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The Hussein Obama: “Only Government Can Fix What Ails Us”

The One’s Marxism Begins To Show



• “Democracy will cease to exist when you take away from those who are willing to work and give to those who would not”.
• “I predict future happiness for Americans if they can prevent the government from wasting the labors of the people under the pretense of taking care of them”. 
• “My reading of history convinces me that most bad government results from too much government”. 

 – Quotes of Thomas Jefferson

Jefferson was wise to recognize that bad government is the result of too much government, and what Barrack The Hussein Obama has prescribed today, is the absolute dominion of government over all of us in America.  The worst kind of government imaginable, where government eventually replaces God as Sovereign.

In giving the broad outlines of his economic stimulus program on Thursday, Sen. Barack Obama said “only government” can provide the solution to the country’s economic ills.

The messiah says many words that cause swooning among the stupified masses of worshippers and the mildly interested.  Yet for all his words, The One says absolutely nothing of substance beyond sweet-sounding rhetoric while his notions are prescriptions for a disaster beyond any doom imagined yet for the country. 

Like Hitler, he speaks in campaign-mode to appeal to the base emotions of the masses.  Through engendering fear, he speaks of a long and growing crisis unless the country adopts the avenues of enlarging and empowering government to save our selves and our wealth.

Barrack The Hussein Obamanation begins his empty pontification by suggesting that any opposition to his ideas must never be made.  That principles must be sacrificed for the greater good of the country.  Then we must understand that only government under his divine leadership can save us, and he will use the government to spend our way out of this financial collapse by handing out money to those whom are loyal to him and his juggernaut or whom they decide deserve a hand-out.

From each according to his ability – TO EACH according to his need.  ~ Karl Marx

Only government The Hussein Obama says, can spend us into recovery and prosperity by defying normal business cycles such as recessions and depressions by spending trillions of dollars out of thin air that eventually will be required to be repaid by “shared sacrifice”.

He talks of the “paradox and the promise of this moment” – a complete contradiction of terms designed to make the simple swoon with awe of his immenseness. The statement alone reveals that he knows they have no real ability to deal with the problems of this moment in sensible fashion, but that the promise of this moment to expand government PERMANENTLY by using the government to take over and occupy private business, industry and personal property in the country, is a moment that must not be wasted

“Investments” are the taxes that will be mandated to pay for The One’s Marxist and FDR-styled Work Programs of making Green technologies; building roads and bridges; perhaps environmentally-sensitive ditch diggers; nationalizing all medical records and ultimately the healthcare industry in total.

He says the costs will be considerable, and that we must sacrifice in order to save ourselves.

What that means is that it will cost you everything you have for a promise of bread, and that you will have to sacrifice your liberty to allow Obama to do as he pleases, whenever he pleases in order to save you from the ravages of this economic collapse that are being blamed on Capitalism, and the rich white folks that need punishing as Obama suggests in his ghost-written autobiography “The Audacity of Hope”.

The further we collapse and the more pain we endure will be used as a bludgeon to stamp out any opposition to Obama by declaring that the economy will continue to deteriorate until The One is given complete and total control to do what he feels necessary to save us.

And THEN, what he wrote in his “autobiographies” can finally be implemented in full: the complete change of America into a Marxist state, which has been the hope of countless Leftists for decades.  The HOPE that government will become God and provide every need, and to CHANGE our foundations as a Republic in order to make that a reality.

For now, The One will signature himself by asking God to bless us and the nation as he closed in his speech today. In time I will not be surprised when it changes to “May you be blessed” as he usurps the divinity for himself – as all Marxist dictators ascribe themselves, and all states that become the sovereign in people’s lives end up usurping from the Almighty.


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