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Jews “Go Back to the Ovens!” “They Need a Bigger Oven”

The Religion of “peace” is at it again. Just another illustration of why it is impossible to even consider the possibility of peace with an entire people that want to see an entire people and religion exterminated.

The Chilling Chants of Hamas Supporters
January 7, 2009

Can we please stop this stupid game!? Hamas is not another government entity to negotiate with, nor is Hezbollah, Al Qaeda, the Muslim Brotherhood, Iran, the Taliban or any other Islamic fundamentalist relative. They are one thing in spirit, strategy and purpose: Jewish genocide machines!

Hang on dear. Isn’t that a bit strong Laurie? Well, not according to a former PLO terrorist, Walid Shoebat who was raised Islamic in Palestine to hate and terrorize the Jews. He  even ended up in an Israeli prison for a time. Walid speaks Arabic, studied the Koran and other religious books of Islam for years and said on my show just this week that Hamas and other related Islamic groups want one thing…Jewish genocide! There, taken from a former terrorist himself who now honors and loves Israel as a Christian.

One can’t help but notice the thousands of missile attacks by Hamas, and by the other Islamic relatives over the past decades. There have been several thousand missile and mortar attacks just since 2005 alone, pointed into civilian centers on purpose, not military sites. Hamas has always had one goal…to kill Jews and more Jews and more Jews, while praising Allah and playing the victim card!

There is no plan to live peacefully beside the Jews, only to malign, lie to and about, torture and kill Jews. If that means Hamas kills their own poor Palestinian citizens so they can blame it on the Jews as the psychotic world media machine runs with it, they will do it. If that means fabricating endless stories about who the Jews are targeting and all the civilians they love to kill…they will do it. Most of the idiot West buys it!

Then there are the precious traitors like Cynthia McKinney, former congresswoman, who sneaks over there in her yacht to give aid to the enemy of our long time and faithful ally, Israel, in a time of war.

Then there are the lovely spectacles from celebrities and wanna be notables in Britain, Annie Lennox and Bianca Jagger etc. You see, they want to help the poor, struggling, suffering, persecuted Palestinians. They have no artistic choice but to hurl insults and stage protests against the Jews. Never mind, the Jews are the ones finally responding with surgical strikes to endless civilian strikes and slaughter by Hamas. Never mind the almost ridiculous grace, patience and kindness shown again and again by Israel to their non-stop Muslim attackers. Regardless of your religion, nationality, career and name, it doesn’t take even an IQ above plant life to understand that it is high time for Israel to not only respond with powerful attacks on their enemies but this time actually to continue the attack so they can flatten Hamas. There should be nothing left to rise from the dead this time. Hamas is evil and needs to die if Israel is to live!

All one has to do is reference the creepy displays of protests against Israel by the pro-Hamas contingent to catch the vibe of Jewish genocide fermenting. Doug Hagmann recently wrote about this onHomelandSecurityUS.com when Hamas supporters in Florida were chanting “Jews go back to the ovens.” Does that seem to you like protesters mad at Israel’s policies or does that seem more like one has found themselves in the middle of a Nazi Party rally with Hitler as the speaker?

Islamic Jihadists, fundamentalists or whatever they call themselves…this time the psychos are called Hamas and they have but one goal…to malign, shred, disgrace, and then kill the Jews, not have a cease fire…not to have peaceful co-existence…not to have a two state solution and work out the differences. Cease fire talk, cries of poor victimhood, requests for the world to intercede with peace talks are only the disingenuous excuses they throw to the government structures and media so as to manipulate the desperately persecuted, poor, victim routine.

Know this from real history regarding our faithful and precious friend, Israel; Islamic fundamentalism as taught in the Koran will always fund, support, teach, aid and abet murder of the Jews, Christians and any other supporters of these “infidels.”

You don’t negotiate, party with, pray with, give aid to or even talk to life committed serial killers; you find them, accurately aim the missiles and bullets and hit the mark.

All you freaks chanting about Jews jumping back in the ovens…fine. I’ll jump in…right after you do.

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