Obama: A Wannabe Black Racist and Radical Marxist, Holds America In Contempt

There is a reason Limbaugh has called Obama a “race-baiter” and a “disgrace” – especially over the bullpuckey ad that the Obama campaign is running in Spanish.  Obama has already written everything to prove Limbaugh’s charge that he is nothing but a “street agitating racist”.

The following is from Obama’s version of “Mein Kampf” – In his Own Words.  Page numbers are provided for context.  Read for yourself.  The hatred and contempt Obama has for most Americans is clear.  No wonder he says that we are “bitter, clinging to guns and religion”

[Black]Nationalism provided that history, an unambiguous morality tale that was easily communicated and easily grasped. A steady attack on the white race, the constant recitation of black people’s brutal experience in this country, served as the ballast that could prevent the ideas of personal and communal responsibility from tipping into an ocean of despair. Yes, the nationalist would say, whites are responsible for your sorry state, not any inherent flaws in you. In fact, whites are so heartless and devious that we can no longer expect anything from them. The self-loathing you feel, what keeps you drinking or thieving, is planted by them. Rid them from your mind and find your true power liberated. Rise up, ye mighty race! 

    “Dreams From My Father,” page 1 (paperback, ISBN 978-1-4000-8277-3)

But this strategy alone couldn’t provide the distance I wanted, from Joyce or my past. After all, there were thousands of so-called campus radicals, most of them white and tenured and happily tolerated. No, it remained necessary to prove which side you were on, to show your loyalty to the black masses, to strike out and name names.

“Dreams From My Father,” page 101 (paperback, ISBN 978-1-4000-8277-3)

That was the problem with people like Joyce. They talked about the richness of their multicultural heritage and it sounced real good, until you noticed that they avoided black people. …The truth was that I understood [Joyce], her and all the other black kids who felt the way she did. In their mannerisms, their speech, their mixed-up hearts, I kept recognizing pieces of myself. And that’s exactly what scared me. Their confusion made me question my own racial credentials all over again. …To avoid being mistaken for a sellout, I chose my friends carefully. The more politically active black students. The foreign students. The Chicanos. The Marxist professors and structural feminists and punk-rock performance poets.

“Dreams From My Father,” pages 99-100  

Tim was not a conscious brother. Tim wore argyle sweaters and pressed jeans and talked like Beaver Cleaver. …His white girlfriend was probably waiting for him up in his room, listening to country music.

“Dreams From My Father,” pp. 101-102

Desperate times called for desperate measures, and for many blacks, times are chronically desperate. If nationalism could create a strong and effective insularity, deliver on its promise of self-respect, then the hurt it might cause well-meaning whites, or the inner turmoil it caused people like me, would be of little consequence.If [black] nationalism could deliver. As it turned out, questions of effectiveness, and not sentiment, caused most of my quarrels with Rafiq.  

–Dreams From My Father, pp. 199-200


…I ceased to advertise my mother’s race at the age of twelve or thirteen, when I began to suspect that by doing so I was ingratiating myself to whites… 

Dreams From My Father, p. 201


Ever since the first time I’d picked up Malcolm X’s autobiography, I had tried to untangle the twin strands of black nationalism, arguing that nationalism’s affirming message-of solidarity and self-reliance, discipline and communal responsibility-need not depend on hatred of whites any more than it depended on white munificence. We could tell this country where it was wrong, I would tell myself and any black friends who would listen, without ceasing to believe in its capacity for change.

Dreams From My Father, p. 141

The emotions between the races could never be pure; even love was tarnished by the desire to find in the other some element that was missing in ourselves. Whether we sought out our demons or salvation, the other race would always remain just that: menacing, alien, and apart. 

Dreams From My Father, p. 92

I saw that the black men I knew-Frank or Ray or Will or Rafiq-fell short of such lofty standards; if I had learned to respect these men for the struggles they went through, recognizing them as my own-my father’s voice had nevertheless remained untainted, inspiring, rebuking, granting or withholding approval. You do not work hard enough, Barry. You must help in your people’s struggle. Wake up, black man! 

Dreams From My Father, p. 157

There are white folks, and then there are ignorant motherfuckers like you,” I had finally told the coach before walking off the court that day -Ray assured me that we would never talk about whites as whites in front of whites without knowing exactly what we were doing. Without knowing that there might be a price to pay. 

