Morons Hack Into Palin’s E-mail – Sends It To The Media Who Then Publish It

Rest of Media Ignore Story or Spin It To Blame Palin For Using a Public E-Mail Account.

Anyone remember Watergate?  A second-rate burglary of Democratic Party Offices that resulted in the resignation of Richard Nixon??

Well that is so 1974 ago.

This week, we had a second rate hack of Sarah Palin’s e-mail account by mental midgets of a mischievous forum board, who then stole private messages, pictures, phone numbers and zip codes and handed them to the AP to publish, which they did with exceeding speed.

Not only did the AP publish Sarah Palin’s e-mail account (a Federal felony), but also published that of her husband and children, messages, birthdates and license plates.

Left-wing internet hackers have been credited for illegally breaking into GOP vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin’s email.

Members of what has been described as the “cyber vigilante” group Anonymous broke into Palin’s personal Yahoo email account and uploaded stolen information to the Internet., a highly trafficked gossip site, took five screenshots of the stolen cache and promoted it on their site.

The screenshots included two full emails and Palin’s inbox list. In one email Palin was critical of a talk radio host who was giving her Lt. Governor, who is currently running against Don Young for Congress, a hard time over tax issues. In the other, a woman who Palin named to the state’s drug and alcohol advisory board sent prayers to Palin and told her not to let the “negative press wear you down.”

Personal family information was obtained as well. A photo of baby Trig Palin was found in the email cache, uploaded from daughter Bristol Palin’s cell phone and sent to her mother’s email account. Bloggers at Gawker lifted Bristol’s cellphone number from the emails and called it to confirm it was hers. They recorded audio of Bristol’s voicemail and promoted it on their site. Gawker bloggers also reprinted Palin’s husband Todd’s and son Track’s personal email addresses.

Left-wing operatives have been seeking Palin’s personal emails in relation to the “Troopergate” controversy, in which Palin’s foes believed she abused her power as Alaskan Governor to fire one of her political appointees. Palin recently released official email communication, but has refused to make her private emails publicly available to the chagrin of those seeking to bring her down in the inquiry.

Nothing in the emails appears to be politically damaging to Palin.

McCain-Palin 2008 Campaign Manager Rick Davis issued a statement calling the email hackery “a shocking invasion of the Governor’s privacy and a violation of law.” He expressed hope that “anyone in possession of these emails will destroy them.”

Federal law strictly prohibits anyone from accessing email without proper authorization, but is unclear how those would be treated who make those emails publicly available.

Gawker knows full well the information was illegally obtained and stands by their blog posts. “Here are the screenshots of the emails saved before the account went dark, along with the contact list. It’s newsworthy and we will not be taking it down!” the site said.

In their effort to do the dirty work for Barrack The Hussein Obama – when the Secret Service contacted the Associated Press asking for copies of the leaked e-mails that they had obtained – they refused and did not comply with the request.

Obviously the media likes to play the Fair Use rule when it suits themselves, and use it as a bludgeon against those they ideologically oppose.  Since the hacked info has gone viral on the internet – the AP played the game of plausible deniability and claim someone else put the information out first.

But my – isn’t it CONVEEENIENT for them to have done so.

The question is going to become – what did the AP know, and when did they know it??

Michelle Malkin has details of how the hack went down HERE.

All in all, it appears that any and every effort will be made to get Palin to quit or to destroy her before the election.


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