Nation of Islam Calls Obama “The Messiah”

No words needed, speaks for itself.

Obama the antichrist:

Will MSM Report on Louis Farrakhan Declaration of Obama as the Messiah?

So with media nutcases like Mark Morford declaring Obama to be a “Lightworker,” should we be surprised that the MSM won’t find anything unusual in Farrakhan’s pronouncement of Obama as the Messiah?

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One response to “Nation of Islam Calls Obama “The Messiah”

  1. Bee

    We had exactly the same thing happen with Mandela here in South Africa but on a smaller scale.
    No one even noticed that his concert number was 46664, 4 being the number of man and of course 666 being the beast. he was seen as a savior and look at the state of our country now. Mandela was a ” door opener” for the satanic government now ruling over us.

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