as “underaged victims” to get a really incriminating statistic on teen pregnancy rate. Occam’s razor. The alternative is to claim that it is purely accidental that the only women whose ages are in dispute are the younger adult mothers; the young adult women who have no children must just not have that youthful glow.

Lost baby? What lost baby? We don’t recall reading about a lost baby.

So we’re kind of, sort of, beginning to becoming just a little sceptical about this FLDS teen pregnancy rate thing. The media keeps dribbling in more information, and the fact that these women aren’t minors at all rather gets in the way. BUT LOOK! LOOK HERE! OMG, 41 children have broken bones at some point in their lives. That’s bad, right? That clearly proves child abuse, right?

Well, we’re sure invited to think so. In fact, fifty percent of children will break a bone. The FLDS haven’t even reached ten percent. There’s also the pesky fact that a skilled radiologist has a high degree of success at proving a fracture’s cause: falling out of a tree looks different on X-ray than being hit with a frying pan because you misquoted St. Paul.

Show of hands, how many think assault charges will arise from any of these 41 children with broken bones? Anyone? Buehler? *crickets chirp*

CPS got called out on this one and backpedaled like Lance Armstrong showing off in France.

Patrick Crimmins, a spokesman for the Child Protective Services division, said the state was still investigating and Cockerell’s comments were not meant to be an allegation of abuse.
“This is pretty early in this investigation, particularly given the number of children we’ve been interviewing,” he said. “We are just looking into it.”

Ah. It’s deeply concerning and actively being investigated but you didn’t mean for us to think you called it abuse. Merely that you strongly implied it.

BUT LOOK! CPS says there is new evidence – no, not the arrest warrant type evidence, just the press release type – that FLDS boys have been sexually abused. Ooooh, SHINY! They know this from interviews with the boys. I would dearly love to ask if anyone has heard of social workers from Wenatchee going missing, but that would be crass and obvious.

I will instead simply ask when CPS has decided that the children they have announced from the start to be lying liars who spout untruths every time they open their cute little mouths and have been brainwashed to hate and fear outsiders (like Hitler! If Hitler were Satan’s grandpa!) have suddenly become trusting, truthful little creatures, as honest as the day is long and confiding their inmost souls to strangers they met days ago and who took them from their parents.

Except they still lie when asked their age. Or their name. And when they say who their father is, that’s a lie too. All the victims are liars. The only time the victims aren’t lying are when they tell us something that might justify the massive raid, but anything else they say is a lie. Everyone’s a liar, because that’s what evil child abusers do. They lie. Only CPS tells us the truth. Anyone who doesn’t believe CPS’ truth is a child abuser or protecting child abusers. Either you’re with us, or you’re a child abuser or protect them.

So. Are you with us?


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