Homosexuals Declare War on Christians in America


With Christian ambivalence or ignorance, the Homosexual/Marxist/Anarchist Left has used the opportunity of the California Gay Marriage Ban vote as the cause to go to war on Christians in America.

Incredibly, the majority of Christians are clueless to the winds of persecution beginning to blow at tropical storm force in areas around the country.  The calls for outright destruction of Christians and churches in America are being made in both the streets and online manifestos, and additional Leftist groups are joining the homosexual crusade in a declared state of war.  The violence is just now beginning.

Sparks fly as ‘gay’ activist mob swarms Christians
Residents of homosexual district: ‘We’re going to kill you. We know who you are’

Christian Prayer Group Sexually and Physically Assaulted by Homosexual Mob

Nationwide Homosexual Anarchist Organization Behind Attack on MI Church Planning Further Disruptions

Mormons, Knights of Columbus Face Chilling Threats and More Vandalism for Prop. 8 Support

In The Face of Hatred: Mob Attacks LDS Temple

“Church…needs to be confronted, attacked, subverted and destroyed”.

The Mormon church (just like most churches) is a cesspool of filth. It is a breeding ground for oppression of all sorts and needs to be confronted, attacked, subverted and destroyed.
…This is a few reasons why an affinity group of the Olympia, Washington Chapter of Bash Back! decided to attack their church with glue and paint. Let this be a warning to the Mormon church, dissolve completely or be destroyed. The choice is yours.

Homosexual Marxist Manifesto: “liberation for queer people is intrinsically tied to the annihilation of capitalism and the state

When we speak of social war, we do so because purist class analysis is not enough forus. What does a marxist economic worldview mean to a survivor of bashing? To a sex worker? To a homeless, teenage runaway? How can class analysis, alone as paradigm for arevolution, promise liberation to those of us
journeying beyond our assigned genders and sexualities? The Proletariat as revolutionary subject marginalizes all whose lives don’t fit in the model of heterosexual-worker.

…These explosions have been coupled with a radical analysis wholeheartedly asserting that the liberation
for queer people is intrinsically tied to the annihilation of capitalism and the state.

We must be in conflict with regimes of the normal. This means to be at war with everything.
If we desire a world without restraint, we must tear this one to the ground.


How will the incoming Obama administration deal with this state of chaos and war on Christians?

He will support this war on Christians by these activists and shares their aims.

How can I make such a claim?

Read Obama’s own website at Change.gov

The Obama-Biden Plan:

Oppose a Constitutional Ban on Same-Sex Marriage

Expand Hate Crimes Statutes

Fight Workplace Discrimination

Support Full Civil Unions and Federal Rights for LGBT Couples

Expand Adoption Rights


The homosexual Marxist Left knows they will have the support of the highest office in the land, and they know that their agenda will be enforced upon Christians by law.  So to them, the time to riot and attack Christians is now, to provoke anarchy.  What they ultimately want – is for biblical Christians to be seen fighting back so they can push for outlawing bible-based religion altogether.

If Christians refuse to fight back, they are content to simply pummel them and destroy them.

This is the result and consequence of what happens when religious and biblical principles are surrendered by the churches to the culture over decades of appeasement and coddling in the name of “love and tolerance”.


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4 responses to “Homosexuals Declare War on Christians in America

  1. John Smith

    “they know that their agenda will be enforced upon Christians by law”

    So…Obama’s going to make Christians marry people of the same gender?

    Huh. I got dibs on Jon Hamm.

  2. Jen

    Fascinating, how they describe their lifestyle as being on a higher plane: “journeying beyond our assigned genders and sexualities”.

    Yup, guess I’m an unenlightened square.

    Thanks for sharing this.

  3. If God wanted His people to to fight His battles for Him he would have told Lot to make bombs from sheep dung to destroy Sodom and Gomorrah.

    It was the Ark of the Covenenant that won the battles for the Hebrews because God dwells between the Cherubs.

