Political Morons Grandstand the Oil Crisis With Drop-In-The-Bucket Antics

“Mommy, Mommy I Went Wee-Wee in the Ocean!”

By John Galt

May 14, 2008

“Mommy, mommy I went wee-wee and added water to the ocean! The fishies should be happy now!”

Ah yes. The screams of joyous Congresscritters and refined Senators as they have solved America’s energy crisis by stopping the flow of oil purchases for the Strategic Petroleum Reserve. It’s tantamount to the little four year old boy proudly proclaiming he stopped the ‘fishies’ from dying as the tide went out because he went “wee-wee” into the ocean for the first time in his life. These arrogant fools who have set this nation on a course for total economic disaster by first ignoring the threats warned about during the first energy crisis in the 1970’s are at it again. President Appeasement, er, Carter, basically had his EPA shut down the modernization and expansion of refinery capacity along with finding any and all reasons to stifle clean coal development, oil exploration off of our coastlines, and of course allowing free market innovations to re-engineer the auto industry instead of forced mandates. Anyone with two working brain cells would realize that free market innovation always works better and the proof is in the Toyota Prius and the fact that it did not require a government regulation, mandate or law to require it’s manufacture.

Thus with thunderous self-congratulatory applause and numerous arm fractures from patting themselves on the back, the U.S. legislative bodies have now mandated that we are going to dump about 19,000 barrels(per day) of oil on to the markets to help “ease” the energy crisis. That would be all fine and dandy if we could build new refineries to process this oil, so at first glance everyone should contact their local nimrod and ask them if the oil tanker can park off the coast of their district (ok, so that’s sort of hard for a Kansas or Iowa nimrod; but you get my drift) and wait to be unloaded just so these freaking idiots can go home and say proudly to their constituents “see we did something; your gas price went from $3.89 per gallon for unleaded down to $3.88 for unleaded! Now send us some campaign contributions so we can return to screwing you over in the fall!”

Needless to say this development is about as relevant as my proclaiming that I’ve had a conversation with the mosquitoes hanging around my porch and they promise to tell their relatives not to bite me this summer. While we are whistling past the graveyard the rest of the “second world” has been busily moving assets and resources into their nation’s realms by doing what we did in our past:

What is in the best interest of their population and not caring about the rest of the world.

Unfortunately, our politicians feel there is a new “one world” obligation and could care less about people who can not afford this sudden concern for the speckled hump back farting green flea indigenous to only the fourth drill bit of any oil rig located in the Gulf of Mexico. And those people, the seventy plus million baby boomers and those already retired, along with those who are younger than twenty years old are about to enter a world of financial hardship unseen since the 1830’s. The Chinese communists could not give a rats you know what about fleas, grubs, grouses or penguins as they buy more oil than ever to fill their new strategic reserve yet we’re all supposed to sing John Lennon songs around the campfire while watching the Olympics from Beijing on our solar powered television sets. In reality the market can and will be more than happy worldwide to absorb the stupidity of our leaders once again and the oil we’re leaving on the table.

So as the innocent child proudly proclaims he saved some fish by urinating in the ocean our government repeats the same act on a grander scale. Just like the “rebate” checks which will offer temporary stimulus because they are counting on us acting like ignorant sheep spending the money on booze, lotto or amusement parks instead of saving the money or investing it in things we might actually need in the near future; like precious metals, ammunition, food, seeds or tangible goods, this recent vote indicates a willful ignorance of the new reality and the dangerous world we live in.

Prepare accordingly.


Ahhh John, to add insult to injury from these morons in Congress and their EcoMarxist pals – what they will mandate on you and I in terms of misery and dependence, they exempt themselves from.

While they will demand that we little people ride bicycles and revert to the 1800’s in lifestyle – to save the earth and the children, they will continue to jet around the planet in their private Gulfstreams and Hummers, nary conserving a single carbon footprint fart that they demand the rest of us will need to live within.  But then again these are Liberal Socialists and Marxist we are talking about and this is really all about control and power to subjugate and run our lives as they see fit.

Along with the fact that President Bush’s ranch in Crawford is far more environment-friendly than Al Gore’s mansion, Congress wants to limit the kind of cars we can drive – yet refuse to set an example themselves.

Guzzling Lawmakers


Spurred by radical greens, Congress is determined to drag America kicking and screaming back to the Middle Ages. It won’t permit drilling in a tiny corner of that vast, frozen wasteland known as the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge because increasing the nation’s oil supply might drive gasoline prices down, though not as far as most consumers think. And the taste of cheaper gasoline might increase Americans’ appetite for further reductions through domestic exploration and development.

Despite widespread economic and personal hardships at home and growing starvation in the Third World related to their energy policies, especially the ethanol boondoggle, members of Congress still refuse to budge. And they won’t relent until all Americans are driving costly, pint-sized, fuel-efficient, low-emissions, dangerous vehicles they don’t like or want.

But if one were to peek into congressional garages, one would find mostly Cadillacs, Expeditions, Tahoes, Suburbans, Lincoln Town Cars and other gasoline-guzzling, greenhouse-gas-spewing cars, many of them leased, fueled, kept up and repaired with taxpayer dollars.

Enter Rep. Emanuel Cleaver II, D-Mo. He’s not exactly the Green Hornet, but he stung his colleagues with his little-noticed amendment to the 2007 energy bill requiring those who lease vehicles through the government to drive cars that emit low levels of greenhouse gases — hybrids, mostly.

The rule has many on Capitol Hill all revved up. Rep. Alcee Hastings, D-Fla., wants to keep his taxpayer-financed Infiniti M45 because he likes a luxury car with “some giddy up.” Others say hybrids are too small, unsafe, unreliable or unsuited for them or their districts; most say they simply prefer the spaciousness, style and prestige that comes with bigger, more luxurious cars. Of course, they never gave one thought to ordinary Americans’ needs and personal preferences when enacting energy polices that steered them to motorized tin cans.

OK, so Rep. Cleaver suffers from the same moonbattery of the radical greens — his taxpayer-leased ride is a recycled airport shuttle that runs on cooking grease. But give him credit for his willingness to walk the moonbat walk.

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One response to “Political Morons Grandstand the Oil Crisis With Drop-In-The-Bucket Antics

  1. Sadly my friend, I think these fools will lie, cheat, steal and do whatever they wish. Thank you for the re-posting and the hilarious picture you added!

    This situation is about to get worse. And the sheeple continue bleating away thinking these morons will take care of them, cradle to grave.

    They have the latter word, correct.

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