Let’s face It – This Is A Socialist Coup, A War To Kill The Republic


Folks, let’s be honest about what is going on right now.

America is in the midst of a coup. A Socialist Coup. 

We just went from a Republic, to a Fascist Oligarchy of Socialism this afternoon, and the coup marches on even more determined.

Barrack The Hussein Obama, The Mainstream Media, this fascist Bailout Bill, Pelosi’s House, Reid’s Senate, Global Warming, No Drilling and this energy mess, are all ‘fronts’ and battles in a civil war now being waged against a nation and people that have no clue that they are at war and under attack.

It’s the same apathy, indifference and ignorance of refusing to understand that radical Islam was at war with us for decades – that led to our stunned bewilderment on 9-11.

The radical and Marxist Left are at war with the American Republic, American Conservatives, Biblical Christians and Jews. They have been at war with this Republic and Constitution for decades. They have infiltrated and wounded it via stealth, and pushed ignorance upon a people’s children about our true history, heritage and culture. And they believe they are on the verge of total victory. All the chips are on the table. These enemies of the Republic are playing for keeps.

You and I, and liberty are the targets.

Today is September 10, 2001 for the Republic – and while the pillars of liberty and Constitution still stand today – they will be gone tomorrow. An insidious plot and attack with the aim of destroying them is now in it’s final stages of execution. 

What they want, is a Marxist State of Oligarchs, running the people, controlling our liberty, our lives. Even now, songs of worship and praise to Obama, paramilitary youths chanting Obama slogans and radical Leftists promising vengeance on their ideological enemies when they achieve power, are becoming commonplace and found on YouTube.

Thug tactics, threatening, using law enforcement to silence and intimidate political speech that the Obama campaign does not like and outright lies – deliberate propaganda being forcefed by a mainstream press that are full of KGB- er, Democrat agents, even to the point of having an Obama Campaign supporter and author of a book praising Obama “moderating” a vice presidential debate.

It’s a Socialist/Marxist revolution.

Yes, Virginia, it really can happen here – because it already is underway. The fact a Saul Alinsky Marxist, whose freinds are America-hating terrorists and anti-American Black-Power preaching racists is on the verge of the Presidency should wake you up to this reality.

We’ve just watched a political version of Mohammed Atta waltz through the ticket gate of the Republic with the aid and help of media agents that share his hatred of the “Flyover country infidels”, and we shrug our shoulders in disbelief and apathy and wonder aloud what happened to the America we once knew?

We’ve seen the warning signs, the slow boil and incremental insertion of the American Republic into the cauldron of Socialism.

From the admiration in the 1930’s of Mussolini’s Fascism in Italy by the American press and the Roosevelt Administration; to the New Deal and onward to LBJ’s Great Society, America has grown comfortable with a nanny state government that has grown to it’s current tyrannical size. The war on poverty alone has thrown TRILLIONS of dollars at poor and minorities to ever-increasing ravenous appetites of both the welfare class and the government pimps that it has empowered. Entitlements are outpacing our national GDP – and the debt hung on our necks and those of our children are chains that weigh in the multiple tens of trillions of dollars.

With this has been a steady erosion of true liberty all in the name of ‘change’, ‘the poor’, ‘the children’, ‘safety’, ‘security’.

America has become comfortable with enslaving Socialism.

Now the ground has been softened enough, the battlefield prepped, the populace conditioned by decades of Leftist bombardment to accept the next stage of the transformation of America from a Republic to a Fascist Socialist Democracy.

The coup is underway – right now. Under your very nose. Perhaps with your consent. Perhaps with your condemnation. Perhaps with your indifference. Regardless, the vast majority are comfortable and even willing, to surrender the liberty that your neighbors do not trust you with to the almighty power of the government.

Investment banks are nationalized. The mortgage industry was just nationalized. The auto industry was partially nationalized. Next to be nationalized is the oil and energy industry, the healthcare industry – and eventually YOUR industry.

Government will run and regulate all business and industry- probably like they did Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Government now owns your mortgage, and like it does with all government housing – can and will tell you what you may or may not do in your home and property. Obama said today that he will APPOINT and empower Judges to make decisions that will forestall bankruptcy, and even allow the judge to change the terms of the mortgage – the interest rates and even the principle.

A dependent people will bow willingly to every demand of the state and a dictator for the promise of bread. Your neighbors will turn you in for a scrap of food. Your neighbors will lie about you for an extra portion of whatever the government will hand out.

And enemies of this newfound Fascism – will be eradicated ala the Waco Treatment.

Those of Faith in the scriptures, who will not break the First Commandment and replace the worship of God for the state and a man the rest of the populace worships as a god, will be attacked by Christian Socialists and Secularists first – and then the state will ultimately destroy them. Given what Obama has written in his two autobiographies – the American version of Mein Kampf, his disdain and hatred with his compatriot Christian-hating supporters like Bill Maher and the rest of the Leftist media, persecution, ostracization and elimination is all but a certainty.

My fellow countrymen – whether you want to believe it or not, whether you accept it or not – the fact is this: we are at war with Socialists who have staged a coup with our ignorant consent.

The only question remains – will we go quietly into the night as they expect us to?

Steel yourselves. Prepare yourselves to endure.

For misery unknown to these shores, and tyranny unlike any we have experienced is about to hit the towers of liberty and freedom. The socialists have hijacked the aircrafts of commerce, media and the Courts – and the Marxists that are flying these behemoth missiles, are aiming them at their targets.

