The Disgusting Left and the Media Demand Palin Get Paternity Test

The Leftists and their Media Operatives and sycophants in the press have demanded of the McCain Campaign, a paternity test because they are insisting that Palin’s Down Syndrome Baby is really her daughter’s.


Top Aide Says News Organizations Are ‘on a Mission to Destroy’ PalinSen. John McCain‘s top campaign strategist accused the news media Tuesday of being “on a mission to destroy” Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin by displaying “a level of viciousness and scurrilousness” in pursuing questions about her personal life.

In an extraordinary and emotional interview, Steve Schmidt said his campaign feels “under siege” by wave after wave of news inquiries that have questioned whether Palin is really the mother of a 4-month-old baby, whether her amniotic fluid had been tested and whether she would submit to a DNA test to establish the child’s parentage.

Arguing that the media queries are being fueled by “every rumor and smear” posted on left-wing Web sites, Schmidt said mainstream journalists are giving “closer scrutiny” to McCain’s little-known running mate than to Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama.


Why is it that these scumbags on the Left did not ask or make the same demand of John Edward’s or the baby his mistress had during their affair while he was running for President and his wife was battling cancer??


John Edwards Affair

John Edward's Affair


Is it not also interesting that the press deliberately SAT ON that story for over a year and refused to report it – but with Sarah Palin, hordes of media barbarians are scouring every corner of the Palin’s life and making ridiculous Daily Kos Kook-style attacks in order to sink her nomination.

It’s called leftist hypocrisy.

The media knows no bounds of decency, and have revealed in this election cycle even to the casual observer, is that they are now nothing but the propaganda arm of the Democrat Party.  The media has absolutely no credibility or objectivity as this campaign cycle has clearly demonstrated.


US Magazine showcases the absolute bias that exists in the media

US Magazine showcases the absolute bias that exists in the media



Chris Matthews last evening went on to report bogus accusations that Palin was tied to a pitchfork secessionist in Alaska even AFTER proof to the contrary was presented.

It is clear that we are at war with not only the hard-core Marxist and Godless Left, but the media and the Establishment in Washington.

An evil three-headed dragon that needs slaying.



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14 responses to “The Disgusting Left and the Media Demand Palin Get Paternity Test

  1. This “left-wing elitists” and “liberal media” stuff is getting a little old, and was never that convincing in the first place.

    What hampers Palin, and will hamper the McCain campaign in due course, is her politics.

  2. invar

    Media bias to the Left is not self evident to liberal elites like yourself obviously.

    It resonates with the vast majority of Americans that are convinced the media is liberal, Leftist and biased.

    Just ask Keith Overbite and Chrissy “I got a chill running up my leg” Matthews, or talk to a New York Times ad manager about why they are in serious financial trouble.

    Nothing is hampering Palin.

    Not even the twisted attempts by the media and the sycophantic worshippers of Obama and his campaign hitmen.

    Palin’s politics are America’s politics – and that is why she and McCain are up 20 points and drawing huge crowds of Conservatives and Hillary Clinton Democrats.

  3. I find it improbable that Palin’s extreme right wing politics are shared by most Americans, but I think you’re right about the American perception that its media has a liberal bias (although viewed from Europe the whole of American mainstream politics and mainstream media is considerably to the right).

    On whether McCain and Palin retain a bounce for long, let’s wait and see. The picture in the states still looks very much in Obama’s favor. McCain has the initiative, but he has to turn that into electoral votes.

  4. invar

    I find it improbable that Palin’s extreme right wing politics are shared by most Americans

    I know it’s a horrific thought to most liberal Socialists that a majority of self-sufficient Americans are “extreme Right Wingers”, because in their minds, coddling helpless victims by growing the government is the only way they can win elections in this country.

    But you can be certain, that the people that made America great, that make it work and saved the world from the barbarians last century were of the same “extremist” stock that Palin is made from: true Americans that revere God, family and country.

    Something the Liberal Elites cannot fathom or tolerate.

  5. I don’t think one can reasonably characterize a person who opposes abortion (even in extreme cases such as rape) as representating American political views. That is a very, very extreme position and would not sit well with the American people who, in polls from different organizations over some decades now, consistently support Roe v. Wade by an almost 2:1 margin.

    Nevertherless Palin is a good candidate for McCain, having revived his campaign by her personal popularity.

  6. invar

    Abortion is murder period, and if that is a “very, very extreme” position then it goes to showcase how out of touch you are with the sentiments of Christian Americans.

    Americans don’t agree with murder 2 to 1 – DESPITE the propaganda to the contrary that you peddle.

  7. I don’t deny that I’m “out of touch” with the sentiments of the few extremists who agree that “abortion is murder”.

    You say that Americans don’t agree with murder 2 to 1. Nobody said that they did. I said that Americans support Roe v. Wade nearly 2:1 (supported in just about every poll I can find, going back years). They obviously don’t agree with you that abortion is murder.

    Ergo, it is you who are out of touch with the opinions of Americans.

  8. invar

    Show me the polls that are not deliberately skewed towards the liberal religious sacrament of Abortion where the majority of Americans support killing their unborn babies.

    Roe v Wade at best had 50/50 support in it’s heyday with the American people. If abortion sentiment was as you insist, the Leftist Democrats would have been in control of both Congress and the White House since 1973 on the abortion sacrament alone.

