America Is Going Down By The Head

While I agree with the majority sentiments of this author, what is more disturbing to me – is the complete clueless understanding by most Americans that these ‘bailouts’ are rescues that THEY are going to have to pay for!  There is little understanding or concern that what these “bailouts” really are – is the imposition of Mussolini-style government Fascism; where government runs, controls and otherwise manages industry in America.

What that means folks is that Capitalism is in all practicality DEAD IN AMERICA.

It means we are no longer a Representative Republic, but a Fascist Democracy – and having achieved this under a Republican Administration that has essentially greased the pan for the incoming Marxist Administration of total tyranny and dictatorship by the cooperation of the One and his Politburo in Congress.

The adoption of the policy that this industry or that institution is “too big to fail” ensures that the more important and bigger issue of liberty and freedom in America – must fail in order to nationalize the entire country.  A desperate people will surrender almost anything for the mere promise of bread.

Even if it means their liberty.

Americans should take a good look at Argentina’s collapse – because I believe this is our near-term future.

America Is Going Down

Don Swarthout – Christian Newswire

Today I believe America is about to go down financially.  Some reasons for this conclusion are the financial crisis, bailouts, increased government spending, belief in a global economy and both parties belief in a one world government.

When we were first discussing the credit crisis and the bailouts I contacted a financial expert who said, “I cannot understand why the President has insisted upon a $700 Billion dollar bailout to save the economy.  Call me back in a few days and I will have an answer for you.”  When I called back he said, “I still do not know what to make of this so-called credit crisis.  It just does not make any sense to me.”

When a financial expert had no idea why we were going through a credit crisis or a bailout, I began to dig for answers.  Then a friend pointed out while Henry Paulson was on CNN arguing for the bailout of Citigroup, one advertiser was asking people to apply for low-cost credit cards.  My banks had told me they would loan us money whenever we wanted it.  I wondered if the credit crisis was real.

According to Fox News the American people were overwhelmingly against the bailouts.  Calls to Congress ran 100-1 against the bailouts.  Still Congress approved a $700 Billion dollar bailout package.  An additional $1 Trillion dollar bailout is being considered by Congress, which means $1,700,000,000,000 of your tax dollars could be given away.

Why have we just given our government so much power over us?


In the last eight years government spending doubled our national debt from $5.7 Trillion to $11.4 Trillion dollars.  President Bush met with Mexico and Canada several times to discuss creating a North American Union and wiping out the U.S. Borders under the Security Prosperity Partnership of America.

The President’s meeting with Canada and Mexico, government bailouts and government spending during the last eight years made me wonder if our government was trying to spend the U.S. Dollar out of existence.

Articles about the Security Prosperity Partnership of America say President Bush is pushing us toward a North American Union, eventually leading to a one world government.  Why is our President discussing this?

Then my attention was called to the Council on Foreign Relations and their strong desire to see a one world government.   In doing my research, I found both Democrats and Republicans were nearly all members of the CRF, a group founded in 1921. Why do so many of our politicians, both Democrats and Republicans belong to this group?

Maybe Democrats and Republicans argue just so they can play the political game and to hide their true feelings.  This explains why they belong to a group whose focus is a one world government.

All of this leads to one conclusion, America as we know it, is going down. 

America is almost broke and will likely default on loans secured from foreign countries by Spring.  If we default on these loans nobody will lend America any money because our government bonds, our collateral, will be worthless.  The dollar would also become worthless and would then be replaced with the North American Union Amero.

Then our government will start over with a new currency called the Amero and a new government called the North American Union.  Our government’s reckless spending is making the dollar, our Constitution and the principles of America totally meaningless.  What will happen to the American public?

The blame for this mess rests with our Congress who mismanaged the national debt, spent way too much money, desires a one world government and enacted legislation which required banks to make undesirable loans.  Some of our Congressmen passed this legislation for their own personal gain and should be prosecuted.

This makes sense to me and with the huge bailouts, it will come to pass.  My advice to you is to change your assets from being based on the U.S. dollar to another government’s currency.  God help us.


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