In the wreckage to follow – the people will cry for a savior.

And Obama is already in the bullpen – with anthems and slogans and worship songs already written.

May God rest the soul of this former Republic that we are surrendering.



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9 responses to “Let’s face It – This Is A Socialist Coup, A War To Kill The Republic

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  2. abby jane

    but fascism and socialism are quite different.

    “And enemies of this newfound Fascism – will be eradicated ala the Waco Treatment.”

    i would venture the opposite of each other.

    an adherent of right-wing authoritarian views, a person with ultra-nationalist views, populism based on the nationalist values


    Those who actively support the interests of the working-class as a whole, without any kind of prejudice (ie without regard for nationality, race, ethnicity, gender, etc.)

    i say democratic socialism, which is where we are at. the government should be of the people by the people for the people.

  3. invar

    but fascism and socialism are quite different.

    Only in application.

    They are both Collectivists with government empowerment to run and control individuals via the collective.

    Such as system , whether pure Fascism like we are gravitating into or Socialism in it’s varying stripes are anathema to liberty.

    “And enemies of this newfound Fascism – will be eradicated ala the Waco Treatment.”

    i would venture the opposite of each other.

    Hardly. History of Socialism and totalitarian regimes whether via politburo or dictatorship were spawned by Socialism – not Nationalism. What did the acronym of Nazi stand for again???

    It was a lie perpetrated by Socialists to disguise what the Third Reich actually was; A fascist regime of Socialists. Hitler merely used Nationalism as the tool to achieve power – Mussolini used economics to achieve his. Obama uses the Saul Alinsky method of pushing for “change” and discontent with the matter of race as his fulcrum to power.

    The end result will be the same.

    an adherent of right-wing authoritarian views, a person with ultra-nationalist views, populism based on the nationalist values

    Yeah, that’s the standard liberal college-level version of what happened in Germany in the 30’s – but you would be wrong.

    Hitler did what Obama is doing now – and in a bizarre twist- instead of appealing to Nationalism – Obama is deconstructing and impugning the American foundation by pushing for discontent in order to ramrod his Marxist agenda through.

    Those who actively support the interests of the working-class as a whole, without any kind of prejudice (ie without regard for nationality, race, ethnicity, gender, etc.)

    You mean like Joe the Plumber?

    Sorry, this is a lie. Read Obama’s books and discover his true motives: it is NOT to support the interests of the working class – but to destroy it by getting their trust. In his book “Dreams From My Father”, he has vowed to eradicate “White middle classness”

    i say democratic socialism, which is where we are at. the government should be of the people by the people for the people.

    You then support tyranny and things antithetical to liberty.

    Pure mobocracy never lasts long – except in bloodshed and oppressive dictatorial tyranny before annihilation. learn some history.

  4. nocoup'08

    What do you think we ought to do about it? I’m pretty sure the majority of Americans are fed up with whats happening to their country. We need to set term limits on the Senate. Past that, it’s so hard to even get your head around the idea that is presented above, and understand what is being done to this country. I have found this topic so difficult to discuss with people, without sounding paranoid or bigoted. The most important thing right now is damage control. We have to stop this invasion of our society from encroaching further. Term limits on the senate is an excellent place to start. Next, we somehow need to illustrate what’s happening to America and expose it for what it is, a coup. Although most people instinctively know that something isn’t right, they’re inhibited from acting on it for fear of looking paranoid or being insensitive. Right away they will be labeled unpatriotic and a bigot, as stated above. I can go on about this till my keyboard breaks. The issue is, America’s time is running out guys. I hope somebody’s got a bright idea.

  5. invar

    It may be too late to really do anything about it.

    This was a multi-decade slow-boil into Socialism.

    To stop it now – Americans have to get over their limp-wristed squeamishness, damn PC and call things what they are and steamroll our domestic enemies into irrelevance.

    Short of that, we suffer the Marxist Fascism now being constructed around us.

  6. Guns=Freedom

    The answer is obvious. Anyone who threatens my Country, Family, or Life shall die. No quarter, no warning, just swift multi-front action against the whole of Marxism. After America is cleansed, we move to Canada, then Europe destroying all the cancer so we can never be afflicted by it again.

  7. LoveToComposte

    INVAR, your essay and comments above are so stunningly on target. I just discovered your writing and will be back for more. How did you come to your incisive clarity of understanding the deceit of socialism? Have you ever seen hear of the historian David Burton, Founder and President of WallBuilders.com? We children of the twentieth century, now adults at least age-wise, were cheated by the secularized public school systems from receiving a true and honest education concerning the Christian roots of our nations’ founding and the Christian principles that seeded the philosophic foundation of our Constitutional Democratic Republic that initially prescribed a minimal Federal government. Clearly America is reaping the rotten fruits of the leftist, anti-Christian, anti-American propaganda indoctrinated into several generations of public (and even parochial) school children. I believe that to reverse the nihilistic movement that has sickened America’s self regard, we must break the monopoly of the public school systems through school vouchers that put power back in the hands of parents instead of concentrating it in the hands of leftist teacher unions and administrative bureaucrats. I look forward to more of your precise and coherent analysis of the frenzied attack on Liberty by the fascistic socialistic left.

  8. We must [resist] all progressives, socialists and all communists. This as a call to arms.

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