Obama’s Hitler Youth


History repeats folks.  

Hitler had his youth.

Barrack The Hussein has his Obama Youth Junior Fraternity regiment.

Obama’s paramilitary youth.  All Seig Heiling Obama.

Combine this video with the one earlier of children singing praise to Obama, and do you see where this country is headed????

Obama Youth Junior Fraternity Regiment

In some ways, this video is even more disturbing than the video of the children singing a tribute to Barack Obama. In this case, we see a bunch of kids dressed in paramilitary uniforms ritualistically shouting out their praise for Obama. Yes, according to the chants, these kids are supposedly inspired to enter various professions all thanks to a certain Chicago Machine politician. This is reminiscent of North Korean kids chanting out their praises for the “Dear Leader.” And is this performance by students of Urban Community Leadership Academy of Kansas City, MO even legal?


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3 responses to “Obama’s Hitler Youth

  1. Anonymous

    there talking about the racial barriers he broke down and they are saying that because he did so they are saying opportunities for themselves and praise is not a bad thing and that’s the best way they knew how to express their thanks. just really think about the differences too. they are not praising a psychopathic war criminal they are praising the leader of america where you live. obama has not committed any war crime and has not yet preformed a racist act. i am not saying hes the messiah but he not an awful president. lastly this is not obamas doing there will always be a cult following for everything because people want something to cling to, something to make them feel apart of something, and you cant blame obama for that.

    on a unrelated note, personally i think both political wings are in turmoil.
    the right is jacked up and shouting ridiculous slander at obama with out anything to back them up but their word and the left is calling obama the 2nd son of god and going through what we call blind faith

  2. Anonymous

    ” blind faith can lead you off many a cliff” – Cornell West

  3. invar

    Talk abut being blind.

    You sir – take the cake.

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