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State Of Emergency Declared in D.C.

President Bush declares a State of Emergency in D.C.

Are we under attack??  Are martians invading?  Is there a hidden nuke about to go off in the city??


None of the above.

President Bush has declared a State of Emergency in the District of Columbia in order to funnel more money towards the coronation of our first Divine Leader: Barrack The Hussein Obama.

Yes, you heard right.

Bush has declared a FEDERAL EMERGENCY on behalf of Obama in order that more Federal Taxpayer money can be spent on The One’s Inaugural festivities next week.

Guess where this money is going to come from?


Incredible isn’t it?  Bush is going to yank monies intended for Federal disaster relief in order to fund Obama’s Inaugural events and the extra security the sycophants are saying they need in order to protect all the revel-goers.

AP reports this news HERE.

Bush said Tuesday that an emergency exists and ordered federal aid to supplement the $15 million in federal funds already appropriated for the event.

The extra money will come from the Federal Emergency and Management Agency budget.

Of course the Press should remember that they have no authority to ask The One any questions that The Divine One has not approved in advance.  Unless reporters are hand-picked by his holiness himself, the Press should simply continue shilling for Big Brother government and to pave positive American opinion about Barrack’s benevolent ideas he will foist upon us all.  They are encouraged to keep insisting that Bush was the real dictator while following the blueprint of blaming Bush for all the woes of mankind, regardless of the effect Obama’s policies have on the citizenry.

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