Fannie Mae CEO Calling Obama/Democrats “Family” and “Conscience”



Explosive CEO calling Obama and Dems the “Family” “Conscience” of Fannie Mae

The Banking Failures are because of the Housing Crisis, which was caused by mortgage lenders handing out bad loans and the biggest offenders: Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac

The Democrats have been taking PAYOFFS from Fannie and Freddie to look the other way FOR DECADES!

NOW VIDEO FOUND of the CEO of Fannie Mae in 2005 explaining the “FAMILY” connection with Democrats


And specifically Barack Obama and the Congressional Black Caucus


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3 responses to “Fannie Mae CEO Calling Obama/Democrats “Family” and “Conscience”

  1. batguano101

    Sold out to ram a scam down the nation’s throat:
    both candidates- Obama, McCain

    No to the bailout.
    No to the corruption.
    No to the crooks trying to ram it down our throats.

    The bailout is bad, will harm the nation.

    NO bailout

  2. Jason

    To keep up with Wall Street expectations, Fannie Mae held onto more mortgages and mortgage-backed securities for investment purposes. The same practice nearly drove the company into bankruptcy in the early 1980s. Once again it was spared in 2008.

  3. batguano101

    Freddie hell.

    We have tossed the Constitution out the window.

    The current elected officials have no shame, no honor, and no fear of God.

    The hardship of the depression is nothing compared with losing the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

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