    The only bastions of abortion are in the secular urban Democrat regions of the country that the liberal Left hoist up and preach as the pulse of America.

    This country does not think like you people do, despite the efforts to insist the contrary. The ‘extremist’ position of trumpeting the killing of the unborn as a sacred right held by a majority is clearly yours.

  9. Well obviously I can only examine the polls that I can find by reputable polling organizations. If you think they’ve all been nobbled, well there’s nothing more that I can do.

    Abortion isn’t the only subject in any election, so your inference doesn’t hold water.

    The vast, overwhelming majority of Americans do not believe abortion is murder.

  10. invar

    I want to see these “Numbers of vast overwhelming Americans” who do not think abortion is murder.

    Will they be coming from the same sources that told us that the “majority of Americans demand Obama made king” or simply polls paid for by Planned Parenthood??

  11. I think the boot is on the other foot. Polls from multiple polling organizations over a number of years support Roe v. Wade; I don’t even think I can find one that opposes it.

    If Americans thought abortion was murder, they’d oppose Roe v. Wade, don’t you agree?

    Even more than that, they’d oppose abortion in all circumstances, including pregnancies caused by rape and incest, just as Palin does.

    And yet in poll after poll only a small proportion of all Americans oppose abortion in all circumstances.

  12. invar

    If Americans thought abortion was murder, they’d oppose Roe v. Wade, don’t you agree?

    Unfortunately, the Supreme Court decided to make abortion a neo-Constitutional right out of thin air in 1973 – without so much as a vote by the people, and over three decades of indoctrination by liberal secular humanists like yourself have convinced the constitutionally ignorant that somewhere in there, abortion was inscribed as a sacred right by the Founders.

    It isn’t. It was created by judicial fiat, by the pound of a gavel, negating the right of the states to decide for themselves, whether or not the people considered abortion murder.

    Almost all Christians in America oppose infanticide and the murder of the unborn, and last I looked, the majority faith in America is Christian.

    Meanwhile, liberal hedonists have preached the relentless message that sex anytime with anyone, of any sex, was good, and right and wholesome and if we don’t approve – to shut up and be forced to supply the means to deal with the consequences of sinful and wrong behavior .

    Abortion is simply a method of birth control by murder, to deal with the consequence of pregnancy as a result of casual and irresponsible sex.

    And as usual, those who follow God and morality are declared ‘extremists’ by the wicked.

  13. Read my posting above again. Do you agree with the reasoning that if Christians thought as you think they do then opinion poll after opinion poll would say something other than they do say?

    If you agree on that, then it follows that your opinion of abortion is not even shared by the majority of Christians.

    If you disagree with my argument, you have to account for the absence of the many opinion poll results strongly opposing abortion in all circumstances, that would surely exist if the majority of Christians in a nation with 75 per cent Christians agreed with you.

  14. invar

    Do you agree with the reasoning that if Christians thought as you think they do then opinion poll after opinion poll would say something other than they do say?

    No. You obviously have no idea how polls are conducted these days in the U.S.

    Results of a poll are often determined in advance, by the organization directing the poll and then the questions are placed in such a manner as to steer the results in the desired direction. Planned Parenthood and NOW are notorious for that kind of push polling.

    In my experience, one of the first questions they ask is whether or not you consider yourself a Christian, and then if you believe in the Bible.

    Answering in the affirmative usually gets a “Thank you for your time” and “click” – dial tone.

    Or, they start the question off with – “in cases where a woman is raped and beaten, do you think the victim should give birth to the rapist’s baby? – press 1 for no, and 2 for yes.”

    The truth is that we have two competing religious views vying for dominance – the Christian biblical view that cherishes the life and liberty of even the fragilest life – and the secular humanists and those converted to their preaching doctrine of killing the unborn – because as their messiah Barrack The Hussein Obama stated “I don’t want to punish my kid with a baby”.

    See, the gospel of free sex requires the doctrine of abortion and murder of the unborn be instituted as a right – so that the natural consequences of fornication and adultery are not evidenced and experienced.

    Since sex in their preaching is free, and we should do whatever our loins direct us to – and with whomever or whatever our desire burns, the consequences of both STD’s, HIV and pregnancy are DEMANDED to be expunged by any means necessary so that free sex with whomever and whatever can continue.

    See, sex outside of marriage has been perverted into something “good”, “normal” and “healthy” – the godless secularists worship self – and therefore the consequences of sinful behavior must be erased by any means necessary – even if it requires murder. The conscience of murdering a baby also therefore required the preaching that the baby is not a life – so as to assuage the conscience that no murder was conducted.

    But as in Isaiah’s time, even if the majority were tossing their children into the fires of Molech to sacrifice to foreign gods – I am not going to change my opinion because the majority does. Nor does a majority opinion of abortion rights negate the fact that abortion is viewed by God as no different than human sacrifice and murder.

    I’ll stand with God, and not the vain and foolish wisdom of men. Justice WILL be meted out by the Almighty for this.

    And if you think that extreme – then you obviously don’t know or care about God – and think yourself mightier than He, in which case – we have nothing further to discuss because you are of your own father – and he was a murderer from the beginning.

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