The Republican Party Needs to Be Served Divorce Papers


The Republican Party needs to Be Served Divorce Papers


Colin Powell’s latest rant against Conservatives and John McCain’s dismissal of support for a Sarah Palin Presidential run in 2012 while scolding the RNC for criticizing Obama, serve to remind us that the Moderates and Mavericks that hold the reins of power in the Republican Party have made it abundantly clear to anyone with a modicum of common sense: Conservatives are loathed and hated by the very party they are politically married to.  They lecture us against listening to those preaching a Conservative message, the equivalent of an intolerant secular husband refusing to allow his religious wife to go to church because he doesn’t like their doctrines.

Powell’s rant against Conservatives and their ideology, including suggesting that Rush Limbaugh be expunged from the GOP on CNN is particularly instructive of the abuse Conservatives have endured for years.  This from the man who lectures Republicans on the virtues of abandoning Conservative values for liberal Democrat ideas to win elections, and then endorses and votes for Obama?

With Republicans like that, who needs Democrats?  

Does the word ‘traitor’ to the principles the GOP was supposed to have even cross anyone’s mind?  How about ‘adulterer’?

No, as always Conservatives will put on extra justification make-up and pretend they slipped and fell in order to convince themselves that they deserve the treatment because they listen to talk radio or are too outspoken on certain social issues that are ‘out of step’ with the mainstream.

Conservatives have a serious if not fatal case of Battered Housewife syndrome.

Abused, neglected, beaten and discarded, Conservatives always crawl back into bed with the GOP because they think there is nowhere else to go.

For years, the GOP Bluebloods, D.C. Elites, and self-proclaimed “moderate” husbands of the GOP have been engaged in habitual adultery, battery and domestic violence against Conservatives, who have been a doting and faithful wife of the Republican Party.

They treat her with indifference, scorn, callousness, contempt and condescension except when he needs her to satisfy his urge to win elections.  When they lose – he blames her for the failure, notwithstanding the fact that his whoredom is well known by all.  Due the lack of stiff resolve and conservative principles that would satisfy both husband and wife, the adulterous GOP thinks the ideological prescription of Liberal Democrats is the Viagra needed to perform better in elections.  He is beset with a mid-life crisis of conscience, adopting the chic and hip to better maintain an image of political open-mindedness in the eyes of the Beautiful People in whom he seeks approval. He is aroused only by adulterous affairs with the prostitutes of Socialism and trysts with big government statists that better serve as his Geishas that he parades in front of the fickle debutante Media in whom he has his largest lust to bed.

Meanwhile the Conservative wife – has been faithful to her party to whom she married.  Always looking to trust; always to hope; always to respect the one she has ideologically pledged herself to.  She toils for him and the cause he says he serves.  She is up early and working the grassroots.  She serves his needs by sacrificing time and money for him.  She wears his ring with undying affection and lives her political life as a Proverbs 31 Woman. She has eagerly forgiven past mistakes and seeks to guide her chosen husband to the path of success. 

Still, he abuses her. 

He is a party, that assumes the doting housewife has nowhere else to go and whom can be enticed into forgiveness with empty promises, half-hearted repentance and a few cheap gifts thrown her way when he is caught in the act of betrayal.  He blows her a kiss while dialing the number to his many Liberal Leftist lovers in the media and the Democrat party.  He is seen cavorting with the mistresses that hate his wife and work tirelessly to destroy the marriage.  

He makes it publicly known that he dislikes his wife, and merely tolerates her.  When she protests, the GOP husband slaps the wife and admonishes her to shut up and be silent and deal with the reality.

In her tears and her devotion, the Conservative wife tries to change him from within.  But a womanizer does not change.  He gets more clever in deceit.   In desperation to avoid being tossed into the cold, she seeks to know what she must do to save the marriage and the answer is given boldly: become a whore and swing from bed to bed in whatever trysts her political husband desires.

Clearly there are irreconcilable differences between Conservatives and the Republican leadership.  It is time for the Conservative wife to divorce her cheating, unfaithful husband – who long ago abandoned the principles that made the wife fall in love with the party in the first place.

It is time for Conservatives to leave this adulterous relationship and become her own party.

Contrary to what the adulterous husband of the GOP will frighten her into believing, Conservatives will become healthy and successful on our own, with our principles intact.  In short, the Battered Wife must see the whoredom of her former spouse and recognize that the abuse heaped upon her will never cease under his roof.  She must leave and establish herself if she has any hope of influencing and saving the country.  Yes, I said country because the GOP adultery with Socialism affects more than just her own household – like all sin, it affects their children and the whole nation at large.

If the sanctity of the Conservative ideology has any real meaning, then it must be depart the scum that would otherwise continue to tarnish it.  Conservatism must become it’s own party.

While many 3rd party suitors will attempt to woo her – the former battered wife has no need to date – she has all the power and ability to make her own way and make her standards of liberty, regard and respect for God, less government, free market Capitalism, strong defense, personal property and personal responsibility the foundation stones upon which her new home will stand.

It is time for Conservatives to establish their own party, and let the GOP go the way of the Whigs, or become folded into the Democrat party by which in all practicality it already is.

If the Battered Wife Conservative continues to allow themselves to be frightened and talked into staying in this abusive relationship, eventually the abusive husband will irreparably harm if not kill her altogether.

It is far past the time to save our ideology and serve our cheating jerk of a party with divorce papers and walk away.  The GOP brand is forever sullied and contaminated with the stink of it’s adulterous affairs with the Left.  The Party left us a long time ago while we remained faithful. –  Before God, we are justified in this divorce because of the hardness of the hearts of those who slept around with the Left and pretended to be our husbands while robbing us all of liberty.


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4 responses to “The Republican Party Needs to Be Served Divorce Papers

  1. Chris in Toronto

    Holy overstretched metaphor, Batman!

  2. Invar, I came to your website from your link at Tree of Liberty. So far I’ve only read this article but your metaphor is right-on about the situation of conservatives today.

    Before the election, it was said that the Constitution Party was the fastest growing third party. I truly expected to see massive desertion of conservatives away from the GOP on election night, but when McCain picked the conservative Palin as his running mate, conservatives fell all over themselves trying to get back in bed with the republican party. I couldn’t believe how gullible conservatives were, they fell for this party trick once again, and look where it got them.

    The problem with us conservatives is that we forgive and forget too easily . We will never change the Republican Party by doing this. We need to cut the ties to this party permanently and form our own party, but we seem to be unable to coalesce around any single third party.

    Thanks for your great insight and excellent writing. I’ll be catching up on your past articles in the coming weeks.

  3. moralorder

    george Wallace said there wasn’t 5 cents difference between Republicans and Democrats.

  4. Anonymous

    No. Not an overstretched metaphor at all. In fact, quite an accurate one. Usually any adulterer type never sees their part in things. Those are usually the ugly divorces. If you can’t fix things between two people, how are two or more various parties, nations,etc ever going to resolve their conflicts.
    It all starts with individual responsibilty.

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