Dreams From My Father, p. 62

The minority assimilated into the dominant culture, not the other way around. Only white culture could be neutral and objective. Only white culture could be nonracial, willing to adopt the occasional exotic into its ranks. Only white culture had individuals. And we, the half-breeds and the college-degreed, take a survey of the situation and think to ourselves, Why should we get lumped in with the losers if we don’t have to? 
…but because we’re wearing a Brooks Brothers suit and speak impeccable English and yet have somehow been mistaken for an ordinary nigger.

Dreams From My Father, p. 75

That hate hadn’t gone away; it formed a counternarrative buried deep within each person and at the center of which stood white people-some cruel, some ignorant, sometimes a single face, sometimes just a faceless image of a system claiming power over our lives. I had to ask myself whether the bonds of community could be restored without collectively exorcising that ghostly figure that haunted black dreams. 

Dreams From My Father, p. 139

That’s just how white folks will do you. It wasn’t merely the cruelty involved; I was learning that black people could be mean and then some. It was a particular brand of arrogance, an obtuseness in otherwise sane people that brought forth our bitter laughter. It was as if whites didn’t know they were being cruel in the first place. Or at least thought you deserving of their scorn.

Our rage at the white world needed no object, he seemed to be telling me, no independent confirmation; it could be switched on and off at our pleasure

Dreams From My Father, p. 62

I would occasionally pick up the paper [Louis Farrakhan’s “The Final Call”] from these unfailingly polite men, in part out of sympathy to their heavy suits in the summer, their thin coats in winter; or sometimes because my attention was caught by the sensational, tabloid-style headlines (CAUCASIAN WOMAN ADMITS: WHITES ARE THE DEVIL). Inside the front cover, one found reprints of the minister’s [Farrakhan’s] speeches, as well as stories that could have been picked straight off the AP news wire were it not for certain editorial embelleshments (”Jewish Senator Metzenbaum announced today…”).



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5 responses to “Obama: A Wannabe Black Racist and Radical Marxist, Holds America In Contempt

  1. Arthur

    Obama is obviously using the race card because he has a lot to gain and nothing to lose.

    Think about it, black people want racism to exist because they can use it as an excuse for everything, and because blacks are the biggest beneficiaries if racism exists.

    How exactly would white people benefit from racism?

    … just imagine if there was a White History Month. I believe that Black History Month just causes more segregation and racism. it should be changed into American History Month.

    Blacks tend to be more racist because they can get away with it easier. They like to preach their 200 year old slave propaganda to take advantage of people.

    And remember it was Obama’s church and racist pastor for over 20 years who claimed “God DAMN America!!!”.

    Are you automatically racist if you disagree with a black person??

    Who is Barack Hussein Obama really??

  2. brandi

    proves nothing; he was writing his autobiography, those are the things told to him. it doesn’t hurt to read sometimes.

  3. David

    You’re right about the slavery card, but it wasn’t 400 years like they want to make you believe, nor was it 200 years as you said. The United States of America had slavery for 89 years. Before 1776 slavery was a British institution mandated by King George. When the colonists tried to stop it the British sent troops to enforce it. By 1776 it had become so entrenched that it was enmeshed in profitable agriculture. That’s why slavery was outlawed in federal lands in 1787 as a compromise to keep the country together.
    It’s a sore spot. As if I punched you in the eye, and you spent the rest of your life holding that act against me. Nothing could be agreed or resolved between us without the mention of that one act. It’s childish and immature, but for their purposes, effective. They don’t want reconciliation. They like holding it against us. There will never be any understanding or friendship until there is forgiveness. Or at least willingness to forget.
    We will get slavery rubbed in our faces until they own this country from the top down. Like Obama’s hero, Malcolm X said: “Removal of the white man, by any means necessary.”

  4. Guy

    The quotes provided from Dreams From my Father are complete lies. All you have to do is find the book on Amazon to see that you’ve made them up. Pathetic on your part.

  5. invar

    No, PATHETIC that YOU GUY – are an idiot that didn’t bother to note I PUT THE PAGE NUMEBR WHERE THE QUOTES ARE FOUND IN HIS “AUTOBIOGRAPHY”. They are not complete lies, not only did Obama (or his Ghostwriter Ayers) type them, but why not give the AUDIOBOOK a listen. Then you can hear Obama himself say what i quoted from his book above. Goose-stepping MarxoFascist drone that you are.

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