Democrats: No To Drilling For Our Own Oil – Even At $10 a Gallon

The intents of the Democrats led by Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and their Chosen One, Obama is becoming crystal clear: make America suffer – and then in our misery – present government Socialism and fascist takeovers as the solution to the problems.

The messiah, Barrack The Obama has said that the answer to the high gas prices is not drilling for our own oil – but to put air in our tires and tune-ups.

Today Speaker of the House of Tyrants, gaveled down Republican efforts to speak about the gas prices Nancy (Stretch) Pelosi adjourned Congress for the Summer break despite opposition from Republicans who demanded Congress stay in session to address the need to drill for our own oil and energy, to which she responded by turning off the lights, cameras and microphones, leaving the GOP to address the gallery in the dark.  At 4:30 PM, the Tyrant Pelosi ordered the Capitol Police to clear the House chamber of the visitors from the gallery and threatened to do the same to the Republicans who remained behind to continue to discuss this issue.


UPDATE 1: WND reports on the Stalinist effort to silence the GOP members and their debate on the issue.

But the truth ladies and gentlemen is that the Democrats will not allow any kind of vote on any issue that they oppose.  And Democrats want to RATION energy – and be in control of rationing the gas, oil and the profits.  This is the reason they continue to block any efforts to drill for our own oil.

So how bad will it have to get with gas prices before the Congress will act on lifting the bans on drilling for our own energy?  $5 a gallon?  $7.50 a gallon?  $10 a gallon?

The answer is not even $10 a gallon – as this video below clearly shows, Democrats will oppose ANY drilling for our own energy whatsoever.  Instead they will demand the Saudi’s drill for more oil so we can stay beholden to hostile regimes.

Democrats will oppose ANY triggers for drilling even at $10 a gallon gasoline:

So what do the Democrats suggest we do in the interim of skyrocketing fuel prices?

Simple, Obama says government needs to confiscate profits and give them to Americans in the form of a check.

Truly the era of Marx has arrived to demolish what is left of the Republic.  Obama and the Democrats have shown us that what they stand for is taking FROM EACH according to their ability, TO EACH according to their need.

What we need to do now Comrades, is REVOLT against these tyrants seeking to impose a Socialist tyranny upon us – or we will writhe in misery during the final days of this republic.


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