    So we suffer for Christ, we bear the reproach of His name, and we preach the Word of God in season and out of season.

    God judges and God will avenge His own name. God will destroy the wickedness from His earth and God will cast the sexually immoral, murderer, and all those who hate Him both body and soul into the fires of hell for eternity.

    It is going to be a fearful day for us all, saved and unsaved, to meet our Lord face to face and I pray that all Christians understand that Christ died when we where YET sinners and He rose from the dead and is seated at the right hand of the God.

    Christ died for those two women who defiled a Church in the eyes of children and He died for the man who tore the cross and stampeded it out of the hands of the woman who was exercising faith.

    Christ is Love and if we do not Love His sufferings in our own body and soul than how are we any different than those who hate Him?

    The difference is that we have bowed our knees to the Lord in repentance and trust in Him while the unsaved will bow later in awe and heartbreaking terror. Shall we hide the gospel from the sinner because we are now saved?

    It is only by the grace of God that we live and have our life and it is our duty to suffer for the name of our Lord Jesus Christ with gladness and thankfulness in that He has accounted us worthy to suffer for His name.

    The flesh and the spirit are at war and this battle rages as hot as the heat of the sun but we MUST endure to the end.

    He looketh upon the doings of man and he considers our works whether they be done for His glory and for the sake of righteousness.

    The Lord knows our hearts and he knows that NONE of us are worthy to be in His presence. None of us are righteous. Our good works are as filthy rags. Our life is but a vapor and oh how we are wrong if we think we are ‘better’ than they because we talk the talk of Christ in a Country that God is overwhelmingly blessed with protection and freedom of religion.


    Homosexuals picket a church? Homosexuals threaten to boycott those who financially supported the measure to ban gay marriage?

    Could you keep your faith if you saw your family burned at the stake for beliving in Christ like what happened to Christians at the hand of papists?

    Yet we panick when homosexuals picket a church.

    Could you keep your faith if you saw your entire city slaughtered by machetes like what happens in Africa?

    Yet we fear for our business when homosexuals threaten a boycott.

    Are you kidding me? Are you serious? We have so much to learn about the sufferings of Christ in our own body. God help us.

    Can anyone save America from the Coming Day of God that will most certainly send America into a whirlwind of horror?

    We must all pray that we are all ready as individual members of His body that we are ready for His coming. It is going to be a dreadful day that will see the birds of the air eating the flesh of the billions of dead that rejected Christ.

    Jesus said of the faithful and wise servant, “Blessed is that servant whom his master when he comes will find so doing.”

    Let us pray that we do not fall into temptation in these days that are evil and that we are doing that which is faithful and wise when He returns lest we be among the great supper of God for the fouls.

    God be praised above all and may the Arm of the Lord (Jesus) be revealed to many more through our boldness in Him before the great and terrible day of His return.

    I am not afraid of death in the least but I have never been so afraid for my Country and my fellow Americans that simply have no concept of the heart melting fury of God’s wrath what awaits those that have rejected the great salvation and sacrifice of the Lamb of God.

  4. E.B

    “…groups are joining the homosexual crusade in a declared state of war”

    This is not a war, these are bitter groups of people that have decided to take out their anger in such a ridiculous way that no one is going to take this seriously anyway.
    This is not an “us against them” situation. The complexity of both sides of this argument are WAY beyond anything that can be solved by “declaring war”.

    “We must be in conflict with regimes of the normal. This means to be at war with everything.
    If we desire a world without restraint, we must tear this one to the ground.”

    Since when is everyone else wrong, nasty, oppressive people? What gives the “Homosexual/Marxist/Anarchist Left” and all of the other supposedly joining groups the right to announce they are superior?

    Does anyone involved in this little protest know ANYTHING about how North American societies work?!
    To get what you want, you don’t stand on the street corner with a sign. Do something productive and not completely ridiculous.

    – Not American
    – Not religious
    – Gay rights supporter

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