Obama Outlines His Plans For His SS and Brownshirt Citizenry

Watch, and understand this is the exact pretext Hitler used to militarize the SS to be used against the People.


Tie this with the entry earlier about Obama’s Pals planning to “eliminate” 25 million Americans who will not be ‘re-educated” and do you get the picture of what is taking shape here?


Here, watch the messiah yourself discuss this plan to create a ‘Civilian Defense Force’.

According to the Constitution – we already HAVE a civilian defense force – it’s called the MILITIA.

But Obama is having none of that.  His pals plan to cut the Defense Budget 25% and make this “Civilian Security Force” as powerful and as well funded as the military?

What for?

His Elite SS, the Stasi, his domestic secret police forces.

What he plans is far more serious and grave than you can imagine.  We best wake up.



“So this is how liberty dies.  To thunderous applause” – Padme Amidala, Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith.




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9 responses to “Obama Outlines His Plans For His SS and Brownshirt Citizenry

  1. spiderperson

    I have seen this video a while ago, and my 1st thought was also: “but we do have civilian security force; it is called militia”.

    Maybe he is going to reinterpret the 2nd amendment and will construe it to apply exclusively to this new CSF or whatever he wants to call it.

  2. carol whelan

    Wouldn’t that be the National Guard? or maybe the Civil Defense that cities and towns have for emergencies?

  3. rightwinger

    I totally agree. When I first heard him say it, I didn’t think anything about it. After world net daily started asking questions, I woke up. Add to this like you said the eliminating 25 million and the Obama training camps and we are in trouble. I heard a guy on the radio saying Obama just meant we should support our troops. Its like the Obama drones can’t even hear the truth. The reality is Obama is a Marxist and he is trying to change this nation into some sort of quasi Communist – Capitalist nation. We all need to wake up!

  4. Vickie Pugh

    All I can say is God have mercy on our souls and place a hedge of protection over His children who need to pray harder than they ever have before. We need to stand in the gap for those with deaf ears and blinded eyes.

  5. The Swampfox

    All I know is that if he does that he better prepare for a uprising ,because the American People are not going to lay down.

  6. Clay

    “Maybe he is going to reinterpret the 2nd amendment”

    – It is exactly what it says. You don’t interpret it. I couldn’t be any more clear.

  7. Mike

    I agree with Swampfox. We’ll hide out in the Big Cypress, and organize. Keep your powder dry.

  8. Che

    Obama needs an ss unit to protect himself from idiots like yourselves. I want a revelution against people like u ending with y’all heading to the camps for good.

  9. invar

    And we will be waiting for goons like you…

    and none of us are going to camps.

    If thugs like you try to do what you say – you will be going to graves, not camps.

    We promise you.

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