The Holy Crowning and Anointing of Emperor-Pope Obama



Group anoints Inaugural Threshold and Walkway with oil after prayers, declaring it to be “a literal rite of passage for the new president”.


I have a problem with this.


Did America elect a President or a Pope?

Praying for our elected officials – even the Marxists – is indeed a scriptural admonition, so that we may live peaceably and worship God as He leads each of us without government infringement.


No other President coming into office has undergone such treatment in the 232 years we have been a nation.  When did we elect a A POPE? 

Annointing this narcissist with oil gives him the excuse to claim Divine Immunity and a Divine Mission – which in all practicality IS SATANIC.


Did Washington, or Adams or Jefferson allow themselves or their inaugural swearing-ins to be annointed with oil??????


God did NOT appoint this man, anymore than God wanted Israel to have a King. Israel REJECTED GOD as their king, so God gave them over to their debased minds – and set a king over them.

Today, America wants a king, a Divine, Dear Communist Leader who will grant them free healthcare and slow the ocean’s rising and stop global warming by his mere presence. America has REJECTED God and Christ, and with them, HAS REJECTED LIBERTY as their Sovereign, so God has given us over to our debased minds, and allowed us to have what we demanded: a king with a god-complex.

Horror follows such men who rise to high office.

And now, the willing dupes – the biblically-illiterate stooges are playing the Narcissist’s game, and ceremoniously anointing The One, Barrack The Hussein Obamanation with oil, and while thinking they do God service, they empower a demon.

Thousands Join in Virtual Prayer and Annointing of Obama Inaugural Walkway

Thousands of people from across the United States and even around the world have used the Internet to join in the prayers and anointing service held on January 7, by Reverends Rob Schenck and Patrick J. Mahoney at the site of the impending Inauguration of Barack Obama as the 44th president of the United States.

The service, conducted by the two ministers along with Congressman Paul Broun of Georgia, was held at the interior threshold of the door Obama will pass through on his way out of the Capitol and onto the Inaugural stage where he will swear the Oath of Office on January 20. The group read scripture, offered prayers and used oil to anoint the doorposts of the arched walkway.

“This site will be a literal rite of passage for the new president,” said Rob Schenck, president of Faith and Action, a Christian mission to elected and appointed officials on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC.

“The Bible commands us to pray for kings and all who are in authority. It should be our natural inclination to do so, and it can only do the new president and the country good to pray for him. I don’t care what your political sensibilities are, we all need prayer and we all need to pray.”

Schenck and Mahoney had initially been told by US Capitol police they could not conduct the service in the highly secure zone just a few feet from the balcony where the Chief Justice will administer the oath to Mr. Obama. When Congressman Broun signed onto the program, though, the police relented and allowed the group complete access.



Anointing this Marxist with oil, feeds his already massive hubris narcissism. In essence they will be tossing kerosene on top of an already roaring fire.

Notice Obama never dissuades the accolades and comparisons of himself to god by his sycophantic supporters.

From the Acropolis set constructed for his nomination, to his own claims that “a light will shine on down and make you vote for Barrack” – this guy should frighten the living hell out of you as a liberty-loving Christian American.

Does anyone even consider what going through a divine rite of anointing will do to a mind that says they will ‘lower the oceans’ by their mere desire? Do you not worry about what a divine rite will inspire this already twisted mindset to justify when he thinks he has a mandate to “rule” and create world peace?

I remember how beserk the media and the Left went when George Bush said he talked with God and consulted Him in prayer before making decisions.  But here they are silent.  Whatever happened to “separation of Church and State” with these clowns?  Or like all hypocrites – their application is selective?

We’re making this Marxist a freaking pontiff with such symbolic rites. He is already being sworn in on Abraham Lincoln’s bible and afterward, will be serving the “same food Lincoln enjoyed” at his Inaugural Luncheon. Crowning him with holy oil is akin to giving him license to declare that anything he does is ‘divine’.  Especially with the declaration that Obama is bringing us a “New Birth of Freedom”.

Whatever happened to the old freedom, the Constitutional liberties these same Marxists have eroded for the last five decades plus?  What is this “New Freedom” they speak of?

God preserve us from such madness!

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