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11 responses to “R.I.P.

  1. It sucks for you to have a black man for a president. President-Elect Barack Hussein Obama. Eat that you bigot.

  2. mlr1968

    No gene sweden, it doesn’t suck to have a black man for president, it sucks that the americans who have voted this man into office don’t have a clue what they have done or worse yet do and do not care. A man who has repeadtly proven himself to be totaly against what the founding fathers of this country had invisioned, which is not a DEMOCRACY, but a REPUBLIC As far as being racists you have proven again that it is you and your “ilk” that are racists. Father in heaven thy KINGDOM COME!

  3. invar

    What sucks for America is NOT the skin color of the person holding the office, it’s the ideology they have that they seek to impose on liberty.

    I would vote for Alan Keyes or Clarence Thomas, or Bobby Jindal or JC Watts for the presidency IN A HEARTBEAT.

    Skin color has nothing to do with our opposition to Obama.

    Because unlike Obama, those men I mentioned HAVE CHARACTER and an ideology that supports liberty.

    Obama is a narcissistic demagogue.

  4. New World Order

    Curl up and die, if you aren’t happy with the results. The time has come for change.

  5. invar

    This one is not curling up.

    I have not yet begun to fight the “change” you Marxist scum are going to attempt to foist upon our liberties.

    I hope you are prepared to reap the consequences of what your ilk are about to sow.

    Because folks like me are not taking your ‘change’ lying down.

    Liberty lost is never regained, but what liberty we have left us is not going out without a fight you will wish you never started.

  6. Smokey

    Obviously you don’t know anything about the people who suffer under your “Liberty” that you claim to have had. You are all fools. He is no Marxist and even if he is at least everyone has a meal and a place to live in socialist countries. Unlike the “United” States where we daily see the homeless and hungry on the streets. I doubt they willingly chose that lifestyle. They fell victim to your greedy, power hungry, capitalist system.

  7. invar

    Read his damn “autobiographies” before making a complete ignorant fool of yourself. Of course anyone who thinks Socialist nations have no homeless and hungry obviously never has been to North Korea or Cambodia, or the Soviet Union in it’s heyday, or Cuba is obviously cluelessly ignorant of the misery and death from Marxist regimes.

    Obama ADMITS his politics reflect those of Marx in his “books”, discusses his “seeking out Marxist professors” and especially that of Saul Alinsky who WAS a self admitted Marxist.

  8. John Smith

    “I would vote for Alan Keyes or Clarence Thomas, or Bobby Jindal or JC Watts for the presidency IN A HEARTBEAT.”

    Then you are a moron.

  9. invar


    Because I would be voting for character, merit and achievement instead of skin color like you morons?

  10. It’s really sad that people of ” faith “, so -called Christians are so caught up into politics.When Christ never participated in politics.If you are a believer in God, why worry about the things that will surely come to America, and the world abroad.Including O’Bama who happens to be black.Judgment is coming to all mankind period.The scriptures says, Set your affections on things up above,and not on the things on the earth.Christ is coming to separate the wheat from the tare.Republicans and democrats alike are men giving “reverence” unto “Caesar” (politics) from a spiritual perspective.This life in which we live is temporal.And only what you do for Christ will last.”For In my fathers house are many mansions”..Christ has gone to prepare a place for us, for where he’s at, we will be also.(paraphrasing)President elect O’Bama has been hired to do a “earthly job”, and to prayerfully bring our country out of the economic slump from which it’s in.He needs the support and prayers of believers, just like Bush and other past Presidents. A 13 percent African American make up in America was not the only voice that was heard, but a whole nation of people. White,Hispanic,Samoan,Asian and many other nationalities came together as one voice. America has finally awaken from it’s slumber of racial ignorance.

    God Bless..

  11. invar

    It’s sad many so-called Christians are as ignorant of the role Christians were intended to have in the preservation of liberty and our Republic by the Founders who forged it.

    The fact a majority of Christians think like you do, and have decided to either shove their faith into a closet or adopt the Pacifist-Socialist model now passing as mainstream – is the reason our culture has collapsed and our nation is on the brink of ruin.

    It has been said that ignorance is the most expensive commodity we have today.

    And it shows.

    If the Christians at our founding thought as you did and decided they should not be caught up in politics – this nation would never have come into being.

    Plus it is disingenuous on your part to say in one breath that Christians should not be caught up in politics, and in the next – laud Obama as a savior of the economy and racial unity – of which he is and will be NONE of those things.

    If you think one man is going to fix our problems as you eluded – you are ignorant of civics and reality, and have hitched your faith to a false messiah or king that you would prayerfully empower to do things he has no power of himself to do unless you would make him a dictator.

    Which in his two books – he all but suggests will be needed.

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