Failing To Stand In The Gap

What can or will we do?

By The Highlander

As things have progressed over the last few months here in the CONUS, I have become increasingly alarmed and concerned at where we are and where we are headed. It is obvious that the Republic, as we have known it, is gone and probably has been for awhile. Freedoms for which men and women bled and died have been sacrificed on an altar of ease, comfort, pleasure, greed, compromise, and fear. All of them sacrificed to a cabal of greedy, perverted, power hungry and murderous thugs, all of which are animated by the power of hell.

We failed to heed the words of our forefathers, and allowed our vigilance to slip, and permitted those who should have never been granted power and position to have it. We now suffer the consequences of our lack, as a nation, of due and just diligence.

Sadly, those who name the name of Christ, have been at fault as well, and I include myself in that crowd. We have failed to stand in the gap and pray, as well as being salt and light to the people of this land. We have been more interested in building our mega churches with lots of nickels and noses , than we have of building the kingdom of God. We have preached peace, when there is no peace, and anesthetized people with an escapist and carnal mentality. The church in America is soft, lazy, fat, spoiled, and drunk on power and deception. It has craved and been more concerned with political power and high standing with one major party, than it has with standing right before the King of all Kings, the Lord Jesus Christ.

It has been nearly 150 years since there has been any national spiritual awakening of any sort. That, in and of itself, is a judgement upon our paltry spiritual condition. That alone, should cause us to shudder in our boots.

It was the men and women who were the fruit of the Great Awakening that were prepared and took the stand for our independence as a nation in 1776. The Biblical principals of truth, freedom, equality justice, and the possibility of a person becoming all that they were created to be under God, apart from tyranny, were what they lived for and eventually died for. 

Was it all in vain? I ask that in all seriousness. 

I am a Pastor. I stand each week before a people and share with them the glorious message of grace and freedom in Christ. I have worked and lived in third world countries, and seen the fruit of tyrannical and corrupt leaders and policies. I have seen the end result of people standing by and doing nothing as they were raped of their precious and God-given freedoms. The end result is frightening and heart rending.

I am not a man prone to violence, but I also know that there comes a time when principal far outweighs preference, and the need to stand up and fight to preserve freedom, is pressed upon us. I feel that we face such a time now.

It seems obvious that our words of protest mean nothing to the majority of those in the seats of power in Washington. That was clear in the recent bailout fiasco. So, where do we go beyond words?

Is it time to put bodies in the streets and say enough is enough? Or, is it really true that there just are not enough of us who really care? Will we sit back and wait for them to come for us (and they will come, just ask Deitrich Bonhoffer), or will we meet them head on either on our knees or with cold steel in our hands?

I know now, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that they will not touch a hair on the head of one of my own, without my blood being spilt before they do. I will not sit idley by and let them come and take us or our freedoms away.

I find myself wondering when, if ever, people will stand up and fight (literally), for all that this Nation was founded and built upon? 

I know that those here …stand for those principals and truths, so I know that I am preaching to the choir. I guess my heart is just broken and saddened by where I see this great land is being taken by traitors and enemies of the great truths upon which it was founded.

If the closet Muslim, and blatant communist, Obama, is illegally elected as our President, I will pray for Him as I am commanded to do, but I will NOT submit to his vision of “change”. I will obey God rather than men. 

The Lord commanded Israel to, “play the men for our people, and for the cities of our God: and the LORD do that which seemeth Him good.” From where I stand, those words need to be heeded by us all RIGHT NOW. It is time to “play the man”, no matter what the cost, even if it is with our own lives. The cause of Christ, the call of love, and freedom demand it.

I go forward in faith and confidence of Yahweh to provide for our every need and to see us through whatever lies ahead. I know that He IS in control, but that reality does not absolve us of personal responsibility to take action when and where we can.

I also know that we are receiving a Kingdom that can never be shaken, and that all those kingdoms of this world WILL become the Kingdoms of our Lord and of His Christ, no matter how much Obama and all the other tyrants this world protest.

In the end, WE WIN!

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One response to “Failing To Stand In The Gap

  1. ldyboxtrkr

    I was so glad to find this site. I’ve been trying to find conservative events where we actually do something besides sit at a keyboard or sit in a room and tell each other how bad things are. The reason the liberal kooks are in charge is because they go out and raise hell about anything and everything.
    And people love a cause ! We sit on our hands and try not to offend or come across as being improper. If those who value freedom , and love this country , continue to just sit and wait things out (like we’ve been doing ) we all should just
    close up shop and write our wills , leaving everything to the ones who wish to destroy us.
    I , for one , am not ready to go down without a literal battle. Although I will continue to fight many battles on my knees , I also know I need to stand up as did our forefathers , and fight the good fight. Where do I sign up?

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