Obama’s Plan To Disarm America Makes Him A Trojan Horse of Our Enemies.

First Obama says he wants to sit down and ‘talk’ with America’s enemies.  Then he reiterates and clarifies his position that we should talk with America’s enemies like Ahamdinejad of Iran “without any preconditions“.

After those comments, Obamination meets with Hezbollah’s Imam Hassan Qazwini in secret last week.

Then he gets bent out of shape over a comment Bush makes in Israel that negotiating with enemies is appeasement that had nothing to do whatsoever with Obama.

And now this campaign video of Obama surfaces that essentially outlines his plan to disarm America, in the face of our enemies 

52 Seconds of Obama Unilaterally Disarming America

Watch the most incredible video yet on Obama’s naive and dangerous policies:

In 52 seconds, he rattles off what an Obama presidency would mean for our national defense; slowing down of existing programs to build new weapons, cutting “tens of billions” of dollars in “wasteful” spending, scrapping missile defense completely, and setting up an “independent defense priority review board” (you can imagine the anti-defense liberals sitting on that board) to make sure we don’t waste any money building “unnecessary” weapons.

That’s not all. Obama wishes upon a star for a “nuclear free world” and to that end, he will not allow any new designs for nukes nor will be build any new ones. He wants to talk to the Russians about re-targeting our missiles and “deep cuts” in our nuclear arsenal.

This is dangerous and stupid. Slowing down current weapons projects only makes them more expensive over the long term (but it looks good politically because of the money saved up front). He calls the anti-missile system “unproven” – and thank God for that because the only way to “prove” that it works is to shoot down an incoming missile. Recent successes have been incredible – shooting down a target traveling at Mach 7 is no simple matter. And almost every test shows improvement. 

Why scrap the system now after spending tens of billions of dollars and when we are close to success? Lunacy!

I shudder when I think his 1960’s style liberal friends have a go at the defense budget. Considering the fact they don’t think we face any threats, we’ll be lucky to keep the Army band.

Then there’s his pie in the sky notion of a nuclear free world. Everyone wishes for that. Heck, I wish that the moon was made of Velveeta cheese but wishing will never make it so. And somehow, I just can’t picture him and Putin on the same page about much of anything. Obama, the charmer, the ideologue and Putin, the aggressive, canny, ruthless autocrat. 

Maybe we can convince a grown up to hold his hand during those negotiations.

In effect, Obama wants to gut the military to make sure we never go to war again. He has said as much on the campaign trail. And if a time ever comes, God forbid, where we would find it necessary to project our power to the far flung corners of the earth in order to protect Americans or American interests under an Obama presidency, I fear the military would be forced to tell him that it wouldn’t be possible.

Obama is McGovern, Carter, and John Kerry all rolled into one when it comes to maintaining and improving our defenses. He would be a disaster as president and this video shows very clearly why.

I’m going to go further and state up front that in my estimation, Obama is a trojan horse for every enemy of America, and once inside the most powerful office in the world, every hostile intent, idea, policy, program and people to America is going to have more access and opportunity to destroy our liberties, our culture and our very lives.

Worse yet, he has the masses of worshippers who hail him as a messiah. 

To our utter doom.

I pray the Lord is merciful and allows us a president we need, and not the one we deserve.



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2 responses to “Obama’s Plan To Disarm America Makes Him A Trojan Horse of Our Enemies.

  1. Chris

    Obama is playing with fire and his constant anti-Christian, anti-white, anti-American comments will cost him his valued prize of the White House. I firmly believe he is a closet *insert name here* I could go on but it would be considered rambling and that is not good. However to sum it up he has all but shot the intelligent Christian American White vote in the A double S, hopefully the remaining intelligent people in this country will see thru his sharade and not vote him into office, otherwise I guarentee there will be a rush to buy firearms in the south and we all better learn to fire a gun. God Bless America. And yes may the merciful GOD grant this nation the President we need not the one we deserve.

  2. Mark Jones

    Your piece is most concerning! Please make it as public as possible. Send it out to every blog that will let you post. Here are some of my very recent thoughts:
    Freedom is taken for granted in the U.S.. This could drastically change. Is it possible that Obama is a Trojan horse for Al Qaeda itself?

    Is Al Qaeda actually getting America to vote for an president who fully supports Al Qaeda? I had that strange surreal feeling when this idea hit me just recently. The only other time I felt this way was when I watched the twin towers falling. It had that disorienting Hollywood sensation of the not real.

    The big lie is the lie that would never be questioned. It sounds reassuring. It is the opposite of the truth. I believe that many of Obama’s claims fit into this category.

    Obama will hunt down and kill Osama Bin Laden. I’ve never heard this expressed as directly by any politician and it suddenly hit me that he could well be planning exactly the opposite. This is the biggest threat. Saying Goodbye to the free world.

    Think about Obama’s –Oh so slick campaign –better organized than a military coup! Change. The American voter, used to freedom thinks –It can’t matter too much what I choose. Why not give it a try? Sure, I don’t know this guy very well at all, but that doesn’t matter. He seems nice. He says what I want to hear. Sure. Change.

    An analogy is a film I saw in France about a young girl struggling to survive in Russia. She meets a nice friend who tells her that she can get good work in Switzerland. So she plans to go with him. Once they are in Switzerland, she is locked in a room, used as a sex slave and is unable to escape even to commit suicide. Change. I bet she wished she had waited, asked a few more questions, run it by some reliable people.

    Obama will help the middle class –when he will do the opposite –cripple the middle class. Who will pay for all his extreme left plans, which he does not want to reveal fully? The wealthy can flee, if they don’t like being taxed more. The middle class cannot.

    North of the U.S. in little Canada, Trudeau rode in upon similar demagogery and I wonder if similar forces helped him to be so irresistable. It sounds really good when you say that there is medical care for all. But what people don’t talk about is how a single well-payed Canadian professional will never own a home. The person pays too much tax. He is subsidizing minorities from distant lands who get in by pretending to be refugees. Once they are in Canada, they do not work and instead sponge huge medical dollars. Ask a Canadian doctor.

    The con man is the person who smiles, acts nice and gets aggressive if you don’t trust him right away. Obama ridicules those who ask who he is. Yet, if he has a dangerous agenda for the U.S., we’d better find out, before we, like the sex slave, go for change. Things can be bad, but they can also be much much worse.

    Finally, is it possible that Al Qaeda is doing some buying and selling in the stock market to help rachet things all over the place and destabilize the U.S.?

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