An Open, First and Final Letter to Mr. Rush Limbaugh

An Open, First and Final Letter to Mr. Rush Limbaugh

October 2, 2008

Dear Mr. Limbaugh,

As one of the few remaining powerful voices in America, the time for you to speak is now. You have a choice to make, much more important than the upcoming election and the hypocritical rhetoric espoused by the two parties currently mismanaging our nation. In the next forty-eight hours our nation makes a choice between socialism in the darkest of forms under an autocratic regime masked by a Franco-Soviet style cloak of democracy or a return to the hearty, tough, freedom loving America we all know and love.

The members of the United States Senate have elected to choose the route of bribery and subterfuge to achieve a coup that empire nor enemy could never achieve on our soil or against our nation. The remaining legislative body has some honorable men within the realm, but they too are eager to bring home booty under the incorrect assumption that selling our nation out for trinkets in their districts will silence the outrage. They are wrong.

On this date, you have a choice, and it is a tough one. You are the last person who can influence this debate with any voice or force loud enough to impact the people who will decide our future.

Your choice is to become Ellsworth Monkton Toohey and hide behind Dominique’s skirts or be the man that you say you are, the namesake of Atlas Shrugged, John Galt.

I chose that moniker only because the representation that a group of individuals made this nation great, built this nation, drove it from the East to the West to create greatness while spreading freedom and enabling the individual to take nothing and build great empires be they railroads or wireless, gold or grains, creativity or innovation. Now that opportunity shall be reduced if not completely destroyed with the betrayal of the party you have supported and the members who proclaim that the individual, the little man, has no clue as to what is best for their future.

It is not their choice to decide how and when I succeed or fail.

Or that i need a parental state of supervision to run my affairs.

Or that I need a supervisor in every aspect of my personal economy.

Your voice can quite possibly prevent October 3rd from becoming a day of infamy and change it into a day of celebration. There is no Constitutional mandate that says Americans, be they individuals or corporations, can not fail. There was no fear of the darkness when World War I or World War II stared; we were scared but we overcame the hardships and the victory we achieved was overwhelming. Unfortunately the mistakes of 1913 have not been erased and as the “progressive” movement has moved forward our nation built its entire economic theoretical base on the writings of a socialist, John Maynard Keynes.

This mistake can be undone, but not without a period of pain and retrenchment by the American people. It must be explained that true, honest and real free market capitalism rewards excellence and creativity while punishing malfeasance and misdeeds. Socialism and statism only demands “sacrifice for the state” in the name of equalizing pain for all while maintaining the facade of freedom while promoting the Fatherland and “fairness” instead of the individual.

The explanations we have seen to justify the vote for this heinous act are laughable. There is no such thing as “a little bit pregnant” or having a “little Marxism” when discussing such matters. Unfortunately, these pawns of foolishness who proclaim to represent our interests are for sale to the same creators of this Keynesian web of deceit that could easily destroy our nation.

It is up to you to take drastic action if you dare.

You claim the mantle as the professor of Conservatism and a stalwart for American idealism. If so, please explain how buying real estate or bonds for an office building in Hanoi, Vietnam from a foreign based bank will expand this ideal? Or better yet, please explain the expansion of autocracy which flies in the face of the dreams and ideals of William F. Buckley, your late friend and colleague of whom I have deep respect.

If you are who you say you are, join me.

Go on strike.

Do not quit working, not yet at least. You will be forced off the air in the next twenty-four months regardless of what the outcome of this election brings forth. Take a moment, some time, a deep breath and threaten to take the action that any sane freedom loving soul who could take with the forcefulness that only you can. Submit your resignation from our system. Advise the Congress that if this legislation passes, you will sell all of your stock and bond holdings. You will remove all but the bare minimum of your financial resources from our banking system and purchase nothing but Swiss Government short term bonds, where your money will be safe from the new socialist banking regime. Tell your “friends” inside the industries who shall benefit from this new neo-socialist Keynesian nightmare wearing the Democratic and Republican Party tags that your money shall not be abused and used to build their statist empire.

Tell the world that you want no part of the new exploitation state.

A true capitalist and freedom loving American does not subscribe to the ideals that government or corporations need a handout as individuals should not either.

The only bailout we need now is one to save our Constitution.

The ball is in your court.

Toohey or Galt; the choice is yours.


John Galt

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