Obama Skips Directly Dealing With Crisis – Says “Call Me If You Need Me”

Remember that Clinton Campaign commercial about the 3 A.M. Phone call??

It came a little early for The One, Barrack The Hussein Obama – when John McCain suspended his campaign Wednesday to go back to work as a Senator to deal directly with the proposed trillion dollar bailout of the banks and the Congressional cronies and CEO’s that jump started this crisis with mandating low-income housing loans, and true-to-form – Obama bailed and defered, while pontificating the Leftist talking points about evil CEO’s and how Bush was responsible for this mess.

In short, while McCain is putting the country first by upholding his duty as a Senator in charge of legislation – Obama is going to keep on campaigning while McCain goes to try and work out a solution to the crisis that threatens to topple the American financial system.

Looks like the debate Obama says he is still going to have on Friday will just be a media-fed press conference for Obamanation.

McCain had asked to delay the scheduled debate with Obama on Friday, to which the messiah said he saw no need to delay the debate.

Isn’t Barrack The Hussein Obama a senator with a duty to deal with legislation also??

Oh, I forgot – all he knows to do is to campaign for kingship.

What was hilarious was Obama’s quip in response to directly dealing with the crisis was for Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi to call him if they needed help.


UPDATE:  Obama changes his mind again to accept invite by White House to deal with crisis.

Wonder if Obama will bring his financial advisor Jim Johnson to the meeting with him?    He and Raines ought to have plenty of answers, since they are the one’s who kicked this crisis into high gear while giving kickbacks to guys like Obama, Dodd and Frank.


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3 responses to “Obama Skips Directly Dealing With Crisis – Says “Call Me If You Need Me”

  1. Chris

    Obama’s an ass!! All he thinks about is himself, not the country. He is no leader.

    Now he wants to debate? He had all summer long to hold town hall meetings with John McCain but he was too scared to debate without his teleprompter.

    McCain/Palin 08′!!!!

  2. Carmelo

    During the economic crisis of 1929 president Hoover came out with the radical plan that many thought it was an act desperation. He tried to close all the banks for one day, then reopen all banking the next day. He said “we need to fix this mess together”. Of course, the democratic dominated congress did not help him.

    During the financial crisis of 2008 and with a DEMOCRATIC DOMINATED CONGRESS, democratic party presidential candidate Barack Hussein Obama said…

    he said…

  3. Very much agreed. There Obama has been talking about how he is going to fix the economy. Now, when his country needs change, needs help. He is no where to be found but waving goodbye to the Congress. Is this the type of president Barry The Annointed One Obama will be, IF (big if) elected. WAKE UP, folks! This is the type of “work” Obama does. Watching others suffer while he claims all the work. He is not change. He’s just Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid in a dark chocolate coating. (he’s black and he sugar coats everything and he is evil. Dark Chocolate Coating. Just like Pelosi is Barack Obama but with White Chocolate Coating. Not racist at all, folks. I was an equlitist just now. 😉 )

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