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Court-Ordered Abomination Only Hastens Our Cultural Collapse

The saying is that as goes California, so goes the nation.  

If so, we are in on a rocket sled to oblivion and chaos for our once great Republic.  The foundational building blocks of morality and family have yet been struck asunder again in the effort to redefine and remake society in the image a depraved minority that sees God, Family and Country as inherently wrong and evil.  

Last week the California Supreme Court decided by judical fiat to overturn the Will of the People of California and declare their ballot initiatives to ban Homosexual Marriage as “unconstitutional”.

On it’s own, tyrants in black robes decided for the entire state (and ultimately for the nation) that sexual preferences and practices are the same as race and gender, so that anyone with a sexual desire is afforded a special application of the Equal Protection Clause of the 14th Amendment to their perversions, which is the fulcrum the majority used to base their decision upon.

So now, if someone wanted to marry his dog, goat or daughter – the precedent has now been set that they can claim ‘Equal protection’ and engage in whatever perversion they please – and have it sanctioned and legalized on a par with marriage as God defined and established it.

Terrific.  I’m sure NAMBLA is already preparing legal paperwork for their members to have legal rights for their criminal perversions based on this precedent.

It is becoming commonplace for Judicial Tyrants to constantly overturn the Will of the people in legislative ballot measures or laws, in fact it is the preferred measure by which the Secular and minority Left uses to attack the values and traditions of this country in order to eradicate them.

An opinion piece by the National Review Online states: “The court instead invented a “right of same-sex couples to have their official family relationship accorded the same dignity, respect, and stature as that accorded to all other officially recognized family relationships.” In short, it required that marriage itself — both the term and the institution — be redefined to be fully available to same-sex couples.

“…in a representative democracy, everyone ought to agree that any changes should result from legislation, not from activist judges who twist and distort constitutional text to their own ends.”

Some are befuddled by yet another nail in the coffin of our culture – and the remnants of the Reagan Republican Revolution are giving a last gasp of warning:

People gaze in disbelief at the cultural landscape — all the divorce, cohabitation, promiscuity, sexually transmitted disease, single moms, ill-mannered children, failing public schools, substance abuse, domestic violence, abortions, pornography and incivility — and can’t fathom how America fell this far this fast.

No one event triggered this devolution, but it undeniably was pushed along many times by the moral relativism of the last 50 years, when most of society’s widely accepted norms were undermined by the quicksand of nonjudgmentalism; when the concepts of right and wrong, good and bad, were abolished in favor of differences that were to be respected if not celebrated, and codified when necessary to surmount widespread public opposition.

Paradoxically, people and institutions whose beliefs do not permit them to tolerate the most abhorrent differences were judged to be evil. Through rigid enforcement of increasingly fascist speech and thought codes, relativists turned America into a nation of lip-biters who with their silence condoned as normal behaviors and beliefs that are irrefutably unnatural and inherently immoral.

At every step of this long downward cultural march were men and women in black robes, activist judges eager to take out another of society’s underpinnings under the guise of some spurious, high-sounding goal. And at every step, relativists declared that the latest judicial fiat freeing another genie of man’s worst impulses would, inexplicably, make society stronger, fairer, safer, better.

Thursday’s California Supreme Court ruling legalizing same-sex marriage followed the script, but was at best redundant — its Massachusetts counterpart broke this ground four years ago with the identical one-vote margin — and was more symbolic than significant. Homosexuals already enjoy all of the rights and benefits of traditional marriage under California law, which treats homosexuality and heterosexuality as functional equivalents.

No, the ruling merely answered homosexuals’ purely emotional plea for cultural acceptance by giving civil unions their proper label — “marriage” — the will of Californians, as democratically expressed twice, and the dark societal consequences be damned. Far from being a seminal ruling, the decision merely inched the homosexual agenda ahead and drove yet another nail in the culture’s coffin.

Yes.  A coffin that has been created in full view and acceptance of the American Christian church.

In our milquetoast feel-good atmosphere of non-judgmentality, neither the Republican Party or most Christians seem to care whether or not our culture has been handed yet another stinging defeat towards it’s collapse.  Indeed if the churches in our nation were doing their job to defend and protect the culture by speaking out against sin and evil and teaching Christians how to overcome those things, this issue would not be in the headlines now would it?   But in this age of moral relativism where there is no such thing as sin, just love in any depraved form it is celebrated – even the churches have embraced our cultural rot and in some cases promote it.   The Christian Church in America is indeed exactly what Paul warned Timothy about, classifying this II Timothy 3 generation as being useless, having the form of religion – but having no power whatsoever except that of emoting relativism and purpose-driven garbage with no anchor in anything but personal self-esteem.  The churches in America have perverted Christ and the Scriptures by literally going along with this rot, and even so far as to declare that Jesus loves and doesn’t condemn any sin except one; that being the unpardonable sin of judging by daring to call sin what it is.

So today we have, “I’m okay – you’re okay and let’s marry the Gays”.

But the danger to our culture goes beyond a simple affront to someone sitting in a church pew. This action strikes at the very heart of our Constitutional form of government, one that Jefferson himself warned us about in the tyranny of the Judiciary.

While many will shrug their shoulders and perhaps declare “Who cares if Homos want to get married?  Let ’em, doesn’t affect me” they miss the precedents Judicial Activism imposes on any attempt to redress grievances.

If for example the People decide in a ballot initiative that only American citizens with legal proof of citizenship presented at the polling place are allowed to vote –  the same kind of Activist Court, can – on it’s own authority decide the Equal Protection Clause in the 14th Amendment applies to Illegal Aliens – and that such a ban is unconstitutional  and therefore illegal Aliens cannot be banned from voting in our elections. After such a ruling and implementation, foreign alien cultures and governments, some perhaps hostile to our existence can decide America’s government and policies for us.

That’s where this goes, along with perverted creeps wanting to marry their pets and relatives.  Since Pandora’s Box has been officially opened by the Courts here – and precedent set, you can bet on such things being legalized and permitted.

America has become exactly like Ancient Israel during the period of the Judges, where everyone does what it right in their own eyes – and anarchy, chaos and depravity ruled the land.

There are a few of us that see where all of this leads, and it does not bode well for either the culture or the nation itself.  True Liberty cannot survive in such an atmosphere as this.  Only cultural anarchy followed by tyranny to maintain order will result.

And that is the reason why the history of Republics was so important for us to remember in the admonitions of the Founders.

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