Obama: “We are ..Days Away From Fundamentally Transforming The United States of America”

To “fundamentally transform America” requires that liberty, freedom, our birthrights and our private property are transformed and no longer a fundamental precept of our country.

What exactly does he want to transform us into?

A Marxist state tyranny where Whites, Jews and Christians will be purged and misery is applied equally among the “little people” while the Elites running a politburo are enriched off of our substance.

You elect this Hitlerian Madman at the peril of your own freedom America.



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25 responses to “Obama: “We are ..Days Away From Fundamentally Transforming The United States of America”

  1. sfokc6125

    Obama is nothing but a welfare worker .I fact the money will never go to the less than better off. It will just go to a slush fund that they will put in the hands of his bully buddys Acorn. There is no way to do what he wants. We as Americans give and run so many places that use donations. We have groups that do good work and This man is only out to control the country . We have a system the is a set check and balance . We dont need Big Brother doing it for us. The democrats have had the house for 2 years that is when the bottom started to fall out. He has too many unanswered questions for me. I do know you dont raise taxes when you have a weak dollar. You cut both taxes and spending. This will give you the buying power so goods are bought so the retailer pays taxes the wholesalers pays taxes the both make more money and hire more so it grows the economy. So think is it better to raise or lower. I was taught you work hard you save you grow. There are no free rides and the US Gov is not a cash cow.

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  5. At the root of all that has recently transpired politically is a question which I have not found penned. Obama has repeatedly proven himself a radical, socialistic, egotist devoid of any leadership skills or statesmanship whatsoever. He was elected by a political machine which easily convinced an uneducated populus that there “is” a free lunch and that HE would deliver one to all. Nothing he promised, as anyone with any age knew, has or will come to pass and in one year he has done more to turn our America into a socialistic state than all his predecessors combined. However, the question remains; do more than half of Americans still beleive that everyone can live well on the labor of the few – and will they re-elect him in three more years? If so, then America, as envisioned by our founding fathers and built by our grandfathers and fathers, is dead.

  6. invar

    “Our Consolation must be this, my dear, that Cities may be rebuilt, and a People reduced to Poverty, may acquire fresh Property: But a Constitution of Government once changed from Freedom, can never be restored. Liberty once lost is lost forever. When the People once surrender their share in the Legislature, and their Right of defending the Limitations upon the Government, and of resisting every Encroachment upon them, they can never regain it.” – John Adams, letter to wife Abigail 1775

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  19. he did fundamentally hurt the economic recovery.

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  22. Grant Back

    Just when you thought it couldn’t get any more stupid, our President sets out to prove that, Yes it can get more stupid. I mean really, at some point one would think that this administration should at least accidentally stumble upon some position that actually makes sense. It appears your President must have a full time staff that does nothing but review any and all legislation just to confirm there is nothing contained therein that makes any sense at all. To date it appears President Obama’s “stupid” staff seems to be doing an exemplary job.

    What’s really scary is that a large portion of the voting public believe their President is some sort messiah. They care not that these “stupid” policies are turning our great country nanny state, that his policies are directly responsible for the longest recession since the great depression, that the unemployment percentage is being actively manipulated, that President is bankrupting this country.

    Your president is actively attempting to “fundamentally transform” this country, The United States of America, into a third world nation. Should your President win reelection our country may never recover. The irony is that this countries media is 99% progressive boarding on socialist. When the transition is complete this very same media that has been lying shamelessly in order to achieve some Socialist utopia they have been fantasizing about for decades. Unfortunately the very same media that have worked so hard to achieve this goal would likely be arrested and possibly put to death for publishing any dissenting views. Sadly, our media view themselves as “enlightened” therefore immune from ramification, they are in for a devastating shock.

    I fear our media and entertainers are just too stupid to understand the downstream ramifications of their progressive love fest. It’s really scary times when the government and the majority of the media are in collusion clearly ignoring the first amendment Sadly we are at a point where a significant portion of our lawmakers and media are working together in an effort to manipulate elections. I will have no sympathy for our media when they are jailed and / or executed by the Socialist Government they all crave.

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